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Our mission is to be the world’s most relevant and helpful casino review site.  To achieve that goal, we have a big team of writers, technicians, researchers, administrators and project managers based across the globe.

How do we Monetise is monetised using “affiliate links”; these are tracking links that measure whether a visitor click-throughs, registers or deposits at a casino.  

This commercial model keeps our service free for users and allows us to invest in great tools, articles and a world-class user experience.

Does this Commercial Model Affect Objectivity?

While we look at the conversion rate of the online casinos we promote and use that rate as an indicator of what users are interested in, we will not promote “rogue” casinos.  A rogue casino might not honour player winnings, and that is unacceptable.

The performance-based financial model also works well from a user perspective. We won’t get paid if we do not serve options relevant to their intent.  We go to great lengths to ensure all our pages have relevant sites. User satisfaction is of paramount importance.
The ratings we give casinos are objectively set based on specific criteria.  We carefully study what is important to casino players, setting the requirements for casino ratings.

We could make more money by glossing over some of the casino industry realities, but we firmly believe in presenting the facts and letting casino players make their own minds up.  We expect our writers to have a 360-degree view of the casino industry and be able to write consultative and clear guidance.