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Craps is a famous online casino game, and luckily for beginners, there are free online craps games that you can try to get started on this dice game. Playing free craps isn’t just for newbies. Anyone can benefit from risk-free craps gameplay.

We love ourselves some free online craps moments here at That’s why we’ve curated this guide to introduce this game, and where to play online. You’ll find all the best free craps variants, too, so you can choose which you prefer.


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Overview of Playing Craps for Free

Online craps for free is identical to real money craps. The game’s objective is to predict the outcome of one or a series of dice rolls. The basic bets here are the “pass line” and “don’t pass line” bets. This is enough to launch you into the online craps gameplay. However, there are several other bets you can make in this game, such as the come and don’t come bets, field bets, proposition bets, etc. To learn more, you can check our full guide on how to play craps.

Before you become a craps pro, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to :

Pick a Free Craps Table

Select a free craps table you’d like to play and join in.

Initiate the Come-Out Roll

The come-out roll is the first roll in a round of craps. Here, you can bet on the basic pass line bet.

Take Note of the Outcome

A 7 or 11 is a win on the pass line, while a 2, 3, or 12 loses. Any other number becomes the point.

Place Bets Again

If a point is rolled, there are more chances to bet. You can try out any of the additional bets in this game.

The Game Ends

The round continues until a 7 is rolled, and the game ends. The pass line bet wins if the point is rolled before a 7. If a 7 is rolled before the point, the don’t pass bet wins.

Playing Free Craps at Online Casinos

Free online craps is available to play at many top online craps sites. Although some will allow players to try free craps in guest mode, you’ll often need to sign up at the casino. The casino typically offers free credits with which you can play. Any winnings from these do not have any real cash value, so any extra coins won here simply go back to the casino.

Playing free craps at online craps is most convenient if you eventually wish to switch to real money gameplay. Players can often switch from the free version to the real money version with just a click of a button, provided they have funds in their casino account.

Craps Demos Online

Craps demos are usually available thanks to the software providers behind these games. Demos often serve as promotional tools for game developers or casinos to entice players to try the real game. They are primarily designed to introduce the game to players, showcase the software, or provide a tutorial experience.

Demos are usually accessible without creating an account. However, compared to free craps at online casinos, they may have limited features or time constraints. For instance, a demo might end after a certain number of rolls or after a set period. There could also be limited bet types, predetermined scenarios, or other restricted game elements.

Craps Simulators

A craps simulator is a software designed to replicate the craps gaming experience. These programs use a random number generator to guarantee random outcomes. Basically, they function just like a real craps game.

Craps simulators come with an easy-to-use interface that adapts to different devices. High-quality graphics, realistic sound effects, and lots of betting options make for a realistic experience. Many simulators also offer tutorials to help new players learn the game.

A range of different craps variants is available to play for free. Free online craps versions provide a great opportunity to practise, learn, or simply enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. Each variant naturally has some rule changes that add a distinctive value. These rule changes may affect the pace of the game or the ways to win.

Here are some of the top free craps game variants:

  • Standard Craps – Otherwise known as Bank Craps, this is the classic version of the game most players are familiar with. You place bets on the outcome of a roll or a series of rolls of two dice. The player rolling is called the “shooter,” and the first roll in a round is the “come-out” roll.
  • Simplified Craps – This is a much simpler version of the game, and perfect for beginners. It removes the role of point numbers. Instead, there are only two outcomes. The shooter wins if the outcome of a roll is 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12. A loss ensues if a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 is rolled.
  • New York Craps – Popular in the Eastern coast of the US, especially New York, the key difference is in the betting layout. New York Craps doesn’t use the pass/don’t pass bets and focuses more on the box numbers. This game is not very common at real money craps casinos, but you can play for free at dedicated platforms.
  • Crapless Craps – In this version, a come-out roll of 2, 3, or 12 doesn’t result in a loss on the pass line bet. Instead, they become point numbers. Basically, only a 7 wins on the pass line, while all other outcomes become the point. While the house edge is higher in this variant, many players enjoy the added challenge.
  • Diceless Craps – As the name suggests, this version doesn’t use dice. Instead, outcomes are determined by a random number generator or other electronic methods. This digital-first game is perfectly suited for online play and uses decks of cards instead, specifically Aces through 6. Free diceless craps demos are rare, but you may encounter this variant at modern gaming platforms looking to offer something a bit different.
  • Die Rich Craps – This is played with a single standard six-sided die. Players win on the come-out roll with a 6 and lose with a 1. Any other number becomes the point. It’s often appreciated for its quicker gameplay and simplified betting options, but its house edge is almost double that of standard rules, making it a rather expensive craps variant.

Who Provides Free Craps Software?

Some free craps games are simulated programs. However most are demo versions of real money casino craps and are powered by notable game companies. Thanks to each of the providers below, players have multiple free craps options to choose from.

Play ‘n Go

Play ‘n Go is a renowned developer in the online casino industry, offering hundreds of high-quality games, including craps. Their software is known for its user-friendly interface, crisp graphics, and reliable performance. Play ‘n Go Craps is one of the most popular free online craps games. Players can visit the official developer’s website to try this game for free.

Urgent Games

A newer entrant to the market, Urgent Games is rapidly gaining a reputation for its innovative designs and unique game mechanics. While primarily focused on slots, their take on traditional table games like craps is refreshing and engaging. Urgent Games Craps is a great pastime and boasts a high RTP of 98.64%.


Betixon is known for creating mobile-focused casino games that seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes. Their version of craps boasts intuitive controls and a clean design, making it perfect for on-the-go gaming.


A heavyweight in the online gaming world, Betsoft is famed for its cinematic 3D graphics and compelling game narratives. This award-winning developer blends traditional gameplay with their signature visual style to deliver a fantastic craps game.


Evoplay stands out with its immersive gaming experiences, often integrating VR and 3D elements. Since their establishment in 2017, their portfolio includes more than 100 games. Their main focus is on slots, but their version of craps transports players to a virtual casino environment, enhancing the traditional dice game’s engagement level.

Free Craps vs Real Money Craps

It’s necessary to provide a comparison between free online craps and real money online craps to distinguish between these two formats of the game. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and depending on your gaming objectives, you’ll likely prefer one over the other. Below is a quick table overview:

Free Online CrapsReal Money Craps
✅Play at no financial cost; risk-free✅Potential to win money
✅Practise for free and hone strategies✅Claim generous bonuses and promotions
✅Plenty of free craps games✅Variety of real money craps games
✅Play as long as you want✅Authentic casino feeling when playing live dealer craps
❌No real money winnings❌Must risk your own money
❌No access to bonuses or jackpots❌Possible real money losses
❌Some features might be limited

Why You Should Play Free Craps Online

Playing online craps without any financial risk is an opportunity too good to miss. This allows newcomers to grasp the intricate rules of this classic casino game, honing skills and experimenting with strategies before diving into real-money bets. Seasoned players, too, can benefit from the free versions by refining their game tactics or simply enjoying a casual roll of the dice without the pressure of stakes.

Beyond the learning curve, free craps online offers unparalleled convenience, enabling play anytime, anywhere. With a myriad of top-tier software providers offering high-quality craps simulations, there’s no shortage of entertainment. Best of all, many online platforms replicate the real casino experience with detailed graphics, authentic sounds, and a comprehensive betting interface. And depending on where you play, you can often switch from the free version to the real money version with just a click of a button. Ready to roll? Give online craps a try today, and experience the thrill of this casino table game.

Free Online Craps FAQ

What is free online craps?

Free online craps is a digital version of the traditional casino dice game, allowing players to experience the gameplay without wagering real money. It’s perfect for learning, practising, or just enjoying the game without any financial risk.

Do I need to create an account to play free online craps?

While some online casinos and gaming platforms allow players to access free craps games without an account, others might require a simple registration.

Is the gameplay in free craps different from real money craps?

The basic rules and gameplay mechanics are typically the same. However, free versions might lack certain features, bonuses, or promotions that are available in the real money versions.

Can I switch from free craps to real money craps easily?

Yes, at the best craps online casinos that offer both free and real money craps, transitioning is usually straightforward. Often, you can switch with a click of a button, provided you have funds in your casino account.

Are free online craps games available on mobile?

Yes, you can typically play free craps games with any mobile device. Most craps developers are mobile-inclined, so these games are often designed with smaller screen compatibility as part of the blueprint.