Play Rummy for Real Money

The favourite Indian 13 cards game, Rummy, is available in online casinos. You can win real money playing Rummy online using Paytm.

There are many Rummy game variations present online and offline. The basic rules are the same for most. The payout and the points may differ in some games. It all depends on the type of game and the table you are playing at.

Before playing, you must ensure the online casino site is genuine and secure. We have listed some of the best online casinos for Rummy here. Happy gaming!


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Online Rummy

The basic Rummy is 13 card game played using 2 decks of playing cards, including 4 printed Jokers. You can play Rummy at home and even online. You could play Rummy for real money or for free. We have explained the basic Rummy game rules in our Rummy guide.

The main goal for the online and offline Rummy is the same, that is to make the lowest score by getting rid of the cards in hand. You can eliminate the cards by making the necessary sets and runs before any other player does.

In offline Rummy, you play against many players. In online Rummy, you play against the house/computer. Though the basic rules are not much different for the online and offline Rummy, they still differ.

There are many kinds of Rummy games available in online casinos. You can try the Rummy variations you know about, or you could earn free welcome bonuses from online casinos and learn/practice the game for free before playing for real money.

The three-card Rummy is one of the most common Rummy games available online. You could play this for free or real money using Paytm or any other approved payment gateway.

How to Play the Three-Card Rummy Game?

The online three-card Rummy game is simple. Though Rummy is a game of skill, the three-card Rummy involves luck and a little strategy. Let’s understand how you can play this game online.

After creating an account or registering on an online casino site, you need to transfer money to the casino wallet to place your bets and win real money. After depositing the money, you follow the below steps:

  • Select the chip denomination to place your bet. You will find the different chip denominations on the bottom right corner of the game screen.
  • Click the Ante section next to place your bet. You can choose to place a Bonus bet at the star of the game. It can help you win more money.
  • After the Bet gets placed, hit the deal button, and three cards will be dealt to you face-up and three cards to the dealer face-down.
  • You can choose to Fold after seeing your cards, or you could raise your bet amount. If you fold, the game ends, and you lose your bet amount. If you select Raise, you bet an amount equal to the initial bet amount.
  • After you Fold or Raise, the dealer’s cards turn face-up. The winner is determined based on the score. The player with the lowest score wins.

Important Points to Remember

  • One of the main things to remember while playing the three-card Rummy is that the dealer’s score should be 20 or less to qualify.
  • Before you decide to Fold, calculate your points. You never know. You may win if the dealer doesn’t qualify.
  • You still win if the delaer doesn’t qualify and your score exceeds the dealer’s points. You get back your Ante and any Raise amount placed.
  • Practice the game as much as possible before you play for Real money.
  • Check for various bonuses offered by online Casinos that will save your bankroll from depleting faster.
  • Have a check on your bet amount and bankroll. You can see this information on the bottom left side of the game screen.

21 Card Game

You need three decks of cards for this game and a lot of time at hand to play this game, as it involves 21 cards per player. To win this game, one must make a minimum of three pure sequences. Apart from the printed joker and the wild card joker, there is also the upper and lower joker. For instance, if the wildcard joker known as the cut joker is 5❤, then the upper joker would be 6❤ while the lower joker would be 4❤ (belonging to the same suit).

Players cannot use the jokers to make a pure sequence. If a player drops before playing his turn, he earns 30 penalty points. But if he drops midway, then he earns 75 penalty points. 

Gin Rummy

A game of two-player uses 52 cards deck without the printed jokers. This game is a little different from the 13 and 21 cards game. 10 cards get dealt to each player. A player is not needed to show his sets or sequences until he has them all set or till the game ends. 

A gin situation is when a player has melded using all his ten cards. He will then have to pick a card from the deck and lay face-down to declare Rummy. By doing this, the player earns 25 points plus his opponent’s deadwood points. If a player has not reached gin and wants to prevent his opponent from reaching it, he could ‘knock’. For this, his deadwood points need to be less than ten points.

The winner doesn’t need to have all valid hands compulsorily. His knocking is valid as long as his opponent’s deadwood points are not lesser than his. He has to face up all his cards, allowing his opponent to lay off on the melds. A layoff cannot happen on deadwood cards. And it is also not permitted if the player has reached gin.

After laying off the cards, if the opponent’s score is less than the actual knocker, it is called an undercut. Here the opponent will win extra 25 points along with the deadwood points of the other player. The difference between the deadwood points of both players gets added to the 25 points bonus. 

The value of the Ace is 1 here and hence cannot be used to make a run that has the King and Queen. Players can only use it to create a hand like Ace,2,3. The game can end when the stock pile has only two cards left and when a player reaches the 100 points mark. 

Contract Rummy

This game uses two to four decks of 52 cards and printed jokers. The number of players could be 3 to 8. Two decks are sufficient if the number of players is 2-4. For 5-6 players, you will need 3 decks of cards, while for 7-8 players, you will need 4 decks. Aces get valued at 15 points, jokers at 25 points, face cards at 10 points each, and number cards as per their value or number. Aces can be a high-value or low-value card in a sequence, not both. There are 7 rounds in this game. 

Each round gets over when a player has discarded all of his cards. In the first 4 rounds, every player receives 10 cards; for the next 3 rounds, they get 12 cards each. Every round, the dealer changes clockwise. After the cards get dealt, the dealer pulls a card from the remainder and places it next to the closed pile of cards. This card is called the upcard that forms the discard pile.

If the person on the dealer’s left doesn’t pick the upcard, then the next player can take it. This situation is called the ‘May I’ situation. This following player has to also pick a card from the stock card, which will be like a penalty card. He cannot discard, meld or lay off at this point as it is not his turn to play. He will have to pick another card once his turn arrives. If two players wish to buy the upcard, the person whose turn is following or the nearest will get it.

There is a contract to fulfil for each round. We have explained this in the table below. A run should have a minimum of 4 cards. And if the contract requires 2 runs, then both these rounds cannot belong to the same suit, or they should not be in consecutive order. 

After a player has made the required sets or runs as per the contract for that round, he may meld his cards by placing the melded cards face up for others to see. This action is known as ‘fulfilling the contract’. They still have to discard their other cards by playing the game.

Only after the contract gets fulfilled can a person lay off as many cards in any given turn. They can lay off on their opponent’s melds. In each round, penalty points are calculated based on the unmatched cards in hand. At the end of the 6th round, the person with the lowest points wins. 

The printed jokers used should not equal the number of players but be less by one. For example, if there are 4 players, then the number of jokers should be 3. Not all Contract Rummy games follow this rule. There are many variations to this game. 

RoundNumber of Cards DealtNumber of Cards to be UsedContract Requirement
1106Two Sets
2107One Set & One Sequence (Run)
3108Two Sequences (Runs)
4109Three Sets
51210Two Sets and One Sequence (Run)
61211One Set and Two Sequences (Runs)
71213Three Sequences (Runs); You cannot discard any card
Contract Rummy Requirements

Online Rummy FAQs

Can you earn money when you play Rummy online?

Yes, you can win money by placing real money bets in online casinos.

Is it safe to play Rummy for real money online?

You need to check the casino website and its licenses before transferring money and starting to play.

What is online Rummy?

When you play Rummy in online casinos, it is called online Rummy. Here you mostly play against the house and not real players.