The Greatest Cards Show Live Game Review

The Greatest Cards Show by Playtech will take you down memory lane if you enjoyed travelling fairs or circus shows growing up. It comes with a 54 segment wheel that reminds you of the Roulette wheel. However, this wheel is different from other live entertainment wheel games because of its horizontal placement and the use of 52 playing cards instead of the regular numbers.

You can win up to 5000x your stake if it’s your lucky day. The multiple betting options make the 40x payout on the main game bets look great, and three bonus rounds keep you entertained, especially the Joker bonus round. This game is a must try, if not for a win then at least for the entertainment.


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The Greatest Cards Show Game Details

The main game has a horizontally placed wheel and a live dealer. The wheel has 52 cards placed in their respective segments based on their value. This makes it easy to place bets. The remaining 2 segments have the Joker cards that need no bets.

This game has three bonus games, the Spotlight, the Light Show, and the Joker bonus game. You must have a winning bet to enter the Spotlight and the Light Show bonus games. The Joker bonus game triggers randomly.

You can place bets on a single number card, all the suits of a number, all numbers belonging to a suit, or high value or low value cards’ sections. You could also click the ‘Bet On All’ tab to bet on all segments.

Every game begins with the betting round, followed by the bonus cards round. On your screen, you will see the curtain being raised to reveal 3 to 12 cards as bonus cards.

These cards then get highlighted on the betting grid, displayed on your screen. Some cards may have silver outlines, while others may be golden. A winning card’s outline colour decides the bonus game type.

The live dealer spins the wheel to reveal the winning card segment. The wheel can have the following five outcomes:

  1. The wheel lands on your bet segment – you win 40x your stake.
  2. The wheel lands on a segment you didn’t place bets on – you lose your stake.
  3. The wheel lands on a bonus card with a silver outline – you qualify for the Spotlight bonus game.
  4. The wheel lands on a golden outline card – you qualify for the Light Show bonus game.
  5. The wheel lands on a joker segment – the joker bonus game gets triggered, for which you must qualify to play.

The Greatest Cards Show Bonus Games

As mentioned above, there are three bonus games, two of which are triggered on winning the silver or golden outlined card bets, while the third triggers randomly.

Unlike the main game that involves the manual spinning of the wheel, all the bonus games are RNG-based. You are hardly required to do anything in these rounds. All players who qualify for any of the three bonus games earn a random multiplier.

The Spotlight Bonus Game

As the name suggests, this game has spotlights. To qualify for this bonus game, your winning bet card segment must be a bonus card with a silver outline. You only get to watch the game and do nothing in this round.

On the stage, you will find three spotlights, red, blue, and green. Each spotlight is given a random multiplier. The winning card steps into one of the spotlights, becoming the winning multiplier for all.

It is one of the simplest bonus games in a live wheel game. You can win a multiplier between 50x to 2,000x your stake.

The Light Show Bonus Game

In this bonus game round, you will find a 5×4 grid having twenty illuminated spots. Below the grid are three coloured bulbs, green, yellow, and blue. You must select one bulb to win a multiplier.

This game is played in three rounds, one for each colour bulb and begins with random multipliers allocated to the twenty illuminated spots.

When the green bulb round begins, all the multipliers will turn green, and a green beam of light will bounce inside the grid. The players who selected the green bulb will receive the winning multiplier.

This follows for the yellow and blue bulb rounds. You can win multipliers between 50x to 5,000x your stake in this bonus game. After the three rounds, you are taken back to the main wheel.

The Joker Bonus Game

When the wheel’s pointer lands on any one of the two joker segments on the wheel, the Joker bonus is triggered. As mentioned before, a winning bet is not involved in the trigger.

However, you must qualify to play the Joker bonus game. This depends on the wheel’s outcome when it is re-spun without any new bets. You will qualify for the game if the wheel lands on a segment you bet on.

The Joker bonus game is the longest. Apart from the qualifying round, it has three more rounds. The three rounds can be divided into two semi-finals and one final duel game.

You will notice three random multipliers as prizes on the screen, the first, second, and third prize. The first two places have one winner each, while the third place has two winners. This is because there are four Joker cards involved.

After this, four coloured cards appear on the stage. You must select one colour from the four – red, blue, green, or yellow. The cards take turns to show their act, two at a time.

In the first semi-finals, you will see two coloured cards juggling three coloured balls each. The card that fails to juggle till the end gets the third prize, while the winner gets to play the final duel.

The next two coloured cards compete with each other, and again the loser gets third place while the winner reaches the final. It is a cute, entertaining act that you will enjoy.

For the last round, the final duel round, the two winners from the semi-final rounds compete. This time they are not jugglers but magicians, each holding a hat. The card that pulls a rabbit from its hat wins the first prize and the loser the second prize.

In a Joker Bonus game, you can win a maximum 8x multiplier. After this bonus game is triggered, if the next spin lands again on a bonus segment, you earn a 2x multiplier. Every consecutive spin after that until the 4th spin gets a 2x multiplier if it only lands on the Joker segment. To make it simpler, you can win 2x on the first re-spin, then 4x, 6x, and lastly 8x if you get lucky by landing on the Joker segment four times continuously.

How to Play The Greatest Cards Show?

  • Deposit money in your registered casino account that offers this game.
  • Wait for a new game to begin, and place your bets within the allocated twenty seconds. The screen has tabs to help you repeat your bet, Undo it, and Place a Bet on All. You can slide on the betting grid to make your selection. The minimum bet is £1, while the maximum is £100.
  • The bonus cards will be revealed after the betting time is over. These will get highlighted on the betting grid on your screen with either a silver or golden outline.
  • If the wheel lands on a segment you placed bets on, you win 40:1, or you lose.
  • If the wheel lands on a silver outline bonus card, and you win a bet on it, you qualify to play the Spotlight bonus game.
  • If the wheel lands on a golden outline bonus card and you win a bet on it, you qualify to play the Light Show bonus game.
  • The Joker bonus game will trigger if the wheel lands on a Joker segment.
  • After getting your payout for the respective game rounds, you can continue playing or leave the game.

The Greatest Cards Show Game Review Summary

The Greatest Cards Show is a big-budget live entertainment game launched by Playtech in 2022. The colourful studio has a live dealer and uses augmented reality technology too. All the bonus game results are RNG based, which can make the game less interactive, but there’s no denying that it’s fun to watch. The animated bonus games are similar to what you’ll find on Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming.

The main wheel game lets you play multiple bets, and you can win 40x your bet if luck is by your side. Greater payout multipliers are available in the bonus games, and it comes with a 96.67% RTP.

Although this game is purely based on chance, you could apply some betting strategies. For instance, winning will be hard if you bet on all options. You may want to bet on a section of similar suits instead. Unlike the Roulette wheel, where you bet on a section in this game, here you place a wager on each segment and not on the section as a whole.

The Greatest Cards Show FAQs

What is The Greatest Cards Show Live?

The Greatest Cards Show is a live entertainment casino game that uses each 52 playing cards’ value and two jokers on its 54 wheel segments. Physical playing cards are not used in this game but are represented on the wheel. The money wheel is placed horizontally and is spun by a live dealer, while the bonus games are RNG based.

How many Bonus Games does The Greatest Cards Show game have?

There are three bonus games in The Greatest Cards Show, the Spotlight, the Light Show, and the Joker bonus game. The Joker bonus game is the only one that can trigger randomly and doesn’t have a bet option. However, the wheel must land on your wagered segment in the re-spin to qualify for this bonus game.

What are Bonus Cards in The Greatest Cards Show?

Between 3 to 12 random Bonus Cards are selected using RNG after the betting window closes and before the wheel is spun. These are marked on the betting grid below the wheel. Some bonus cards have a silver outline that qualifies players to play the Spotlight bonus game on winning a bet, while others have a golden outline that qualifies players to play the Light Show bonus game on winning a bet.