NZ Casinos with a $1 Minimum Deposit

You’re in the mood for some risk-taking shenanigans (in a gaming sense, of course!), your pockets are turned inside out, your money jars and piggy banks have been smashed to pieces, and all you’ve got clasped in your sweaty hands is a solitary dollar. Should you hold off for rainier and stickier days, or will you be able to satisfy those powerful urges right now?

Surprisingly, as you’re about to see, a dollar goes a long way in gambling circles these days, and if you wish to make the most of your hard-earned cash, stick around, and we’ll introduce you to some of the best and most trustworthy casinos in cyberspace.

4.5 /5 Rating

Platinum Play Casino

55 Bonus Spins. Min Dep $1

Platinum Play Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • 100+ games providers
  • Bet on other players with Blackjack Bet Behind
  • Eye-catching opening offer
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.7 /5 Rating

Lucky Nugget Casino

105 Bonus Spins. Min Deposit $1

Lucky Nugget Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • Maximise your 1st deposit with a 150% bonus!
  • Guaranteed security with 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Access to Microgaming's top slots content
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.3 /5 Rating

Katsu Bet

Play with 50 Free Spins. $1 Min Dep

  • Massive content library
  • Impressive Rewards
  • Instant Pay-outs
bitcoin logo 9+
18+ Play responsibly. Terms and Conditions Apply.
4.3 /5 Rating

22 Bet

Up to NZ$500. Min Dep $2

  • Fantastic Sportsbook
  • Selection of software
  • Daily Rewards
bitcoin logo 11+
18+ Play responsibly. Terms and Conditions Apply.
4.3 /5 Rating

7bit Casino

50 Free Spins. Min Dep $1

7bit Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • Over 7000 games
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum
  • Multi-level Rewards
bitcoin logo 12+
18+ Play responsibly. Terms and Conditions Apply.
4.3 /5 Rating

Gaming Club Casino

150 Bonus Spins. Min Dep NZ$1

Gaming Club Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • Play for the jackpot on Mega Moolah!
  • All content checked out by eCOGRA
  • Support provided to Kiwis 24/7
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.5 /5 Rating

Jackpot City

80 Chances to Win. Min Deposit $1

  • Claim a sign-up bonus with deposits from $1!
  • Dedicated to Evolution Live Gaming fans
  • A high-class platform with 97.3% RTP
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.3 /5 Rating

Royal Vegas Casino

88 Bonus Spins. Min Deposit NZ$1

Royal Vegas Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • Deposit bonus available from $1
  • Extensive rewards system open to new players
  • Powered by Microgaming software
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.3 /5 Rating

Ruby Fortune

88 Bonus Spins. Min Dep $1

  • Great VIP rewards scheme
  • Bonuses available every time you deposit
  • Wide range of funding methods available
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.7 /5 Rating

All Slots Casino

88 Bonus Spins. Min Deposit NZ$1

All Slots Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • Market-leading welcome bonus
  • 24/7 support provided through live chat
  • Fairness assessed by independent auditors
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
4.8 /5 Rating

Spin Casino

50 Chances to Win. Min Deposit NZ$1

  • Dedicated e-sports section to enjoy
  • Take advantage of high daily pay-out limits
  • Enjoy bonuses through multitiered rewards
New customers only • Min deposit NZ$1 • 200x wagering • Opt-in required • Terms apply
3 /5 Rating

Zodiac Casino

80 Chances to Win. Min Deposit $1

Zodiac Casino HIGHLIGHTS
  • 80 Spins on Mega Moolah when joining
  • Big focus on progressive slots
  • Very secure payment system
18+ Play responsibly. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Table of Contents

Why do New Zealanders like depositing such a low amount at an online casino?

Although New Zealand was named the ninth happiest nation on Earth earlier this year, the cost of living here’s relatively high. In fact, New Zealanders shell out more to get by than residents of economic powerhouses like Germany and the UK. Thus, Kiwis love a good bargain. And they don’t come much better than $1 deposits at a casino, right?

However, online transactions make some of us nervous. I mean, we’ve all heard horror stories about people getting ripped off on the world wide web. Hence, we’re reluctant to divulge our credit card details or to spend large sums of our precious savings there. 

But never fear, because gaming’s developed a lot over the past few years, and thanks to tighter government regulations here in New Zealand, and in countries such as Malta, the UK and the US, we can now bet safely at licensed casinos. (In fact,the UK Gambling Commission provides a handy search engine here that you can use to check to see if an online casino there holds a valid license.) 

Of course, safe environments alone won’t encourage everybody to open up their purse strings. You see, many of us have more in common with Ebenezer Scrooge than we’d like to admit (excluding yours truly, of course). And $1 deposit rates are extremely attractive to these peeps (this subtle point of view switch should remove me out of the equation) as even if their luck deserts them, they merely have to part with a measly dollar. Plus, if they’re brave enough to show up at a land-based casino with such short change, unless they live very close by, they’ll probably have to fork out a few more dollars on transport fees. Thus, these low buy-in offers actually save everyone money.

Finally, flocks of us are superstitious about numbers, casinos, and even deposit rates. And, if we often win at certain casinos with 1$ deposits, why would we even think about gambling elsewhere (answers in a postcard please to: Mr You’re Not Making Sense)?

Are there many casinos offering a deposit as low as $1?

At the risk of being too concise – yip, there are plenty (read on a little more)! And if you spend some time shopping around, and read the fine print (you don’t want to be stuck in red tape), you can score some great deals. However, we also realise that lots of you lead busy lives and are constantly pushed for time (while many more of you are just lazy gits). Consequently, we’ve unearthed five pearls right here:

How much gameplay can you get for $1 NZD?

Although it may seem like I’m passing the buck here (I am totally), this quote from ‘The Boss’ answers the question above best: 

“When it comes to luck, you make your own.”  

Why? Well, let’s say you get 200 spins on a slot for your $1 deposit, and you win big in the first couple of spins, then the gameplay world is your oyster and you can stay as long as you wish (within reason, of course, as you’ve a life to live, and you also have to look after your health). On the other hand, if Lady Luck decides she doesn’t want to come near you with a bargepole (it happens, even to the worst of us), and you miss out on every spin, you’ll still get to play for at least two to three minutes. However, most of us will fall between these extremes, so you should manage to stay afloat for around 20- 30 minutes. 

And, who knows, depending on the season, you may even secure more credit, bonuses or spins. So shop around!

What else could you do for $1 in New Zealand?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t really get much bang for your buck here in New Zealand, and things are hardly improving. In fact, according to the government, food prices increased again in August, for the fifth consecutive month. To make matters worse for meat eaters, pork (11%), sausage (3.5%) and sirloin steak (2.3%) prices rose. But before you all rush to become vegans or vegetarians, fruit and vegetable prices also surged. As a matter of fact, grapes (32%) and tomatoes (16%) skyrocketed and are now looking down on us from somewhere near Jupiter.

So what does all of this inflation mean for us consumers?

Basically, we’re screwed (and that’s being optimistic). Indeed, while prices change from place to place, a brief look around my local shop this morning revealed that a litre of milk costs $2.90, a loaf of bread retails at $3.10, and Juicy Fruit gum sets us back $1.30. 

And what can we get for a Kiwi dollar? Besides a  clip around the ear from the shop assistant for asking such a silly question, nothing much really…

Even better than $1 minimum deposit: try a casino with a no deposit offer!

I know what you’re thinking: “With a subheading like that over your shoulders, why would you spend so long bigging up $1 deposit rates?” Well, to be fair, I don’t like hanging anyone out to dry (but to be honest, it’s my wife’s fault), plus both types of offer are extremely appealing. Nevertheless, if you’re super skint (or as stingy as my secondary school exam board), no deposit casinos are king. You see, these offers do exactly what they say on the tin. In other words,even though the no deposit offers differ from one online casino to the next, all of them allow you to play for free (don’t leave yet; you have to find out how to use them first)! But that’s not all.

No deposit offers provide other benefits, too. Put simply, they don’t just save us a deposit fee; they also grant us perks such as free credit and free spins. Thus, we can get to know games inside out through these amazing offers. For instance, if we wish to brush up on a particular slot, we can play it several times and learn all about the paylines, betting stakes and bonus features in the game – and even win money in the process (without dropping a dime). Then, when we play that pokie with our own pennies thereafter, we’ll be up to speed in the game, and this in turn will boost our chances of success. 

So as you can see, no deposit offers are win-win-win!     

But how can you avail of no deposit offers? All you really need to do is locate the online casinos generous (or crazy) enough to run these promotions (we’ll help here, too, soon, in another article), and then sign up. And the more casinos you join, the more bonuses you’ll receive. (Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions carefully, however, as sometimes there are strings attached.)

$1 Deposit Casino FAQS

Are there any online NZ casinos that have a $1 minimum deposit?

Yes, as discussed earlier, there are quite a few and clicking on the links above will help you access some of the better ones.

Are casinos that allow you to deposit $1 NZD trustworthy?

Not all casinos are created equal and that’s why you need to do your homework on them properly. You see, local casinos cannot provide online services for New Zealanders, so we have to use ones from overseas. Thus, we should tread carefully. However, having said all that, online casinos are monitored closely in countries like Malta, the US and the UK, and must obtain licences to operate. So opt for some of the major ones from these places.

Roughly how long can you play at an online casino with only $1 NZD?

Providing you manage to secure the best $1 dollar deposit deal (in terms of spins, credit, bonuses, etc.), it all boils down to luck. Hence, you could play for as little as two minutes, for as long as you like, or more likely, for somewhere in between.

Are there any online casinos where you can deposit less than $1 NZD?

Amazingly, yes. In fact, as mentioned above, some are completely free. And more about these coming soon. Stay tuned!