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Your search to understand Satta Matka has brought you to the right place. To help you understand this in a better and simplified way, we will cover all the information we can.

Satta Matka
Satta Matka

This article is based on extensive research conducted by us. Information coming straight from the horse’s mouth is better than any other source. Correct? Hence, we interviewed a couple of people who have played this game. We wouldn’t want you to build castles in the air and fall on your face.

What is Satta Matka?

To understand the meaning of Satta Matka, let’s first understand the importance of each of these two words. ‘Satta & ‘Matka’ are Hindi words. Hindi is one of the official languages in India. Satta in Hindi means power or king. In this scenario, it means gambling.  Matka stands for earthen pots. When these two words get used together, they refer to the age-old betting game played in India by lakhs of Indians. It is a type of lottery game that requires you to guess the winning numbers.

Initially, the game name and rules were slightly different when the game was devised. Even the product betted on was different. Today, many types of matka games get played in different parts of India.

To make it simpler, we have created subtopics. You could select your topic of interest from the below ’table of contents’ and read through it. However, we would suggest you go through every topic. This will increase your knowledge about the Satta Matka world. Every subtopic is interdependent on the other. For example, you may learn a few tricks to play the game. But what good is it if you do not know the laws governing this game?  

Table of Contents

Also, read through our FAQ section. They will answer some of the questions that you may have.

The Origin of Satta Matka

Satta Matka existed before India’s independence. It started in the 1950s and was called ‘Ankada Jugar’. The rules and the name of the game have changed over time. Initially, this game’s players would bet on cotton’s opening and closing rates. The New York Cotton Exchange would transmit these rates to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. This practice, however, stopped in 1961. The wagers were very fond of this game. Hence, they started looking for alternatives to keep this gaming business alive. At that time, Ratan Khatri introduced a new form of the game. He was a migrant from Pakistan. He started Satta Matka in Mumbai. The opening and closing rates got declared on imaginary products. The game involved writing the numbers from 0 to 99 on a piece of paper, which got put in a Matka. The winner got decided based on whose chit got picked from the Matka. As time passed by, using playing cards, three numbers got selected. The game has evolved since its inception.

In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat introduced the Worli Matka. One could play the game all days of the week. After him, Ratan Khatri started the New Worli, which the players could play only from Monday to Friday. The New Worli Matka gained a lot of popularity. Hence, people started calling it the Main Ratan Matka.

Matka was not complicated to play. It won the hearts of people coming from lower-income and social status backgrounds. The young and the old both played and enjoyed playing it. This game picked up significant momentum in the 1980s and 1990s. The game started becoming an addiction for many. The waging amount started crossing INR 500 crores a month. This news came to the notice of the Mumbai Police. They started tracking down the Matka dealers to stop this type of gambling. As a result, most of the dealers shifted to places on the outskirts of Mumbai. Some even moved to nearby states. Gambling is illegal in India, mainly if the game depends on luck and not skill. Not all games of skill are seen as legal, though. Every State has its jurisdiction. We will talk about this more later in this article.

With the decline of dealers as a result of the raids conducted by the Mumbai Police, wagers started exploring other gambling and lottery games. The rich started betting on cricket. And at present, they also bet on horses. Today, the game involves selecting random numbers and betting on them. Numbers have to be guessed randomly between 0 to 9. Such a game is a game of luck. If you manage to guess the correct numbers, you could win money. There are various number systems for guessing, like Open, Close, Sangam, Jodi, Jackpot, and many more. You can find more information on the respective topic mentioned below.

A few follow a particular type of calculation to arrive at the numbers. They bet on these calculated numbers and try their luck. So whether it is guessing or calculating, it is primarily a game of chance. Otherwise, wouldn’t everyone be a billionaire? 😉 

In the next chapter, you will learn how this game gets played.

How is Satta Matka Played?

To play Satta Matka, the player needs to decide which Matka game he wishes to play. One can play Matka online and offline. Having a reliable bookie or agent is crucial.

For Satta Matka games, there is a basic calculation followed by many. We have tried explaining this below for your understanding. You can apply it based on the game and bets you place. It may not necessarily apply to all the games you play and bets you place.

To begin with, the players will need to guess an opening bet and a closing bet number from 0-9. Before the respective games start, the players have to place their stakes. Once the game begins, the dealer will draw three numbers from a matka or three cards from a deck of cards to form a set of three numbers. We will use the matka example here. Let’s assume the first set got derived by selecting three numbers from 0 to 9 in a matka. The selected numbers get added later. For example, the numbers drawn from the matka are 2, 3, and 7. The dealer will have to add all these three numbers: 2+3+7 =12 to arrive at a single digit. You cannot add the total double-digit 12 further, like in numerology. Instead, only the last number from this double-digit gets considered, 2. By doing this, you get the opening bet single-digit number from the first set of numbers. It will look like this: 2, 3, 7 *2. Here the last digit, 2, is the opening number.

Similarly, the dealer will have to select the second set of numbers using the above technique. Suppose they have done that, and the second set looks like 6, 7, 8*1. The closing number here will be 1.

These two sets of numbers will get written/noted as 2, 3, 7*2 X 1*6, 7, 8. The numbers highlighted in bold: 2 and 1 are the opening and closing numbers, respectively. 

One can place various bets using these chosen numbers. The payout for the winning number or numbers depends on the type of bet placed by the player. By reading further, let’s understand the different types of bets that one can place on these numbers. This information will give you a fair understanding of the game.

1st Set Of Numbers Opening Bet Number Closing Bet Number 2nd Set Of Numbers
2 3 7 2 1 6 7 8

Different Types of Bets & Their Payouts

Kalyan Matka Panel Chart

Almost all Matka games happen twice daily with a good amount of gap. Few have shorter intervals. You could bet on the opening number at the first game and the closing number at their respective times. The players must place their bets before the bidding commences for each game. If the game starts at 1 pm, then the bets must be placed max by 12.30 pm. The game could use random numbers or the usual pack of playing cards. From the standard 52 cards, the Jacks, Kings, and Queens get omitted. The numbers from 2 to 9 get valued at their face value. The value of 10 is 0, while the Ace card gets valued at 1.

If you are playing this game on a one-to-one with a dealer, it is an offline matka. For online games, the dealer will select the cards. You can know about the value of the cards only after the game has begun. And, before the cards get drawn, you can place as many bets as possible.

So whichever three cards get pulled, whether online or offline, most games follow the calculation explained above. The values always get noted in ascending order. Only if there is a 0, then will it be placed last. For the opening bet, the cards pulled are 6, 7, and 8. The total would be 6+7+8=21. From 21, the last digit, 1, is selected as the opening bet number. You win if you bet on number 1. Similarly, a closing bet number will be obtained.

You can place many bets before the cards get pulled. Placing multiple bets on every draw could help you win.

Now let’s understand these commonly used bets and their likely payouts.

Ank or Single Ank Bet

Ank is a Hindi word which means a number in English. When playing Single Ank, the player will bet on the total of a Panna. Panna implies a set of three cards. For example, the first three cards drawn by the dealer are 2, 3, and 7. Here their total would sum up to 2+3+7= 12. The last digit from the total gets used for betting.

Two sets of numbers are needed to play the day’s two games. One set is used for the opening bet, while the second is for the closing bet. In the above scenario, 2 would be the single opening bet number. While the total of the second set of numbers 6+7+8=21 would give you 1 as the closing bet number.

You must choose a number between 0 and 9 before the cards are drawn and place the required bets. If the winning number is 2, you win money based on the amount you wagered. But, if the winning number is other than 2, then you do not get any money. The payout for this kind of bet is INR 9 for a bet. So if you wagered 100 for a bet, you would get 9 x 100 = 900. Though you could set your minimum bet to INR 1, your bookie may set it to between INR 50-500. After all, they get 5% of the winning amount when you win.

Single Patti or Panna Bet

Single Patti means a combination of 12 different sets of three cards each. Each set of cards has to be unique. The numbers cannot repeat in a Panna. The last digit from a Panna’s total is called the ank. The ank categories are between 0-9. So every ank category will have 12 sets of Pannas. To help you understand this, we have listed all the Single Patti combinations and their respective anks in the table below.

AnkSingle Patti Combinations
0127,136,190,235,280,279,370,389,459,460 479,578
5140,159,168,230,249,258,267,348,357,456 690,780
Single Patti (SP) combinations for Satta Matka

Please note that you can use the number used in the opening game for the closing game.

The payout here is INR 150 per bet. So if you wagered 100 for a bet, you get INR 15000.

Also, note that when you bet on a single Panna from a particular Patti, you will have to multiply your bet into 12 (as there are 12 combinations available for that ank category /Patti). For example, if you wish to wager 10 rupees for one Panna, you must multiply 10 x 12. It means you will have to pay 120 for that bet. And if you win, you will get paid 150 * 120.

Another exciting thing about this bet is that when you win a particular Panna or Patti, you also get to win based on the ank. It is because every Panna in that particular Patti totals one ank. If you look at the above table, assuming you selected the Panna 127, whose ank is 0. Since the total of the Pana is 0 (1+2+7=10), you will win the Patti and the ank.

Double Patti or Panna Bet

This bet is different from the first two bets. For a Double Patti bet, every Panna should have a number repeated. There are 9 Panna combinations for every Patti. This bet does have one thing in common with the Single Patti and Triple Patti bets. Every Patti category has an ank section.

Please refer to the table below: 

AnkDouble Patti Combinations
Double Patti (DP) Combinations for Satta Matka

The payout for this bet is 270/1. If you wager INR 100 for a bet, you will get 270 x 100 = ₹27,000 if you win. You get nothing if you lose.

Triple Patti or Pana Bet

To play this bet, the Panna must have identical numbers. We mean that the set of 3 should have one number repeated thrice. Here every Patti has only one Panna combination. There is an ank for every Patti category. We have attached a table below to explain this.

AnkTriple Patti Combinations
Triple Patti (TP) combinations for Satta Matka

The payout for this kind of bet is 600/1. If you wager INR 100 for a bet and win, you will get 600 x 100 = INR 60,000.

Jodi Bet

Jodi is a Hindi word that, when translated to English, means Pair. The Pair we are talking about here combines the opening and closing bet numbers. If the opening bet as per the first example given in this article (2, 3, 7*2 X 1*6, 7, 8) was 2, and the closing bet 1, then the Jodi bet would be placed on the combined number. It would be 21 in this scenario.

The winner gets paid based on 90/1 or 95/1. Hence a bet of INR 100 would fetch the winner either 90×100=INR 9,000 or 95×100=INR 9,500.

Half Sangam Bet

Sangam means Union in English. So half Sangam will mean half union. Now you may wonder what union we are talking about here. Let’s again look at the first opening and closing Panna with its single ank example (2, 3, 7*2 X 1*6, 7, 8). Sangam here would mean bringing together the opening Panna numbers with the single ank of the closing game. Or, it could mean combining the closing Pana numbers with the single ank of the opening game. Let us explain this using the above numbers. 2, 3 7 X 2 was for the opening bet, while 6, 7, 8 X 1 was for the closing bet. So when a half Sangam happens, we either join 237 X 1 or combine 678 X 2.

The payout for this kind of bet is 1,400/1. If he waged INR 100, the winner would get 1400×100= INR 1,40,000.

Sangam Bet

In a Sangam Bet, the player will combine the opening and closing Panna numbers using the above opening and closing Panna example. The single ank nor the total of the Pana gets taken into consideration. Hence, the Sangam numbers would look like this: 237 X 678.

Its payout is 15,000/1. A bet with a wager amount of INR 100 would give the winner 15,000×100= INR 1,50,000.

Apart from these common 7 bets, there are other bets. To name a few, we have Cycle Patti, Farak, and Berji.

Cycle Patti Bet

In this type of bet, the last two digits of the Panna get taken together. For example, if the Panna is 2, 3, 7, the cycle Patti would be 37.

Farak Bet

Farak in English means difference. The difference between the two numbers forming a Jodi gets considered for this type of bet. So if the single ank of the opening and closing game were 2 & 1, the Jodi number would be 21. And the difference between them would be 2-1=1. 1 would be the farak bet number here.

Berji Bet

The word Berji gets derived from the Hindi word Berij which means summation in English. For this bet, the Jodi bet number gains importance. The last digit from the total of the Jodi number gets used. In other words, a berji bet is on a single digit. Say, suppose the Jodi number was 78. The total of this would be 15. Hence the berji bet number would be 5 as it is the last digit from the sum.

The game timings make a difference to the payout. Every bet has a different payout. If bets are not placed on time, it will affect the payouts. Players cannot play specific closing bets if the opening number has got drawn. Bets like Jodi, half Sangam, Sangam, berji, and farak cannot be played in this case. However, the player can still bet on single ank, single Patti, double Patti, triple Patti, and cycle Patti.

Also, since Matka is not legal in India, offline or online, you must be very careful when selecting a bookie. Al Matka websites run by Indian sites are illegal. Only websites run by companies or organisers overseas are considered legit. There is still an exception to this rule in some Indian states. It is because of The Public Gambling Act of 1867. The subtopic on ‘the laws governing Satta Matka’ will help you understand better. Do make time to read through it, as your money is involved.

We have found the most popular Satta Matka games based on how many people search for them on Google every month, and you can see the information below. The data shown is for July 2022.

  1. Delhi Disawar Satta: 449K Google Searches Per Month
  2. Ghaziabad Satta King: 659K
  3. Gali Satta King: 554K
  4. Faridabad Satta King: 659K
  5. Kalyan Matka: 2.4M
  6. New Worli Matka: 6.6K
  7. Worli Matka: 454K
  8. Milan Matka: 610K
  9. Tara Matka: 958K
  10. Madhur Matka: 402K
  11. Sridevi Matka: 73K
  12. Matka 420: 1.2M
  13. Time Bazar: 424K
  14. Rajdhani Matka: 54K

All these games differ based on ticket prices, game days and timings, payouts, and chances of winning.

Since all the above get run within the country, they are illegal. You need to be careful here, as you cannot fight back if your winnings are not paid to you. We are not saying that the above-listed games don’t pay the winners. It all depends on the bookie involved. When you check the websites of these games, you will not find much information in the ‘about us’ section. There will be no name nor any contact number to contact. Some may have fake winner stories/testimonies. Some may even promise to pay 100% of the amount. Be very careful before you deposit your money to play these games.

Steps for Playing Online Satta Matka Games

  1. Find a reliable website or app that is genuine.
  2. Make sure they accept the Indian currency.
  3. Register an account and get your information verified.
  4. Explore and find the matka games you wish to play.
  5. Add funds to your account. Check for Indian payment gateways for a smooth transaction to happen.
  6. You need to deposit some amount before you start waging.
  7. After placing your bets, wait for the results of the draw.
  8. If you win, make sure the money is credited to your registered bank account using your selected payment methods.
  9. For more fun and experience, you could repeat all the above steps.

What is a Satta Chart?

Satta Chart Terms:

When you look at some of the popular Satta Matka charts, you will see a few things. The below chart is one of the most popular matka charts.

Satta Matka Chart Example
Satta Chart

O stands for opening

C stands for closing

Red Numbers: Numbers highlighted in red are Cut Numbers. If the Jodi number difference is 5, then that Pair is highlighted in red. It is considered a cut number. Examples of cut numbers are 0&5, 1&6, 2&7, 3&8, and 4&9. Jodi numbers that have similar digits/double digits are also considered cut numbers. For example, Jodi number 33 has two similar numbers. Hence the numbers will get marked in red. One cannot get a payout on these cut numbers. Other numbers that don’t fall in this category get marked in half-red or entirely black.

Please note that are different types of Matka charts. Each gaming site has its pattern/design, depending on the game’s rules.

The Laws Governing Satta Matka

We know Satta Matka is a gambling/betting game type. It involves placing bets using money to win money in return. Winning the wagered money back is not guaranteed. This game is purely based on luck. Players must choose numbers to play this game.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 prohibits gambling in gambling houses. A game of chance like Satta Matka, Teen Patti, and Andhar Bahar get considered illegal. It is because it is said to involve only luck. At the same time, games like Horse Racing and State-Run Lotteries are considered legal to an extent, as they involve skill. The legal age for gambling in India is 21 years and above. And, to play games in offshore online casinos, the website should accept payments and pay withdrawals using the Indian currency of Indian players.

The gambling rules in India are different for every State. India has 28 States and 8 union territories. The rules vary depending on the State because the government of India has given every State the right to decide its gambling laws. Goa, Sikkim, and Daman have legalized gambling activities. However, this does not mean that they allow all sorts of gambling activities. These places do have certain restrictions placed on gambling by their respective governments.

Interestingly, The Public Gambling Act of 1867 came into being before the internet existed. There is no mention of the internet or online gaming in this Act. Hence it is not very clear if online gambling is entirely illegal. Nagaland is the only State that allows licences for online gaming poker. The licensed websites cannot offer any other game than poker.

States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha have managed to ban gambling activities. But, the courts overturned the state bans in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Though gambling is a booming sector and can get a lot of revenue for the states, it can cause problems for the people playing it and the government. It could lead to corruption, money laundering, and poverty for some. People could go into debt by borrowing money to gamble. For a few, gambling is such an addiction that they pawn/ mortgage all that they have so that they can play more. There have been incidents where people have committed suicide because of huge losses from gambling. Families of these gamblers suffer a lot. They get deprived of a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Also, it will not look good if the government makes money at the cost of such people. There are taxes to be paid by casinos for every game type. But what good would it do if the government formed for the people gets indirectly seen looting its people? Hence many state governments are trying their best to ban all types of gambling in their states.

Goa saw a decline in the number of tourists in the 90s. Its state revenue is dependent on tourism to a great extent. Hence the government made changes to the Goa, Daman, and Diu Public Gaming Act, 1976. It allowed certain gambling activities to take place on Goa waters and soil. There are 16 casinos in Goa. 10 are land-based, while 6 are offshore casinos. Goa is the only Indian State to have floating casinos. Card rooms and five-star hotels can have Slot machines provided the government has obtained prior permission. Players need to know the game they are playing. Only establishments and five-star hotels having valid licenses can set up gaming houses. In 1996, table games like roulette and poker were given permission, provided players did not play them in land-based but floating casinos.

In 2020 the Goa government banned Goans from playing in these casinos. But this doesn’t stop the residents of Goa from playing online on international websites. These sites, however, should be licensed ones. In 1995 lotteries were made legal. In 2020 old lotteries were stopped to make way for the new lottery named The Dear Subhalaxmi Lottery. Goa doesn’t have a state lottery of its own.

Betting on sports is not allowed here. But people in Goa can play online sports betting. In Goa, online gambling is approved on sites that do not belong to any Indian. Residents of Goa can play on international online casino sites when in Goa. Betting on horse and horse racing is legalized in Goa. But this State does not have a racecourse yet. As a result, online horse betting is the only option available here. Now let’s talk about the game, Rummy. It is one card game that is considered a game of skill. Hence it is legal in Goa and some states unless played from a gambling house.

Sikkim has three casinos. These are Casino Sikkim, Casino Mahjong, and Deltin Denzong. It is the only Indian State that has a local casino. Locals do also have the option of playing online casino games on offshore sites.

Casinos are allowed in five-star hotels. Also, paper and online lotteries are allowed.

The Sikkim government legalized gambling through the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act, 2008, also known as the Sikkim Act. Games like Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Brag, Bingo, and many more were legalized for online gambling. Here games of skill and chance are both allowed. Online sports betting got legalised in the State. Players must play these games via the intranet. The terminals cannot allow people outside Sikkim to play these games.

Sikkim has its state lottery. At present, 13 Indian states have legalised government lotteries. Its activity is illegal in the other 15 states and the 8 union territories. Private lotteries are illegal and banned. All government-approved lotteries are paper-based. One can buy these lotteries only from authorized sellers only. Otherwise, you may not be able to participate in the draw. You cannot sell lottery tickets online. However, Indians can play international lotteries as no Indian resident has organized them. You may wonder how Sikkim has its online lottery. The answer is that The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998, does not particularly state that online lotteries are banned. It considers private lotteries to be illegal.

The government of India tried stopping direct withdrawals and deposits on online websites. They wanted to make betting harder on online betting sites. For this, they use The Payment & Settlement Act of 2007. When they failed in this, they tried another thing. They attempted to get control of internet browsing by using the Information Technology Act 2000. They approached various internet service providers. Using this Act’s provisions, the government can make internet providers restrict and also block access to particular sites. They could instruct to block offshore online gambling sites. The enforcement of this Act is not that efficient, though.

Satta Matka FAQs

Is it legal to play Matka in gaming houses in India?

Matka is a gambling game based on luck. It is illegal unless played on licensed offshore websites/apps.

Why is it called Satta Matka?

Matka means an earthen pot, while Satta denotes gambling. Traditionally this type of game was played by writing numbers on chits of paper placed in the matka. The number/s drawn from this pot would be the matka winning numbers.

What are SP, DP, and TP? 

SP stands for Single Patti bet, DP for Double Patti bet, and TP stands for Triple Patti bet.

What is a Bazi?

Bazi is a Hindi word. It refers to the bet or bets placed in Satta Matka.

Can you play Matka in Goa?

Playing Matka is considered illegal in Goa.