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GamCare Launches MyGamCare Self-Help Betting Aid

GamCare has been a leader in the field when it comes to supporting problem gamblers for over 25 years. But this experience has not dimmed the charity’s innovative spark. 

Today, GamCare emphasized this trait by announcing the rollout of its MyGamCare self-help aid, which is specifically aimed at app-savvy punters. 

GamCare is a central partner to online casinos and sportsbook operators worldwide, and as gambling regulation requires a firmer focus on responsible gaming, the input from GamCare continues to rise in value. 

Today’s launch of the MyGamCare self-help product is designed to put solutions into the hands of bettors, many of which may be reluctant to seek help at times when repetitive gambling starts to become an issue. 

By giving players the chance to focus on assistance that can be personally controlled, GamCare hopes that many online gamblers can be helped before negative betting patterns become entrenched. 

In a nutshell, MyGamCare is designed to ensure that those who struggle with gambling issues carefully consider every bet that they place. The hope is that this desired outcome will arise as a result of tracking technology and reflective tasks. 

A key focus of the online program is assisting casino and sports fans to understand the impact that betting can have on others, as well as the economic worries and the personal stress that compulsive gambling can cause. 

In another first, GamCare also set in motion a series of new digital helplines. Trustees of the highly respected crisis service highlighted Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp services, which are simple to access and aligned with communication options favoured by those under 35.

Ellis Platten, a social-media influencer who focuses on the importance of responsible gambling, is pleased with the additions. Commenting on the launch, Ellis said, “My generation is never far away from their smartphones, so having support at your fingertips is a fantastic way to reach people, making it as easy as possible for people to make that first step and ask for help.”

Chief Executive of GamCare, Anna Hemmings, pointed out the importance of reaching those in need through popular platforms, musing that, “With the introduction of MyGamCare – along with our WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger capabilities – we hope to open the door for people to get help sooner and to reach out for support in a way that works for them.“

Today’s development comes at a point when GamCare operatives are busier than ever. Figures released for January 2023 suggested that 17% more players were contacted by the charity this year compared to the same month in 2022. In all, 3,700 calls and online chats were initiated in this first month of the year.