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As the old saying goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. Flexepin Casinos are a prime example of this advice in action. Flexepin allows you to prepay for your casino credit using a purchased code number, taking much of the stress out of the transfer process.

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  • 18+ Play responsibly. Terms and Conditions Apply.
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    Play with 50 Free Spins
    $1 Min Dep
    Katsu Bet Casino HIGHLIGHTS
    • Massive content library
    • Impressive Rewards
    • Instant Pay-outs
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At, we love it when we can stroll off the beaten track, so we are all for investigating the properties of Flexepin Casinos and other more niche payment method options. In addition to guiding you through the pros and cons of Flexepin and whether it stands up to scrutiny against more seasoned rivals, we will point you in the direction of our top Flexepin Casino picks. So, without further ado, let’s take a more detailed look at this increasingly popular brand. 

The Popularity of Flexepin Casinos

Given the makeup of Flexepin, it is unsurprising that Flexepin Casinos are on the rise. A recent count suggests that Flexepin can now be used in nearly fifty of the world’s biggest economies, with prepaid vouchers available in top currencies, including Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Euros, and U.S. Dollars. The clues are in the name here, but Flexepin is a highly flexible form of payment. Purchasing a Flexepin voucher in cash or via bank transfer allows you to make online purchases without the need to offer any of your details.

Scores of Flexepin Casinos can now be accessed in all of the top iGaming markets. But what are the pros and cons of playing slots, baccarat, and roulette on these ingenious platforms? 

Pros and Cons of Playing at Flexepin Casinos

Flexepin has many things going for it, and the way that initial credit is purchased has several upsides. 

If you were born before the 1990s, you would have had an insight into how revolutionary technology can be a force for both good and bad. The internet allows consumers, governments, and businesses to operate in ways that could not have been dreamt of before the World Wide Web was widely accepted. But the chance to market your wares globally and the speed at which you can interact with others in virtual reality has been detrimental to many long-embedded routines. 

You no longer need to visit the butcher (for a pound of sausages and a quarter of ham), or pick up some unsliced bread from your local baker, and you certainly don’t need to put your Sunday best on to travel to your local casino. The outcome of these changes is that the social fabric of local communities is wearing thin. So the chance to pop down to your local grocery store or service station to buy a Flexepin PIN feels a little bit of a novelty.

Once you have your Flexepin credit in tow, you can head to your favourite Flexepin Casino to top up your account. Even the way this stage pans out is a little unique. Your only task at this point is to type in your desired deposit and add in your 16-digit Flexepin PIN. You need to pass on your banking details or any other identifying data at no point. 

It is quite refreshing to have so few hoops to jump through when you are trying to pay for goods and services in an e-commerce environment. 

Aside from the additional social interactions that Flexepin Casinos encourage, what other aspects of this 2016 payment method might attract you next time you fancy throwing some craps or playing some blackjack. 

  • Low fees – one way to upset fans of any high-quality casino is to tell them they must pay a sizable fee to make a deposit. Fortunately, this is not a problem whenever you wish to fund your Flexepin Casino account. All payments via this method tend to be fee-free, although Canadian users are at risk of incurring additional costs. 
  • Flexible – you can buy a Flexepin prepaid card in multiple denominations, ranging from NZ$20 to NZ$500, but you can use your credit in multiple transactions to suit your budgetary requirements. 
  • Instant – once you’ve gone to the trouble to purchase a prepaid voucher for your Flexepin Casino deposit, you don’t want to wait three days for your funds to clear. This can be the case for payment methods such as bank transfers, but happily, Flexepin is much quicker. And the deposit that you make in this way will be added to your balance within seconds.
  • Secure – if you decide to purchase your Flexepin voucher with cash, there is nothing to link you to your payment, ensuring that your risk of becoming a victim of online fraud is minimised to virtually zero. 

But, as you would expect, Flexepin also has its drawbacks. 

  • No Withdrawals – it’s always a little disappointing when the terms and conditions of a service you enjoy mean that you need to do more than you’d like. Unfortunately, Flexepin Casino customers face the prospect of completing two jobs when one would suffice, as withdrawals are not supported through Flexepin. Of course, this restriction is perfectly logical. If you buy your Flexepin in cash, it isn’t easy to develop the logistical capabilities to return payouts in kind. This barrier means you must link an alternative payment method to any Flexepin Casino you play at. However, if you choose to use Paypal, Skrill, or MuchBetter, you will receive many of the security benefits of a prepaid card. 
  • Limited Availability – although Flexepin Casinos compare well with Paysafe rivals, the number of associated outlets is slightly disappointing. However, the impressive expansion of Flexepin in the six years since its launch suggests that this gap can be significantly bridged in the years ahead. 
  • Country Restrictions – at the time of writing, you can access a Flexepin Casino in forty-six separate countries. This is impressive for a payments firm that is still learning the ropes. Still, when you consider that MasterCard, Visa, and American Express payments are accepted in around two hundred countries worldwide, Flexepin is far from universal. 
  • Check Low Fees
  • Check Flexible
  • Check Instant
  • Cross No Withdrawals
  • Cross Limited Availability
  • Cross Country Restrictions

Flexepin Payment Methods Comparison Table

Payment MethodMin Deposit (NZD)Max Deposit (NZD)Deposit Fees (NZD)Withdrawal Fees (NZD)Deposit Speed 
Flexepin 5500FreeN/AInstant
Google Pay55000FreeN/AInstant
Bank Transfer10 100000FreeFree1 – 5 Days
Bitcoin0.0001 BCH0.5 BCHFreeFreeInstant
Ethereum0.01 ETH0.5 ETHFreeFreeInstant
Litecoin 0.01 LTC0.5 LTCFreeFreeInstant
MasterCard (Debit & Credit)550000FreeFreeInstant
Much Better55000FreeFreeInstant
Ripple5 XRP500 XRPFreeFreeInstant
Visa (Debit & Credit) 550000FreeFreeInstant
Payment Methods Available to N.Z. Casino Players

Making Withdrawals from a Flexepin Casino

Ideally, every payment method could be used for both deposits and withdrawals. But, as we all know, life sometimes throws us a few curveballs. 

Flexepin is one of the many deposit-only payment methods, but there is a good reason for this. 

One of the big benefits of the Flexepin payment network is that casino deposits cannot be linked to you. You will need to verify your identity with a Flexepin operative to be able to use the firm’s app, but this is a simple process that is protected by SSL encryption packages. 

But, beyond that, your casino nor anyone else snooping into your affairs will be able to view your payment details, as you can buy a PIN by cash and input this voucher code directly into your Flexepin Casinos cashier department. This system makes it impossible to deliver payouts in the form of refunds. To counter this problem, a second payment method should be added to your banking options for those rare days when a winning sum can be claimed. Any e-wallet offers similar benefits to those provided by Flexepin. 

Finding the Best Flexepin Casinos

Once you have located a casino that provides security, operates fairly, and has your interest at heart, you can start to investigate the finer points of the safest Flexepin Casinos, welcome bonuses, top software, and VIP rewards schemes. 

  • Welcome Bonuses – the owners of Flexepin Casinos, large and small, never give much away. This is why the Welcome Bonus advertised at all of these establishments is of so much interest. As I’m sure you know, a casino always slightly tilts the odds in its favour. Even when making the simplest bets, like Red/Black roulette bets, or Dealer/Player Baccarat bets, there is always a small obstacle put in the way of profit-making progress. In the case of the roulette wheel, this comes in the form of Green Zero. So that every time you place a bet on a Red number being the next number spun, you have eighteen chances of winning and nineteen chances of losing. The Evens’ money return on these wagers does not appropriately compensate for this disparity, and the house walks away with the discrepancy. In Baccarat, the odds are skewed, so the Banker bet pays only 0.95:1, benefiting the house again. So, it is always of interest to see a welcome bonus deal advertised. Often, welcome bonuses come in four parts. Free spins and bonus cash are accrued based on your first four deposits. The devil is in the details, though. Casinos don’t tend to give their money away for free, so you shouldn’t be surprised that welcome deals come with wagering terms. We have scoured the market and always prefer no-wagering or low-wagering sites, where bonuses only need to be bet thirty-five times to convert into real cash. It is also worth noting that individual games have specific wagering contribution rates. Usually, 100% of your stakes placed on slots will count towards bonus requirements, but this falls to 10% for most baccarat, blackjack, and roulette variants. 
  • Top software – whenever you go to an entertainment venue, you don’t want to feel short-changed. Imagine a Paul McCartney concert without Hey Jude or a Rolling Stones set without Satisfaction, and you will begin to be able to empathise with casino players who are unable to access content from Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, and Microgaming. We love to play iGaming’s greatest hits, which means that we look favourably on any casino that offers Pragmatic Play, Real Time Gaming and Red Tiger Gaming technology. 
  • VIP Rewards – there is nothing better than being rewarded for something you would choose to do anyway. This warming glow is often felt by aficionados that make a Flexepin Casino site their spiritual betting home. We always look for rewards programs available to all players and offer usable perks. Among our favourites are cashback deals, free spins, bonus credit, birthday gifts, invites to VIP events, and entry into lotteries for a holiday or a car. Whenever we come across one of these promotional gems, we will be sure to tell you all about it. 

Choosing the Best Flexepin Casino in Unregulated Markets

Unfortunately, many table game fans can only access casino play from within unregulated markets. This is a little like tightrope walking without a safety net. You will find plenty of licensed Flexepin Casinos in these relative backwaters. Still, often these sites are underpinned by regulations developed in Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles, or the Kahnawake Reservation in Canada. None of these entities is renowned for holding casino firms to account for dubious actions that they might undertake. Therefore, it is vital that you only play at online locations that have a long unblemished reputation for delivering customer-friendly casino content and ones that are well respected by iGaming peers. 

Staying Safe When Depositing at a Flexepin Casino

In the grand scheme, deposits made to a Flexepin Casino are more secure than those sent to many leading alternatives. But your online safety can never be 100% guaranteed. So you should follow a few simple rules to reduce your risks of becoming a target of fraud as close to zero as possible. 

  1. Be Careful to Avoid Fake Casinos – fraudsters tend to be ingenious and often become talented at mimicking trustworthy casino operators. Check that any site you consider signing up to is genuine before transferring cash. 
  2. Look for the Padlock – if a site is genuine, you should see a padlock symbol in the top left-hand corner to indicate that all transactions are encrypted. 
  3. Never Share the Details of your Flexepin Voucher – if you pass this information on to others, you could find your credit is used for the benefit of others. Please remember that a genuine Flexepin operative never asks you for your voucher code. 
  4. Use your Flexepin Voucher as Cash – one of the downsides of Flexepin is if you lose a voucher. Others can instantly use a found PIN to purchase online goods and services. Keep it safe at all times.