Playtech Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live Roulette

Behemoth casino game creator, Playtech, launched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette in December 2021 after signing a 5 year partnership with Sony Pictures Television. This live game show is a combination of European Roulette and the popular Sony TV game show with the same name.

When you play this casino game, it feels like you are playing the TV game show because of its similar studio design and the various Millionaire bonus games’ questions.

The French Roulette race track betting options available here let you cover a little less than half of the wheel with a single bet. If you get lucky, you can become a millionaire earning the maximum 2000x multiplier.

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Table of Contents

Game Details

The main game has a live dealer and the European Roulette single zero wheel. You can place Inside and Outside bets as you would in a regular Roulette game, along with special bets using the race track.

The live dealer spins the wheel to get the winning number. The wheel is spun clockwise and anti-clockwise alternatively.

Behind the wheel is a blue screen displaying the bonus round numbers. You must win a bet on those numbers to qualify for the bonus games or at least earn a 100x multiplier.

Type of Bets

You can place bets manually or by selecting Auto-Play, which lets you decide your bet size and the number of spins. The minimum bet is £.20, while the maximum is £500.

The Bet Creator tab on the left side below the wheel lets you set different betting patterns while offline. And the Lucky Dip option next to it can help pick random numbers for you on the betting grid.

To become a millionaire playing this game, you must place Inside bets: Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Basket, and Line bet. The bonus numbers displayed at the beginning of the game only include Inside bet numbers.

However, you must remember that the Inside bets payouts are much lesser than the standard European Roulette Inside bets. You can earn more if you win a bet on a bonus number. You’ll earn multipliers on winning regular bets too, but you’ll need to apply a strategy or two to have better chances.

Outside bets are available too. However, these do not qualify for the millionaire bonus games. The best part, though, is that the Outside bets’ payouts are similar to those of standard Roulette. They are not reduced.

The two tables below show the Inside and Outside Bets types and their payouts based on how many numbers are covered with a single bet.

Inside BetsNumber of Wheel Segments CoveredPayout
Straight Up129:1 = full multiplier
Split214:1 = Half of the multiplier
Street39:1 = 1/3rd of the multiplier
Corner46.5:1 = 1/4th of the multiplier
Basket36.5:1 = 1/4th of the multiplier
Line64:1 = 1/6th of the multiplier
Inside Bets and Their Payouts
Outside Bets Number of Wheel Segments CoveredPayouts
Outside Bets and Their Payouts

You can also place special bets using French Roulette’s Race Track wagering options like Neighbors and Orphelins, which can cover many numbers with a single bet.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Bonus Games

After the betting round is over and before the live dealer spins the Roulette wheel, 1 to 10 bonus numbers are generated and displayed on the screen using RNG. These are marked on the Inside bets’ betting grid.

Five bonus games are divided into three main categories in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette. The Millionaire bonus game numbers on the screen could look like this:

The Millionaire logo stands for a millionaire bonus game that has eight to ten question rounds depending on the logo’s colour:

  • Bronze Millionaire Logo: This bonus game has eight game rounds wherein you can get a chance to win a max of 750x multiplier.
  • Gold Multiplier Logo: This bonus game has ten game rounds, and you could win a max of 2000x if luck is by your side.

A big multiplier is shown on the question screen, and you must guess one answer tab out of the four: A, B, C, or D, with this multiplier. The first five rounds in the coloured Millionaire logo games guarantee a multiplier. Even if you choose the wrong answer tab, you earn the lower multiplier assigned to this answer tab.

In the later rounds, if you land on an X symbol, the game ends, or you could get lucky and win higher multipliers by playing till the last round. All the multipliers earned are added together and multiplied with your bet.

Like the TV game show, you can use three lifelines here:

  • Ask the Host: The host will try to make your guessing work easier by removing one incorrect answer tab with the lowest multiplier.
  • 50-50: Two incorrect answer tabs will be removed from your screen.
  • Ask the Audience: The virtual audience is made to pick the answer. The answer with the highest vote gets selected.

100x Multiplier

This is the most straightforward bonus in this game. When you win a 100x bonus number bet, you directly earn the 100x multiplier that gets applied to your bet.

Pink & Blue Question Marks

There are two coloured types of question marks representing certain bonus game numbers. One is pink and the other blue. The multipliers assigned to these are 50x and 100x.

You have two options when you win a question mark number bonus bet. You could take the 50x or 100x multipliers and continue with the main game, or you could choose to play the Millionaire bonus game.

The Millionaire bonus game has five rounds, three of which guarantee you some multipliers like the coloured Millionaire logo bonus game explained above. In the later rounds, the game ends if you land on an X. You get three lifelines here too.

The maximum you could win in a bonus game instead of taking the multiplier is:

How to Play Playtech’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette

  • Deposit money in your registered casino account and select this game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette from the casino’s game show category.
  • Use the Bet Creator to form some betting patterns, or click the Lucky Dip to let the system pick the best numbers for you.
  • Or, select Auto-Play to play a fixed bet amount for a maximum of 99 spins. We have explained the different types of bets above.
  • Before the live dealer spins the Roulette wheel, one to ten millionaire bonus game numbers will appear on the screen.
  • The dealer spins the wheel and declares the result.
  • If you win a regular number bet that was not a bonus game number, you get paid the payout, and the game continues.
  • If you win a Millionaire bonus number bet, you get to play the Millionaire bonus game or take the multiplier depending on the bonus sign represented by the winning number.
  • After the multipliers have been totalled and multiplied with the main game’s bet, the game continues.
  • You can choose to play the game further or exit it. You must keep an eye on your bankroll to avoid losing a lot of money. A good way to do this is by setting a loss limit in Auto-Play.

Game Review Summary

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette is an engaging game requiring you to make decisions for the main game and most bonus rounds. Only the 100x bonus number bet lets you take the multiplier without answering any questions.

The use of the Roulette wheel takes this game show to another level. You can place many types of bets here depending on what you wish to win. If you aim to win the Millionaire number bets, you must play Inside bets. But if you want to play a more low-risk game for fun, placing Outside bets would do.

The game’s RTP of 97.29% almost matches that of European Roulette. If not the highest multiplier, you can win some or the other multiplier in the bonus rounds. Just keep in mind that in the main game bets, you could lose more if you do not win a bet, as there is no minimum guarantee here.

The French Roulette race track also comes in handy when placing a single bet covering many numbers. However, the more numbers a bet covers, the lesser the payout, and vice versa. So your strategy will determine how you approach the game.

There’s no other game like this one in Playtech’s catalogue, but it’s a branded title like their other live game show, Adventures Beyond Wonderland. You can also try Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution, which, like this game, largely replicates the original TV show.

How much can you win max in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette?

The maximum players can win in this game is 2000x. You can achieve this in the Millionaire bonus game if you are lucky enough to play all the rounds while picking the highest multipliers.

What is the difference between a Standard Live Roulette and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The standard Roulette game does not have bonuses and multipliers like this game show. And, the payouts for Inside bets in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are reduced based on how many numbers a single bet covers.

Is there a winning strategy for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This game is purely based on chance, with you placing bets based on your goal. You could place a bet on all Inside bet numbers and stand a chance to win bigger multipliers in the bonus rounds. However, it may take many spins till you qualify for it. Or, you could play safe by placing Outside bets with the same normal payouts as the standard Roulette games.