Playtech Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Game Review

Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is a live casino game that combines Bingo and the American live TV game show Deal or No Deal. Playtech launched this game on 25th September 2020. Bingo lovers will love it because of the inclusion of the bingo balls. The gameplay is also very simple. The first step is to qualify for the Banker’s offer. Purchasing extra bingo balls can extend the game, while the mini raw cards could help increase your chances of winning real money. You can win multipliers of up to 25x the final offer you receive.


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Game Details

Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw uses a live host and a live bingo machine with 60 balls numbered from 1 to 60. It uses a Random Number Generator and displays 16 briefcases, each of which opens up to reveal prize money.

Numbers for 15 out of 16 briefcases could be 1 to 60, displayed on the screen. The 16th briefcase doesn’t show a number but is kept aside and is known as the player’s briefcase.

Players must reach the Banker’s offer to qualify for a win in Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw. We will explain below how the game is played. This fun game show will also allow you to buy up to 20 mini-draw cards and boost your chances of winning some extra money apart from the main big-draw ticket.

How to Play Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw?

You must buy the big draw ticket by selecting the amount you are comfortable spending. The ticket cost plays a role in deciding the prize money. The table below shows how the ticket price affects the prize amounts if bought at $1, $25, or $100.

Prize Briefcase NumberMultiplierTicket Price $1Ticket Price $25Ticket Price $100
Ticket Price, Prize Money Multipliers & Their Boost Amounts for Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

You can boost the prize money by selecting the prize and then one of the five briefcases displayed below the prize table. The chosen briefcase will show the amount to be added to the specified prize. You can keep boosting the prize amounts until the set time is reached.

The game starts with 20 random numbered balls generated in the first round. To get the Banker’s offer, 7 out of the 20 balls must match any of the 15 displayed briefcase numbers. This part works like a bingo game where a matching number will mark off a briefcase. The Banker’s bar will show you all the matched ball numbers and any multipliers earned up to 25x.

The game ends if 7 briefcases don’t open in the first round. You can purchase additional balls to stay in the game. If 7 briefcases open, they will be removed from the prize wall after their number matches the generated bingo ball’s number. The Banker will then make an offer based on the prize money left in the other 8 briefcases.

You must decide whether to Deal, i.e., take the Banker’s offer or choose No Deal to open the briefcase, claim the prize money displayed inside it, and end the game. If you wish to continue the game, you can opt to buy 5 extra bingo balls. The game can be played till a total of 35 bingo balls get drawn. You will be left with only 2 briefcases and must choose Deal, No Deal, or Switch the briefcases.

Why Purchase the Extra Bingo Balls?

Players can purchase the extra bingo balls to continue the game, get the Banker’s offer, or reach the highest multiplier. After the first 20 balls are drawn, you can purchase additional 15 balls divided into three rounds. This means you can buy an extra 5 balls in a given round after the first 20 balls are known.

After the first 7 briefcase numbers are matched, every subsequent match earns players a multiplier starting with 2x. The highest multiplier is 25x the prize money. Check the Banker’s bar on the bottom left side of the screen to know how many multipliers you have achieved.

The cost of purchasing the extra balls depends on the number of briefcases yet to be opened. It also depends on the initial ticket cost and the amount already spent on other additional purchases.

After 35 balls have been drawn out of the 60 balls in the bingo machine, no more balls can be drawn. The game ends after you make a decision.

Mini Draw Side Game

Before the Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw game begins, players can purchase mini-draw cards. The lowest amount to purchase a card equals the ticket amount paid before the start of the main game.

The mini-draw is played only in the first game round when the first 20 bingo balls are drawn. Players can purchase 20, 12, 8, or 4 nine-numbered cards. Each ticket has nine lines, and the more lines completed on the draw card, the higher the prize amount. The highest prize can be obtained on completing six lines.

The payout for each line is shown in the table below.

Lines CompletedPayout Multiplier
Live Deal No Deal The Big Draw’s Small Draw Payout Multiplier

Review Summary & Games Similar like Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw game is an entertaining game. It’s great that besides the initial 20 balls drawn, you can extend by purchasing up to 15 additional bingo balls. When purchasing the additional balls, you must consider the cost and whether you will manage to cover the stake amount when the game ends. A good tip is to make a note of the prizes eliminated from the prize wall. This will help you determine whether to continue the game, take the Banker’s offer, or switch briefcases at the end based on the prize amounts left on the wall.

Playing the Mini Draw side game can increase your chances of winning. There’s a decent enough payout potential here. The RTP (Return to Player) for the Big Draw game is 95.28%, while for the Mini Draw side game/bet is 95.38%. It’s an excellent variant to try if you’ve already played Deal or No Deal Live from Evolution Gaming or if you’re a lover of lottery-style games like Mega Ball.

Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Review FAQs

How to qualify for the Banker’s offer in Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw?

To qualify for the Banker’s offer, 7 ball numbers out of the initial 20 drawn should match any 7 briefcase numbers. If the 20 bingo balls don’t help you get the Banker’s offer, you can exit the game or buy additional bingo balls to continue playing.

How to play Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw?

The gameplay on this live game show is explained above in this review. To join in, you must buy an entry ticket. The cost of this ticket determines the prize hidden in each briefcase.

Is Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw a casino game?

Yes, Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is in the category of live game shows at online casinos. Playtech developed this game by combining online bingo and the popular American TV game show Deal or No Deal.