Best Online Casino Payment Methods for New Zealand


Many of the factors that Kiwi casino players like to see in online sites are a matter of individual taste. You may well seek out a gaming website that offers your favourite Pokie or that advertises a Welcome Bonus that fits well with your budget. But research suggests these are not the only characteristics New Zealanders want online casinos to display. At, we dive deep into search engine data to see just what is exercising the minds of the nation’s casinos enthusiasts. Surprisingly, perhaps, the methods of payment that online casinos accept is one aspect that Kiwis are particularly concerned about when making payments to online firms. Armed with this knowledge, we have set about creating the ultimate guide to help you to find the best online casinos that accept deposits by alternative means. So if you are looking for a PayPal Casino, a Paysafe Casino, a POLi casino, or a Crypto Casino, we will fill you in on what elements of these systems might fit you personally. We leave no stone unturned to give you the lowdown about all of the transaction methods available when you do business with casinos that focus on the market in NZ.


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The digital era has provided a massive catalyst to the payments network sector. After all, in the black and white days that preceded the advent of the internet the only real requirement to pay for your goods and services was either cash in your pocket or maybe credit terms arranged by your bank or store card provider. The internet has opened a wealth of options when it comes to paying for the things that you wish to immerse yourself in, as you are often required to send payments to the other side of the world in an instant. There is no shortage of operators in this field who spend all day transferring your cash around the international monetary system for your benefit. Some of these businesses are household names and some are only just beginning to build up a reputation. At, we like to keep across everything. So if you are a traditionalist and you only ever use your Visa or Mastercard, we have you covered. However, if you are something of a trendsetter and PayForIt is your favourite way of parting with your cash, do not worry, this guide is for you too!

ProviderDeposit Time Minimum Deposit (NZD)Maximum Deposit (NZD)Maximum Payout (NZD)Fees
Apple Pay Instant550005000Free
Google PayInstant550005000Free
American ExpressInstant102000020000Free
Payment Options at NZ Casinos

Traditionally, making payments online has meant using a Debit or a Credit Card. Payment Cards are handy. They display all of your details in one place so that you can quickly transfer vital information to online businesses and pay for goods and services. However, this simplicity also raises security concerns. If your payment card gets stolen, others could use your card to pay for their goods. 

The top brands in the Card Payment sector are multinationals, Mastercard and VISA. 

  • Mastercard – Mastercard is one of the largest payment processing networks in the world. Although Mastercard does not extend credit to consumers directly, it provides the digital infrastructure for banking partners to transfer liquidity in an instant to virtual and land-based sites everywhere. One of the great benefits of using the Mastercard network to make deposits to online casinos is its wide acceptance. Such is the recognition of Mastercard as a leader in the payments field that giving customers the option to use this method is almost mandatory. Mastercard does not charge consumers directly for using its payments network, however, individual banking and credit providers may well apply such a charge. Large transactions are completed through the Mastercard system as a matter of course. Signing up for a Mastercard is not instantaneous. A card must be applied for and you will need to provide your details to receive one. Pay-outs via Mastercard are normally complete within 1-3 working days.
  • Visa – Visa is an example of another payment processing network that is of global renown. Like Mastercard, payments from Visa are accepted at nearly all online casino venues in New Zealand. Casinos like to ingratiate themselves with high-quality partners. From a strategic standpoint then, it is a great piece of marketing to have a Visa logo splashed onto your homepage. Visa simplifies its application process as much as possible, however, it may take a few days to receive a Visa Debit or Credit Card once you have provided them with your details. Large payments can be supported through Visa’s networks. Most of these are completed on a fee-free basis. Pay-outs via VISA tend to hit your account in 1-3 working days.
  • PayPal – Casino enthusiasts in New Zealand make it one of their first jobs to search for PayPal Casinos that accept deposits through this highly respected pathway. PayPal is a great option to make online payments as it acts as a barrier between buyers and sellers. By doing this, PayPal cloaks your details so that you can spend confidently online in the knowledge that your details are safe. Signing up for a PayPal account is ridiculously simple. All you need to do is to provide PayPal with your email address and a few additional details, then hey presto, you are ready to spend. You can add your bank accounts and Cards to PayPal to give you a variety of funding options. Deposit limits that are constructed for PayPal transfers are more restrained when compared to Bank Transfer and Card options, however, you should still be able to transfer $5,500 by this method on most sites that accept the custom of Kiwis. Pay-outs requested by PayPal should be expected within 48 hours.
  • Paysafecard – The Paysafecard is a great way to make online deposits if you need to stick to a budget. Paysafe Casinos allow you to pay for your casino spins with cash that you have invested on a prepaid card. By prepaying, you are not able to add any more cash to your account quickly as you would need to deposit at a local outlet that sold Paysafe Cards before you could deposit again. In essence, the Paysafe Card can almost be considered as being a highly effective deposit limit tool. If you wish to use a Paysafecard you can do so by funding a card at any local dairy or servo. Your details are not required for these purposes. Unlike many other options, deposits by Paysafe are limited to $779 and pay-outs are not supported by the Paysafecard.
  • Poli – Poli Casinos are gaining a foothold in New Zealand. Poli payments are completed in a similar way to PayPal payments. To use POLi you need to sign up for an account, find a compatible outlet, and select POLi as a means of payment. POLi requires your details to set you up with an account, once you have a POLi account, all you need to do is input your bank details so that you can fund any POLi payment that you complete. The only real downside with POLi is that pay-outs cannot be made via this method. Therefore, you must have at least one additional banking method attached to your casino account for the happy occasions when you have found a winner. 
  • Skrill – Skrill is another popular method for making payments online. Nearly all of the online casinos that serve the New Zealand market accept deposits and make pay-outs to Skrill. Skrill is a key plank of the Paysafe Group, so you can be assured that you are in good hands if you choose to employ Skrill as your personal payments provider. In a similar manner to PayPal, you can attach different Cards and Bank Accounts to your Skrill account to give you multiple funding options. Skrill accounts can be applied for quickly and all payments made in this way are generally completed without any fees. Pay-outs requested through Skrill should be with you within 48 hours. 
  • Neteller – This is another pony provided by the executives at the Paysafe Group. Neteller is a universally recognised form of e-wallet and can be set up via mobile or desktop. If you are looking to withdraw your Neteller funds quickly, you can do so through the attached NET+ card or by transferring this money back to an attached bank account. Transactions through Neteller have workable limits and are completed free of charge. Pay-outs made via Neteller are normally complete within two days.
  • Apple Pay – This is a payment method that is a sign of the times. I’m sure that many of you own one of the latest iOS handsets, MACs, or iPads. If you do, you’ll be aware that you can pay for a range of goods and services using Apple Pay. Apple Pay links to a bank account that is chosen by you and online payments are completed seamlessly. Online Casinos are never quick to miss a trick so have quickly signed up to receive money via this method. Deposits from $5 and up can be made when using Apple Pay to fund your online casino play and your cash is transferred for nothing. Apple Pay withdrawals should be with you within two days.
  • Google Pay – Google Pay is a similar system to Apple Pay. The only real difference is that Google Pay is aimed at the users of Android operated handsets. Like the Apple Pay system, signing up for a Google Pay account is completed with the minimum amount of fuss. Android users, or at least those who use devices that are powered by Lollipop (5.0) or newer, just need to download the Google Pay App from the Google Store, sign in with your Google Account details and add a payment method. When it is considered that most modern smartphones utilise biometric data to unlock features, Google Pay is highly secure. To deposit to a casino in NZ, select the Google Pay option from the banking page of the My Account section and complete your transaction. Transfers by Google Pay should be finalised within 48 hours.
  • American Express – Mastercard and VISA often gain most of the focus in the payment processing networks industry, American Express is not far behind in terms of recognition. Often AMEX cards are related to lifestyle brands and you can accrue points to spend on flights and experiences. However, it is becoming more common for Kiwis to use their American Express cards to fund casino play on dozens of accessible sites. Top sites that take American Express at this time include Twin Casino, SkyCity Casino, and Casumo Casino. Pay-outs via AMEX are complete in 1-3 days.
  • PayForIt – PayForIt is a great way to transfer small amounts of money to your casino of choice. PayForit is essentially a means of obtaining credit from your mobile phone provider when you have taken out a monthly phone contract. You can add up to $30 in payments monthly via this method, which will be added to your monthly phone bill. Effectively, if you have a phone contract, you already have a PayForIt account as your mobile provider already has your details on record. NZ Casinos including Jonny Jackpot Casino and Skol Casino accept deposits in this way. Unfortunately, it is not possible to request pay-outs in this way.

Play Online Casinos with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are possibly the biggest wonders of the modern age. The fact that a virtual currency can now conceivably be used as a form of Fiat currency that was previously the realm of Dollars, Pounds, and Yen, is something that is still difficult to conceptualise.

However, the use of cryptocurrency as a way of paying for casino products at your favourite online outlet bestows certain advantages. Cryptocurrency casinos like Twin Casino can now be accessed by Kiwis, so what do you need to know about this digital phenomenon?

Cryptocurrencies are born as a result of massively complex equations being cracked by computers that possess phenomenal processing power. Once equations are unlocked and cryptocurrency is yielded, the details of this action are stored in the blockchain. To benefit from this asset you either need to be the ‘miner’ or you need to purchase this asset to place into your Crypto balance. 

It is easy to find a location to buy, sell, and store your cryptocurrency online. E-wallets like Skrill now trade in dozens of cryptocurrencies alongside more traditional currencies. Once you have built up a cryptocurrency balance, you merely transfer this on to your casino site in the way that you would with any other payment. 

Bitcoin is the most widely used of all cryptocurrencies, although many other blockchain account payment options are available. Ethereum is also a widely used payment method, but Ethereum is considered to be a platform. Effectively, Ethereum is the value of the blockchain that is used to record the creation of Bitcoin. Ethereum also has value, roughly 12 times the rate of Bitcoin at the time of writing, this can also be used to line the pockets of casino owners. 

The advantages of using cryptocurrency include,

  • Potentially High Returns
  • Anonymity for users
  • Highly Secure

The disadvantages of using cryptocurrency include,

  • High levels of currency volatility
  • Unregulated asset
  • No refunds for errors

Online Payment Method FAQS

Which payment method is the best for processing large payouts from an online casino?

There is always something of a trade-off between speed and quantity that needs to be taken into account when you are looking at requesting a large pay-out. Transactions that are requested via any e-wallet method, including Skrill, NETELLER, and ecoPayz, tend to complete quickly, however, these methods do not tend to have the highest pay-out limits. Generally, online casinos allow bigger payouts to be completed by Direct Bank Transfer. Payments that are made in this way take a few extra days to complete, but more lumpy sums of money can be moved in one transaction by using this technology.

Which payment method is best for depositing large amounts to an online casino?

When it comes to depositing large amounts of money to any online casino in New Zealand it is often best to use the services of the biggest payment networks providers. Everyone has heard of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. There is a big reason for this. Large payments can be easily transferred, quickly, and for no fee, whenever you use one of these Debit or Credit Cards. PayPal Casinos are all the rage these days as well. PayPal is one of the world’s most trusted brands, so using PayPal to make a large transfer is also an option. However, deposit limits attached to the aforementioned Card providers tend to be higher.

Are there any online casinos in New Zealand that accept American Express?

American Express is a payment method that is becoming more popular with online casinos in New Zealand, but it is still an arduous process to search for one of the sites that are aligned with this brand. However, popular sites such as Twin Casino, SkyCity Casino, and Casumo Casino accept payments from the fabled Amex Card range.

What is the best online casino for NZ players that accepts cryptocurrency?

Twin Casino not only accepts Amex payments, but it is also happy to take your cash in the form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a novel type of currency that is tallied by the blockchain system. All owners of cryptocurrency can make payments for services and goods outside of the traditional banking system. The benefits of dealing online in this way are plentiful. If you wish to stay anonymous, as many casino gamblers wish to do for several reasons, paying by cryptocurrency allows you to do this.

What is the quickest payment method to withdraw from an online casino?

Pay-outs that are claimed through e-wallets tend to complete in the quickest time frame once processing periods have been waded through. Requests by Skrill, ecoPayz and Neteller are often the frontrunners on this metric.