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The Popularity of American Express Casinos

American Express is a global banking entity that is famed for its range of deluxe credit cards and hugely popular payments network. Like other payments goliaths, AMEX is just as happy to do business online as it is in thousands of small businesses across the continents. It is a measure of the success of American Express that holding one of the firm’s cards is seen as being the ultimate status symbol. 

They say that the sun never sets on an American Express Casino, but such global domination has not occurred overnight. 

The story of American Express goes back over 170 years and has been a long and winding path. It was 1850 when entrepreneurial visionaries Mr Fargo, Mr Wells and Mr Butterfield decided to pool their resources and incorporate the mail firm American Express. 

Speed was the key to AMEXs initial operations, with the desire to move parcels across the ever-expanding American nation rapidly underpinning the firm’s operations. As the only player in this vital industry, it was easy for American Express to develop more elaborate side hustles than ever before.

By 1857, American Express was not just delivering the post across massive expanses of the East Coast and the Midwest but also delivering transferred money. 

Soon after 1900, American Express began to claim an international following. The creation of traveller cheques meant that AMEX customers could transfer money almost anywhere in the world. This system was fundamental in the early part of the 20th century and gained much significance during the Great War of 1914-1918. 

The 1950s saw American Express make its most iconic move, producing a plastic card for customers to use when finalising payments. These sums were lent on credit by AMEX for a small fee that was payable in the future. 

Much about the American Express business model remained constant for the best part of forty years. However, the coming of the internet meant AMEX was forced into a change in dramatic fashion. By 1995, ExpressNet was launched as a precursor to the AMEX website of today. This service meant that American Express Casino players could check the status of their credit accounts by seeing up-to-date statements for the first time.

In the intervening years, most AMEX business has transitioned to the net, but the good old American Express Card is still available for those who enjoy the finer things in life. 

If you wish to fund slots, baccarat, blackjack, or roulette play at your American Express Casino, you will be treading a well-worn path. Together with MasterCard and Visa, American Express is one of the best-known payment networks, with its services employed by thousands of American Express Casinos worldwide. 

However, American Express Casinos are not entirely universal. 

New rules that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission applies (UKGC) mean that credit card deposits are not an option at U.K.-based online casinos. This move has its merits. 

The key aim of the UKGC is to ensure that vulnerable individuals are protected from the potential harms that gambling can create, thus denying casino fans the chance to fund play on craps or bingo with money that they are yet to earn limits the chances of some getting into gambling-related financial difficulties. 

Some financial institutions are reluctant to sanction gambling spend. If you bank with some of Canada’s top banks, for instance, some transactions can be blocked if they are deemed to be suspicious. This can include payments linked to your American Express Casino when these are offshore venues. 

Pros and Cons of American Express Casinos

Hopefully, you always seek out high-quality online casinos. Still, even when you find an American Express Casino with all of the bells and whistles that our experts recommend, you will always find some issues. The same can be said of payment method providers. American Express is a good example. Being one of the biggest credit card firms, American Express has several good features but also a few drawbacks that may make you think twice before using AMEX as your number one for funds transfers. 

On the plus side, several characteristics are worthy of note. 

  • Instant – casino players have many demands on their time, so waiting for a deposit to clear at your favourite American Express Casino is irritating. Annoyance can be avoided by using AMEX. With American Express, you will instantly see your funds transferred across space and time. Such efficiency means that you will have more time to play your favourite games and hopefully bag a win. 
  • Flexible – one of the key selling points of a credit card is that you can enjoy goods and services before you have earned money to pay for them. This means that if you feel that you are due a lucky run, you can borrow some cash from AMEX, make a profit at your American Express Casino of choice, and use your payout to pay your next credit card bill. Unfortunately, this is a high-risk strategy and may incentivise loss chasing. But this option gives you more to think about than more standard payment methods. 
  • Bonuses – if you have any hope of staying one step ahead of the house, you will need to be able to maximise your returns from casino-developed bonuses. However, how you make your deposits can impact whether this is possible. Casinos in well-regulated jurisdictions need to ensure that they comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. KYC legislation is designed to root out criminality within the iGaming sector, and as part of this, casinos need to know how players fund their accounts. If you use AMEX, your casino can see where your funds originate and give you a better chance of being invited to benefit from more bonus promotions. 

If you are looking at the biggest drawbacks of American Express Casinos, you are likely to consider a couple of factors.

  • Vulnerable – when you use a credit card to deposit with your American Express Casino, you will pass on your card details to your provider. There have been instances where online casinos have been hacked, and players’ banking details have been stolen. 
  • Withdrawal Problems – American Express Casinos tend not to return winnings to your credit card as part of the payout process. You may find some sites that will refund cash to your AMEX card, but these platforms are usually licensed casinos in Curacao, where standards are often lower. 
  • Country Restrictions – American Express Casinos are unavailable if you live in the United Kingdom or Ireland. The UKGC has banned credit card deposits as a way to protect players from financial difficulties.
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  • Check Flexible
  • Check Bonus Access
  • Cross Security Vulnerabilities
  • Cross Withdrawal Problems
  • Cross Country Restrictions

American Express Payment Methods Comparison Table

Payment MethodMin Deposit (NZD)Max Deposit (NZD)Deposit Fees (NZD)Withdrawal Fees (NZD)Deposit Speed 
American Express550000FreeFreeInstant
Google Pay55000FreeN/AInstant
Bank Transfer10 100000FreeFree1 – 5 Days
Bitcoin0.0001 BCH0.5 BCHFreeFreeInstant
Ethereum0.01 ETH0.5 ETHFreeFreeInstant
Litecoin 0.01 LTC0.5 LTCFreeFreeInstant
MasterCard (Debit & Credit)550000FreeFreeInstant
Much Better55000FreeFreeInstant
Ripple5 XRP500 XRPFreeFreeInstant
Visa (Debit & Credit) 550000FreeFreeInstant
Payment Method Options at NZ Casinos

Making Withdrawals at American Express Casinos

The business model of American Express is to lend you cash on a short-term basis so that you can buy goods and services. Therefore, if you find an American Express Casino that allows you to make AMEX withdrawals, this is effectively a refund to your credit provider. 

A few simple steps will need to be followed if you can generate a payout via American Express. 

  1. Locate the banking lobby at your American Express Casino 
  2. Select the American Express withdrawals option. 
  3. Key in your desired payout.
  4. Confirm your request and wait for payment. 

Refunds to your American Express Card should complete within three to five days. But remember that it is only American Express Casinos that are licensed in Curacao that tend to offer this service. 

Finding the Best American Express Casinos

We all love the easy life. What can be more enjoyable than playing games developed by Aristocrat, Big Time Gaming, Gameburger, and IGT in the comfort of your own home? You are on to a winner when you can play at the safest casinos in one of the world’s most vibrant markets.

Once you have found an American Express Casino that gives you a chance to win and keeps your money safe, you can turn your thoughts to more interesting matters, welcome bonuses, software providers, and loyalty bonus schemes. 

  • Welcome Bonuses – there isn’t much to separate the top American Express Casinos from one another, but the welcome bonus is one area where casino firms have divergent views. You can think of welcome bonuses as being iGaming’s loss leader. Casino owners offer players a sizable bonus to make a series of deposits to gain some custom. Given this generosity, players need to profit from these schemes, but the terms and conditions are all important. Before converting bonus money or attached free spins into withdrawable cash, you need to wager your bonus multiple times. At, we always advise playing at no-wagering or low-wagering, where you need to bet bonuses no more than thirty-five times to make payouts possible. It is also worth noting that wagers on different games also carry different values. 100% of all bets on slots usually count towards requirements, but this could fall to 10% for table games
  • Software – when you risk your own money at any entertainment venue, you expect to have a good time. At American Express Casinos, your enjoyment will be maximised when you try out the best games. The iGaming industry is lucky to be able to draw on content from several great software developers, but there are a few on our list that we always look out for. These include Microgaming, Playtech, Red Tiger, and Yggdrasil. Slots and live casino titles from these names are always worth a look, with features added that you are unlikely to get elsewhere. 
  • Loyalty Rewards – being a casino fan is a laborious task. The house tends to cream off 5% of all the stakes that you ever wager, and big wins can be few and far between. So it is always welcomed if an American Express Casino carries a loyalty rewards scheme. Usually, these promotions are available to all and offer bonuses based on your spending, losses, or deposits. Among other things, the best deals offer cashback, free spins, bonus cash, birthday presents, and event invitations. 

Playing at American Express Casinos in Unregulated Markets

You must make your selections based on different metrics whenever you play at an American Express Casino in an unregulated market. 

Unregulated markets are those where governing bodies are yet to impose rules on casino operators that dictate how they should behave. You will still find licenced venues in these locations. Still, these awards are more likely to emanate from liberal backwaters such as Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles, or the Kahnawake Reservation in Canada. Licences from these bodies tend to offer few legal protections, making playing at associated sites a little riskier.

At, we suggest that you play at a casino with a long performance history and built up a great reputation amongst its peers. 

Staying Safe When Depositing at American Express Casinos

American Express utilises SSL encryption to protect your payments from fraudsters. Still, your security can never be 100% guaranteed when you make payments online. With this in mind, you should always adopt best practices when making deposits to an American Express Casino. There are several tips that you should consider. 

  1. Only play at genuine sites – if you are wary about a casino in any way, never transfer your cash.
  2. Choose strong passwords – the more websites you use when you are online, the more opportunity for a fraudster to hack one of your accounts. Add strong, individual passwords to all sites that you sign up for. 
  3. Check your firewall – if you have a valid firewall, this does much to protect your online information. Make sure that this is up to date-and operating effectively.