Pragmatic Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Game Review

Whether you are a candy lover or not, the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand game is exciting. The wheel, with its various multiplier segments, is so enticing that you will want to keep playing more. Each bonus game is unique and can shower you with great multipliers if it is your lucky day. Those candies in the Sweet Spins and Candy Drop bonus rounds look delicious. The Sugar Bomb and Bubble Surprise segments on the wheel need no wagering, meaning you can win multipliers for free.


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Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Game Features

Pragmatc Play released this new attractive live wheel game in November 2021. Though there are many other wheel games in online casinos, this one is different.

The chirpy live host keeps you entertained with their fashion sense and game presentation. 

The Sweet Bonanza CandyLand wheel has fifty-four segments, forty-five of which are numbered 1, 2, or 5, while nine segments have bonus games mentioned on them.

Each wheel segment has a different type of multiplier and payout. The table below will tell you how many segments each number or bonus game occupies on the wheel.

Segment TypeNumber of Segments on the Wheel
Sugar Bomb3
Bubble Surprise3
Candy Drop2
Sweet Spins1
Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Wheel Segments

The game RTP depends on the various segments of the wheel and it falls between 91.59% to 96.95%. If you get lucky, you can win up to 20,000x your bet.

In this game, the flapper on the wheel is more flexible and less stiff, which is great. This makes the flapper bounce back beautifully as it touches each segment on its way to its final destination. Hence, the live host doesn’t need to apply extra strength to spin the wheel ;). 

Don’t get confused when you see the huge wheel and its various colourful segments. The game is easy to understand and play.

All you need to do is play responsibly and make the correct guesses to win great multipliers that will give you better payouts. You can watch the results of the previous game rounds right at the bottom of the screen.

Players can also use the Live Chat feature to chat with the dealer and other players.

Betting Options

Bets on Number Segments & Bonus Games

There are five betting boxes below the wheel. The first three have the numbers 1, 2, and 5, and the two boxes next to them have the two bonus games mentioned – Candy Drop and Sweet Spins.

After all bets are placed, the live host will spin the wheel manually. The bonus game results are all RNG based.

You could place your bets on one or all of the below either manually or by choosing ‘Auto Play’:

  1. Number 1 has a payout of 1:1 and appears 23 times on the wheel.
  2. Number 2 pays 2:1 and occupies 15 wheel segments.
  3. Number 5 pays 5:1 and occupies 7 segments.
  4. Candy Drop Bonus Game

Candy Crush game lovers will love playing this bonus game. If you win a bet on this bonus game, the live host will move from the wheel area to a maze that is totally RNG-operated.

Right on top of the maze are three pockets through which the three candies are dropped. At the bottom of the maze, you will find three colourful candies.

To play this bonus game round, you must select one candy colour, i.e. red, blue, or yellow. When the game starts, the red candy will be dropped from the first pocket. The other candies follow after the initial one has travelled all the way to the bottom.

As the candy proceeds downwards, it collects multipliers that get multiplied and totalled up in the end.

A very important point to note is that there are four purple pockets in the maze. As a candy drops downwards, if it lands on the purple square, the multipliers get boosted.

And, now comes the best part. If your chosen candy manages to pass through all four purple squares, you win a 1000x multiplier. That is awesome right 😀? 

In this game round, you win the multipliers earned by your chosen candy.

  1. Sweet Spins Bonus Game

Sweet Spins Bonus Game is a tumbling slot game with a 6×5 slot machine. The host will move towards the slot machine when you enter this bonus game round.

The game host will spin the reels for you ten times by pulling a lever.

The appearance of eight or more similar symbols creates a winning combination in a spin. These symbols get replaced with new ones for the game to continue, and a multiplier is won.

As the delicious candies tumble downwards, you can win:

  1. Five extra spins when three or more lollipop scatters appear in a spin.
  2. Multipliers ranging between 2x to 100x on landing in a Sugar Bomb.

Extra Bonus Rounds

Apart from these two bonus games that you can place a wager on, there are two extra bonus rounds that can trigger randomly without placing bets on them. These are:

Sugar Bomb Bonus Round

  1. The Sugar Bomb bonus round segment has no betting box, as it needs no wagering.
  2. If the flapper lands on it, you win multipliers 2x to 10x that get added to any payouts from the next round, including bonus segment wins.
  3. Sugar Bomb Booster is an option available on the extreme right of the betting boxes. This can boost the Sugar Bomb multipliers by double if you bet 25x your total bet.
  4. Bubble Surprise Bonus Round

The Bubble Surprise bonus round segment can get triggered randomly. Hence, you are not required to do anything here.

There is only one vertical reel on its slot with five symbols. Three symbols are candy symbols that pay multipliers, and the rest two are bonus games. We have explained this in the table below.

Blue Candy5x
Purple Candy10x
Red Heart Candy25x
Candy DropCandy Drop Bonus Game
Sweet SpinsSweet Spins Bonus Game
Bubble Surprise Slot Symbols & their Payouts

You have a guaranteed win when you place bets on all the betting options. This can be risky, though, as the payout differs for each segment, and the number of segments for each betting type varies.

The table at the beginning of this article will explain the number of segments for each number (multiplier) and bonus game displayed on the wheel.

How is Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Played?

Create a Casino Account

As you must already be aware, to play a casino game, you must have a registered casino account with a genuine and reputed casino. It is always important to safeguard your money, even when playing for fun.

Place your Bets

After choosing the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand game on the casino’s site, you will be taken to a massive colourful wheel with a pretty live host next to it.

The live host will spin the wheel after you place your bets. The set betting time is around 13 seconds. You can bet on any of the numbers or bonus games or both.

Take your payouts and leave or continue the game.

After the game round ends, whether you win or lose, you can choose to play further or leave the game. Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is a great game loved by many. You can keep playing it for fun and earn some multipliers too. But you also need to keep a watch on your bankroll, as some wins may be less than what you wagered.

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Game Review Summary

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is a colourful game with attractive game hosts. If you enjoyed this developer’s Mega Wheel live show, this one is even better. Players love it for the various betting options. And those with a sweet tooth will love it even more. The candies look amazing and the multipliers and free spins in the bonus games can help you win more multipliers and increase your payout.

The Sugar Bomb booster looks expensive, though. You may win less and lose more because of the high bet requirement. To get big wins, playing longer may help. The bottom line on the screen gives you the last 100 game results, while the status icon can generate information for the last 500 rounds. A similar experience is offered on Evolution Gaming favourites, Crazy Time and Live Dream Catcher.

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand FAQs

How to play Sweet Bonanza CandyLand?

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand can be played at an online casino offering it. You need to have an account with them to deposit the money and play. Select the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand game from the menu and wait for the new game to begin. Place your bets on a number, bonus game, or both. The game host will spin the wheel after this. If the wheel flapper lands on the segment you placed your bets on, you will win.

Who launched the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand game?

Pragmatic Play launched Sweet Bonanza CandyLand in November 2021. It competes against Crazy Time by Evolution and Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech. All of these are live dealer casino games.

Is the board game Candy Land similar to the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Casino game?

No. Both games have different rules. Candy Land is a racing board game in which players have to follow directions based on each card’s colour to find the lost king of Candy Land, King Kandy. It is not a live casino game, unlike Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, which involves a money wheel, multipliers, bonus games, delicious candies, and a live dealer.