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How to Have the Time of Your Life in Vegas on a Budget

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At, we love to play slots and table games at New Zealand’s finest online casinos

However, this doesn’t stop us from dreaming about the ultimate busman’s holiday. 

As casino fanatics, any chance that we get to hit the bright lights of the Vegas strip is duly taken. But, our pockets aren’t quite as deep as they used to be. To ensure that we maintain a healthy bankroll whenever we visit the gambling capital of the US of A, we are always looking for money-saving tips. 

We have finally combined all of these cost-cutting initiatives in an article for your pleasure. After all for a casino aficionado, locating the answer to the question of, how to have the time of your life in Vegas on a budget, is one of life’s age-old quests!

Planning Your Time in Vegas on a Budget

Like most things, having a plan gives you the chance to reach your goals. So, with a little bit of forethought, there is no reason at all why you won’t have the time of your life in Sin City, even if you can only get your hands on the most modest of budgets.

Consider the essentials carefully and you can amass huge savings on your next Vegas visit!

Budget Vegas Flights

Let’s face it, a trip to Vegas is not always booked for the weather. So, whether the thermometer is nudging “99 in the shade” or a little soggy, you will still enjoy world-class casino facilities. This means that you can consider travelling to Las Vegas out of season and save yourself a bundle.

Return flights from New Zealand to Las Vegas in November currently come in at around NZD$1700. Keep an eye out on sites such as Expedia and Skyscanner, as last-minute deals also appear from time to time.

Most of the cheapest flights advertised at this time come courtesy of Qantas Airways. However, be advised that due to the distance between New Zealand and Vegas that a number of routes may be used. Many flights from New Zealand to Las Vegas require two transfers. Often these transfers take place in Papeete in French Polynesia and in Los Angeles. 

AirlineDateRoutePrice (NZD)
Qantas Airways16 June 2022Auckland to Las Vegas$718
Qantas Airways21 November 2022Auckland to Las Vegas$718
Qantas Airways16 November 2022Auckland to Las Vegas$756
Qantas Airways16 November 2022Auckland to Las Vegas $818
Hawaiian Airlines17 November 2022Auckland to Las Vegas$853
Qantas Airways16 November 2022Auckland to Las Vegas$856
Qantas Airways16 June 2022Auckland to Las Vegas$864

Return flights from Las Vegas to New Zealand are currently available for just under NZD$1000, with Alaskan Airlines being a popular carrier on this route. 

AirlineDateRoutePrice (NZD)
Alaska Airlines24 January 2023Las Vegas$969
Alaska Airlines24 January 2023Las Vegas $976
United Airlines8 September 2022Las Vegas$988
United Airlines30 July 2022Las Vegas$991
United Airlines23 November 2022Las Vegas$993
United Airlines8 September 2022Las Vegas$995
United Airlines14 May 2022Las Vegas$1001

Budget Transport in Vegas

It is the dream of all Americans to own the biggest gas-guzzling car that is possible to fit on the road. However, if you are looking to do Vegas on a budget, more modest transport options might be worth a thought.

  1. Airport Shuttle Bus

Fortunately, if you are arriving by air, McCarran International Airport is a stone’s throw from the action. However, travelling from Las Vegas airport to the strip can still be costly, so travelling into the city by shuttle bus is a great money-spinning offer. From around NZD$15 each way, this convenience is one that won’t break the bank.

  1. The Deuce

The Deuce service is great for holiday-makers. Running at regular intervals around the clock, the Double-Decker coach travels all the way along Las Vegas Boulevard to the centre of the action Fremont Street. For Kiwis, a day ticket of around NZD$12 will not break the bank.

(c) Las Vegas Monorail

Living life to the max requires an occasional monorail ride. If travelling high above the city is your cup of tea, this option gets you where you want to be effortless for a minimal outlay.

Join the service at SLS Station and alight at MGM Grand Station to deposit yourself right in the heart of the action.

With unlimited day tickets starting from just NZD$18, you will soon be living the high life for a low spend.

(d) Lyft and Uber

If you much prefer the privacy that comes with car travel, the cost-cutting suggestion in this area is to dial up a Lyft or Uber. You could go to the expense of booking a hire car, but, obviously, this will add cost to your trip and make you liable for pricey parking charges. The strip is over four miles long, but you will find that many of the biggest attractions are within easy walking distance if you want to do away with this expense.

Hotels in Vegas on a Budget

The accommodation that you plump for when you visit Vegas is likely to have the biggest impact on your available bankroll. But, don’t worry. For every Bellagio Hotel (NZD$250) per night, there is a Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, that can be booked for around NZD$40 per night. Obviously, in Sin City, some nights are quieter than others. So, it is always advisable to book midweek nights away from big holidays so that you can take advantage of the very best deals. A number of comparison sites such as Trivago and allow you to compare the market so that you can find accommodation that will not put a huge dent in your wallet.

Food and Drink on a Budget in Vegas

One of the biggest costs of any holiday is food and drink. Let’s face it, a holiday is not a holiday if you can’t overindulge a little. But, how do you ensure that you don’t feel short-changed and that you still have spare cash to invest in the huge range of slots, roulette tables, and Blackjack flops that Vegas is famed for.

  1. The Supermarkets

It is tempting to have all of your meals at Planet Hollywood or any number of top-drawer culinary locations that have shot up across the City in recent times, however, buying food and drink from one of the local supermarkets can save you a packet. 

As a further bonus, liquor laws are much more relaxed in Vegas than in comparable municipalities, so you can happily purchase a few stubbies from Walgreens or CVS to enjoy on the streets before hitting the town in earnest. 

  1. Casino Buffets

Some of the biggest casino owners in Vegas offer stunning food packages that enable revellers the chance to munch “all you can eat” at several locations for a whole 24 hours for less than NZD$100. This may not be the cheapest option, but when you can partake in some excellent produce from Caesar’s Palace to the Flamingo, and more importantly, includes drinks, you are likely to feel that this is excellent value. 

Entertainment on a Budget in Vegas

When you finally arrive in the Mekkah of gambling, even wandering the streets of Vegas will bring a great deal of joy to casino connoisseurs. But, you do not have to miss out on some of the very best entertainment that Vegas delivers because you do not possess a five-star budget.

  1. Visit the Flamingo 

The Flamingo Hotel, not acts as one of your buffet venues (see above), but it also houses a menagerie of flamingos, exotic birds, fish, and reptiles. Even though this collection might not be the biggest zoological attraction, it will give you the chance to take some stunning pics to display on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. And, while you are getting up close and personal with some of the most exuberant examples of wildlife that Las Vegas has to offer, you will also be extending the life of your bankroll. You cannot be losing your cash on the flashing slots and the flashy baccarat tables while you are exploring the sites. With over fifteen acres of gardens to explore, the Flamingo is an oasis for wandering travellers in the desert City.

  1. Buy Cut-Price Tickets to Headline Shows

Residencies by some of the world’s most prolific recording artists are near as synonymous with Las Vegas as Craps and Poker. But getting tickets to watch sets performed by some of the biggest stars of all time must surely be out of reach of those on a modest budget?

Maybe not.

If you time it right, you might be able to pick up a ticket to watch one of the greatest shows on earth at up to a 50% discount!

Several Tix4Tonight booths are situated along Las Vegas’ famous strip selling last-minute tickets to shows at all of the top complexes. Bruno Mars, Sting, Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, Aerosmith, and Katy Perry, are just a selection of the acts that you can currently catch if you play your cards right! 

(C) Be Amazed by the Bellagio Fountains

If your cash reserves have dwindled sufficiently that even a cut-priced Katy Perry concert ticket is out of your price bracket there are still little gems to discover. For instance, check out the Bellagio Hotel Fountains. These aquatic marvels dance enchantingly every fifteen minutes from 8 pm until Midnight, Monday to Saturday, and 7 pm to Midnight on Sundays. You are likely to be so mesmerised by this performance that your wheel-related worries will soon wash away. 

(d) Experience Fremont Street

The Fremont Street Experience is something that all Vegas revellers should experience at some point on every visit. The Viva Vision light and music show kicks in on the hour from 6 pm until Midnight on selected nights. This stunning visual is one of the many things about your trip to Vegas that you will recall for a very long time, no matter how lucky your run in the casinos has been. 

Betting on a Budget in Vegas

The big reason to look for cost savings in everything that you do when you reach Vegas, is so that you have more cash to speculate when you finally land in one of the City’s awe-inspiring casinos resorts. But, where can you make your cash spin when you start to hit the tables?

CasinoAddressMinimum Stakes (USD)Facilities
Joker’s Wild920 North Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV89011$1 Minimum stakes can be played on popular table games such as roulette and craps
Club Fortune 725 South Racetrack Road, Henderson, NV 89015$1 (Roulette) + $2 (Craps)Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a seat at Club Fortune. This venue only hosts one roulette and one craps table. However, it is well worth a visit at quiet times of the day
El Cortez600 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101$2 (Roulette) + $5 (Blackjack) + $5 (Craps)Although minimum table stakes at El Cortez are slightly more than at Joker’s Wild and Club Fortune, there are plenty of tables offering gameplay with minimal stakes being required
Railroad Pass 1500 Railroad Pass Casino Road, Henderson, NV 89002$2 (Roulette) + $3 (Craps) + $5 (Blackjack)Based in Henderson, Railroad Pass offers limited access to its lowest staking tables. Currently, only one roulette and one craps table can be played at the lowest stakes. Otherwise, plenty of $10 tables is in play
Jerry’s Nugget1821 Las Vegas Boulevard North, North Las Vegas, NV 89030$3 (Craps) + $3 (Roulette) + $5 Blackjack Jerry’s Nugget offers two Craps tables and one roulette table that can be joined for the lowest available stakes. However, many blackjack tables support a $5 minimum. For a casino so close to the strip these rates are competitive

If slots are your thing, the widespread use of Ticket In Ticket Out machines means that most casinos offer slots to play from a similar level of stake. Where you can find a penny slot, this will set you back $0.40 to $0.50 per spin depending on the number of win lines that are in play on a particular title.