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Roulette is an exciting and popular gambling game loved by players worldwide. Though it is a game of chance, the right Roulette strategy can help win it. We will explain the best seven strategies tried by most players.

If you are reading this article to learn about these winning Roulette strategies, you may already know the basics of Roulette. If not, we will talk about this first.

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What is Roulette?

European Roulette Table Layout to understand a Roulette Strategy better
European Roulette Table Layout to understand a Roulette Strategy better

In a game of Roulette, a player has to guess the number where the ball would stop. He then places a bet on the numbers, and a certain established amount of payout is done based on the type and number of bets. We are here to learn about the best Roulette strategies for winning. Before that, let us understand the ground rules of this game. 

You do not need a deck of playing cards here as it is not a card game. Roulette in French means small wheel. Hence in this game, you will find a wheel with the numbers mentioned using alternate colours and a cloth layout. In European and French Roulette, apart from the numbers 1-36, you will find a single 0 (zero) in a green pocket. In American Roulette, there are double 00 (00 & 0). While you will find three 000 in a third Roulette called the Sands Roulette, introduced by the Venetians.

The sum of the numbers of any Roulette table is 666. The French Roulette table has the wheel in the middle, with the layout spread on either side. The American Roulette table has the wheel at one end and the whole layout next to it. This table type is the most preferred by casinos as the house edge percentage is higher here. The players prefer European Roulette more.

A house edge percentage is the advantage a casino has over its players. In other words, it is the amount lost by players on their bet. The American Roulette table house edge percentage is 5.26%. The single 0 pocket in French and European Roulette tables brings down the house edge percentage to 2.7%. It is one of the main reasons European Roulette is liked by many. The triple 000 Roulette house edge percentage is 7.69%. 

There is one more type of Roulette known as Multi Wheel Roulette. In this game, a player bets on 8 eight wheels at one go. The layout, stakes and payouts are similar to European Roulette. The game is apt for those players who do not change their bets frequently.

You may wonder why Russian Roulette is not covered here. That is because it is not a game involving a Roulette wheel but a revolver that could lead to the player’s death.

How is Roulette played?

Players need to place their bets on the numbers they have guessed. They could place their bets in more than one way. You will read about the various bets and payouts in the next topic below. If the spun ball lands on the selected number, the player wins the money as per the type of bet placed. Roulette is a straightforward game with luck playing an important role. Sometimes, specific Roulette strategies could work to an extent.

Every Roulette table has a minimum and maximum bet amount a player can place on different bets. This game uses different coloured chips. Every player gets chips of a specific colour to identify their bets. The players could ask for chips of various denominations. Each denomination chip is different from other denominations. Every casino has its colour settings for different types of denomination chips.

Players can place their bets till the dealer, also known as the croupier, announces ‘no more bets.’ He will announce this usually when the spun ball falls from the track onto the wheel. After this announcement, players cannot place new bets, nor can any changes be made to the existing bets. 

After the players place their bets, the dealer will spin the wheel in one direction and spin the ball in the opposite. If the ball lands in a pocket that doesn’t match your number, you will lose the money wagered. The dealer places a marker on the winning number. This marker is called a dolly. After this, the dealer will sweep the losing bets using a rake or his hand. The winning chip remains on the layout board. He will then pay the players who have won based on their inside and outside bets. Fresh bets are allowed after this.

When a player decides to leave the game, he has to place all his remaining chips on the table and inform the croupier that he wishes to encash them. The dealer will then give regular casino chips in return. Casino chips are different from Roulette chips.

What are the different types of bets in Roulette?

The different types of bets fall into two main categories – the inside bet and the outside bet. The payouts on the outer bets are lesser than the inside bets, and the table maximums are lower for inside bets. The table below will explain the two types of bets further and where the player must place their chips on the layout to place the bet correctly. Below this table, you will find the table explaining the payout ratio for these bets.

Inside Bets

Types of Inside BetsDescriptionExamplePlacement of ChipsPayout
Single or Straight UpBet on a single number17Placed within the square of the chosen number35:1
SplitBet on two numbers next to each other, either vertically or horizontally8-11 or 2-3Placed on the shared edge standard for both the numbers17:1
StreetBet on three consecutive numbers that form a horizontal line19-20-21Placed on any one end of the line11:1
Corner or SquareBet on four numbers meeting at a common corner25-26-28-29Placed on the four numbers common meeting point8:1
Double Street or Six LineBet on six consecutive numbers that are part of two adjacent horizontal lines7-8-9-10-11-12Placed on the outer edge on either side in between the two horizontal lines5:1
TrioBet on three numbers that have to have a 00-1-2 (any layout), 0-2-3 (only for single 0 layouts), 00-2-3 (only for 00 layouts)Placed on the three numbers common meeting point 11:1
First FourBet involving a 0 and the first three numbers0-1-2-3 (only for a single 0 layout)Placed on the outer edge, common between 0-1 or 0-36:1
Basket or Top LineBet on specific five numbers 0-00-1-2-3Placed on a common outer edge shared by 0-1 or 00-36:1
Types of Inside Bets for Various Layouts

Outside Bets

Type of Outside BetsDescriptionPlacement of ChipsPayout
Colour Bet on whether the number will be of the Red or Black colour pocketPlaced on the Red or Black colour square in the outer section1:1
Even or Odd Bet on whether the winning number would be an even or an odd numberPlaced on the Even or Odd square in the outer section1:1
ColumnBet on a vertical column of 12 numbers. Placed on the outer section space below the last number (Example: 1-34 are part of one vertical column where 34 is the last number in that column)2:1
DozenBet on a chosen dozen (set of 12 digits)Placed on the 1st 12 or P12 (1-12), 2nd 12 or M12 (13-24), or the 3rd 12 or D12 (25-36) area2:1
High or LowBet on a chosen 18 numbers range Placed on 1-18 (Low bet or Manque) or 19-36 (High bet or Passe)1:1
(Rarely used)
Special Bet on 12 numbers in a zig-zag pattern like a snake pattern. Placed on 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34. The chip has to be placed on the snake’s two heads at either end or on the number 34 lower corner border.2:1
Types of Outside Bets

Outside bets do not involve specific numbers. The outside of the map of numbers has the bets placed on them at the respective spots. Colour, Even or Odd, and Hig or Low Bets are even-money bets with a 50% chance of winning. However, their payout is low.

Number Sequence of Three Different Roulette Wheels

The number sequence for the French and European Roulette tables is the same. But, it differs from that of the American and Sands Roulette tables.

The odd numbers from 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 are in the red pockets, while the even numbers are in the black pockets. The odd numbers are in black, and even numbers are in red pockets for numbers ranging from 11 to 18 and 29 to 36. You will find zero or zeroes in the green pockets.

We have mentioned the clockwise number sequence for the respective Roulette wheels below.

French & European Roulette Wheel (Single Zero Wheel):


French Roulette Table Layout
French Roulette Table Layout

American Roulette Wheel (Double Zero Wheel):

American Roulette Table Layout
American Roulette Table Layout


Sands Roulette ( Triple Zero Wheel):


Now that you have read about the various bets and table layouts, let’s read about the best bets in Roulette and then head to the Roulette strategies for which you are here.

Best Bets in Roulette

Placing the right bets can help you win and increase your bankroll. However, Roulette has no right or wrong bets as it is a game of chance. Based on the odds against winning, we have listed below three types of bets that are the best.

Even-Money Bets

This type of bet includes Red, Black, High, Low, Even and Odd bets. When you place an even-money bet, you will either win or lose the same amount. You stand a 50-50% chance of winning. The payouts may be low, but the probability is high.

For European and French Roulette, the probability of an even-money bet winning is 48.6%, while for the American one, it is 46.37%. In other words, if you bet 100 times in European Roulette, you stand a chance to win 49 times. The exact number of bets in American Roulette could give you 46 wins.

Dozen Bets

These bets involve betting on the first, second or third set of twelve numbers. You could refer to the outside bets table above. The payouts for these are 2:1. You stand a one-third chance of winning such bets. The probability in French and European Roulette is 32.43%, while in American Roulette, it is 31.58%.

Combination Bets

A split bet is an example of a combination bet where the payout is 17:1. The probability of these bets is 5.4%, but they are still better than the single-number bets. Combination bets could also be a set of 3,4,5, or 6 numbers. The chances of winning increase with the increase of numbers used in the combinations.

Though the inside and outside bets tables mentioned above will give an idea of the payouts, we will make it simpler for you by creating a separate table here explaining this.

Type of BetPayoutEuropean Roulette ProbabilityAmerican Roulette Probability
2 Number Combination Bet17:15.4%5.3%
3 Number Combination Bet11:18.1%7.9%
4 Number Combination Bet8:110.8%10.5%
5 Number Combination Bet6:113.5%13.2%
6 Number Combination Bet5:116.2%15.8%
Payouts & Probabilities in Roulette

Best Winning Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a number-guessing game that depends primarily on luck. No Roulette strategy assures a win always. Different players use different Roulette strategies. These fall into two categories of betting systems. One is the positive progressive system, and the other is the negative progressive system.

The bets placed by a player using the positive progressive system increase in size on winning a bet. The Paroli strategy is an excellent example of this. On losing a bet, the size of bets increases, In a negative progressive system. The latter is the most commonly used betting strategy. Examples of these types of systems are the Martingale strategy, the Labouchère strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, and the d’Alembert strategy. We will name the seven most popular ones here. 

The Martingale Strategy

This Martindale strategy is the most popular one. It aims to recover the player’s losses plus gain a small profit. In this Roulette strategy, after losing a bet, the next bet is doubled. And when the player wins a bet, he changes his next bet to the opposite and pays an amount equal to the initial bet. This way, the player may recover losses previously incurred and make a small profit. 

The table below will explain this strategy better. Let’s assume the player starts with an initial bet of $10.

SpinBet AmountType of BetResultProfit/Loss
The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale betting strategy is effective when played on even-money outside bets. These are Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18 (Low Bet), and 19-36 (High Bet). There are 50% chances of winning by doing so. But, please remember, its payout is the lowest 1:1. This way, you can only win the amount equal to the betted amount for that spin. 

Experienced players avoid this strategy as it means betting to win little profit or suffer huge losses. Also, every Roulette table has its betting limits. Therefore, the maximum amount of bet will be dependent on the limit. The below example assumes the table limit to be $1000 and the initial bet $20. As per the Martingale strategy, you can play only six spins because the 7th spin amount would have to be $1280, which would cross the table limit.

Spin 1Spin 2Spin 3Spin 4Spin 5Spin 6
Martingale Strategy played on a table with a set limit of $1000

The Grand Martingale Strategy

This strategy is known as the ‘double up to catch up’ strategy. Just like the martingale strategy, it aims at increasing the wager amount to recover the losses. This type of strategy requires you to play even money bets. Every time a player wins a bet, he repeats the bet until he loses one. When this happens, he will double his next bet amount and add a unit that equals his initial bet amount until he wins. This additional unit could help him recover his losses faster. But it could also increase the stakes. Let us understand this using the below table. The initial bet amount here is $10.

SpinBet AmountType of BetResultProfit/Loss
1$10 Initial BetRedLose$10
2$30 (2x Previous Bet + Initial Bet) RedLose$40
3$70 (2x Previous Bet + Initial Bet)RedLose$110
4$150 (2x Previous Bet + Initial Bet)RedLose$260
5$310 (2x Previous Bet + Initial Bet)RedLose$570
6$630 (2x Previous Bet + Initial Bet)RedWin$690
7$10 (Initial Bet)RedWin$680
The Grand Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale or the Paroli Strategy

Some call this the Anti-Martingale strategy. According to mathematical historians Blaise Pascal, the French Mathematician, improved this four-centuries-old mathematical code. He also designed the Roulette wheel. The name Paroli was obtained from the Latin word ‘par’, meaning ‘one who is equal to’.

Using this Roulette strategy, you let your stake be the same instead of doubling the bet amount after losing a bet. Only on winning a bet will you double the amount for your next bet. And when you lose, you go back to the initial bet amount. Also, after you win three consecutive bets, you do not have to raise the stake or bet amount. This strategy prefers tables with low minimum and high maximum bets.

We have explained this Roulette strategy using an initial bet of $10 in the table below.

SpinBet AmountType of BetResultProfit/Loss
1High Bet$10Lose-$10
2High Bet$10Win$10
3High Bet$20Win$30
4High Bet$40Win$70
5High Bet$80Win$150
6High Bet$10Lose$140
7High Bet$10Win$150
The Paoli Strategy

This strategy aims to double the stake amount for three consecutive winning spins. The original stake amount is used for the next bet when this happens. 

For this Roulette strategy to succeed, you need to win in a row to recover your losses, make a profit, and quit. There is a higher risk of losing all your earnings when you lose a bet.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci is one of the safest and less aggressive betting strategies compared to the Martingale strategy. It is a negative progression betting system which follows the famous Fibonacci number sequence invented by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. The number sequence looks like this:


This Roulette strategy could start with any other number than 1. Starting with a lower bet is advisable as it will help reduce your losses. Even money bets are used here, as using the single number bet with this strategy could be risky. So how do you use this strategy in Roulette?

First, we will explain how the sequence works. The following number is the sum of the previous two numbers in a Fibonacci sequence. When you apply this in Roulette, for every loss, you will have to move to the following number, which will be the sum of your previous two bets. And, if you win, you roll two steps behind and bet using that number. Remember, the stake amount will remain the same for the initial two rounds or spins. We will explain this below using a table.

SpinType of BetBet AmountResultProfit/Loss
The Fibonacci Strategy

The number of wins decides the success rate of the Fibonacci Strategy. Though you may have to bet more each time you lose, the winning amount will be higher when you win a bet. This strategy helps you quickly cover your losses and win some money or break even.

Labouchère Strategy

This negative progressive betting system is also known as split Martingale or the cancellation system. Even money bets have to be played to use this Roulette strategy. We will explain this strategy using a few steps.

  1. The player has to decide his goal before starting to play. Once he has determined the amount he wants to win, he needs to divide this number into smaller numbers randomly. For example, he wants to earn $15 and splits this number further into 1,2,3,4,1,3,1. This sequence of numbers is essential for playing the game.
  2. Next, the player must add extreme left and right numbers. The sum of these two numbers is 1+1=2. Hence $2 is the stake amount.
  3. You could bet on any even money bet. The bet could be on red, black, even, odd, high or low bet.
  4. If the player wins the bet of $2, he must erase the extreme left and right numbers from the sequence list. He could do this by crossing them out. The new number sequence would look like 2,3,4,1,3. He must add the extreme left and right numbers to play further. This time the sum would be 2+3=5. $5 would be the next bet amount.
  5. If the player loses his bet, the number sequence is not touched. But, the lost bet number 5 gets added on the extreme right of the number sequence, which will look like 2,3,4,1,3, 5. The game will continue this way until all the sequence numbers have got eliminated or crossed. The aim is to help the player reach his set goal. 
11,2,3,4,1,3,11+1= $2Lose-$2
21,2,3,4,1,3,1,21+2= $3Lose-$5
31,2,3,4,1,3,1,2,31+3= $4Win$3
42,3,4,1,3,1,22+2= $4Win$11
53,4,1,3,13+1= $4Win$19
64,1,34+3= $7Lose$5
74,1,3,74+7= $11Win$27
81,31+3= $4Win$35
The Labouchère Strategy used on even money bets

The D’Alembert Strategy

Named after the French mathematician Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, this Roulette strategy uses a part of the Martingale strategy. It is also used on even money bets and is a negative progressive betting system.

Every player must increase the next bet amount when he loses a bet. However, the new bet amount doesn’t have to be double the previous bet. Only one unit needs to b added to the previous bet. The player has to decide the unit base amount before the game starts. This pattern continues till the player wins a bet. After which, the next bet amount gets reduced by one unit. 

The below table will explain this more clearly. Let’s assume the unit amount is $1 with the bets placed on Odd numbers. 

SpinBet AmountResultProfit/Loss
The D’Alembert Strategy

James Bond Strategy

This progressive betting system requires you to play a combination of three different fixed bets, which will cover most of the outcomes. 25 of 37 numbers get covered in this Roulette strategy, meaning the winning chances are 67.6%. The bet amount has to be divided into three proportions depending on the type of bet. These three types of bets are high bets (19-36), six-line bets (13-18), and zero bets (0). Using American Roulette, the zero bets, you could place a split bet between 0 and 00.

You can win only one of the three bets at any given time. If the winning number is anywhere between 1-12, you lose the entire bet amount. The chances of winning for each of these bets are as follows:

Type of BetsEuropean Roulette
American Roulette
High Bet48.60%47.40%
Six Line Bet16.2%15.8%
Zero Bet2.70%2.60%
Chances of winning the bets

The percentage of bets from the total bet amount for each type of bet is 70% for the high bet, 25% for the line bet, and 5% for the zero bet. The table below will make this more straightforward for you. Let us assume the total bet amount is $200. Also, note that this strategy is similar to the Martingale strategy when losing a bet. You would have to double the wager on losing a bet.

Type of BetNumbers IncludedBet %Bet
Payout RatioProfit
High Bet19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,
(18 numbers)
70%$1401:1 = $280
Six Line
(6 numbers)
25%$505:1 = $250
Zero Bet0
(single number)
5%$1035:1 = $350
The James Bond Strategy

Things to Remember in Roulette

We play a game to win it. And not all players can win the same game together. Hence some players will lose while some will win. Games are fun. Only when you keep playing, irrespective of the losses incurred, that it becomes an addiction. Addiction can be dangerous. It is better to back out after you experience a losing streak or after you have experienced a winning streak. There is no guarantee of a sure win in Roulette. None of the strategies used in Roulette can guarantee definite success. But you could play smartly and win if luck is in your favour. For this, you need to:

  • Find a genuine and safe site to play Roulette.
  • Choose the type of Roulette game you wish to play.
  • If you are a beginner, search for free sites that will let you play for free and practice.
  • Many online casinos offer free bonuses. You could collect these bonuses after paying the required deposit amount and play using the bonus amount until you feel confident. The rewards do come with a time limit.
  • Every casino has its wagering requirements. Do read this when you register on a site.
  • Pay the required deposit and place your first bet.
  • Start with a small wager.
  • A good bankroll is needed to play most of the above Roulette strategies.
  • No strategy can change or affect the house edge.
  • On any win or loss, increase or decrease the amount of the next bet based on the strategy you are using.
  • Keep a check on your bankroll. Do not borrow money to play.
  • Know when to leave the table.


Is Roulette a game of chance or skill?

Roulette is a game of chance though some players depend on certain Roulette strategies.

Why is Roulette called a devil’s game?

The sum of all the numbers in Roulette is 666. This number is considered the ’number of the beast’.

Which is the safest Roulette strategy?

Fibonacci is the safest Roulette strategy that uses the famous Fibonacci number sequence.

How many numbers exist in Roulette?

The European Roulette wheel has numbers from 0-36, and the American Roulette wheel has from 00,0-36.

What is a dolly?

The marker used by the dealer is called a dolly.

Who is a croupier?

The dealer in Roulette is also known as a croupier.

What is a house edge?

The house edge is the advantage the casino has over its players. A casino has a higher advantage when the house edge percentage is higher.

Which Roulette game is the most preferred worldwide?

European Roulette has a house edge lower than the American one. It has a single zero, which helps bring the house edge down. Hence it is the most preferred Roulette game.

What is the best bet in Roulette?

Bets placed on single numbers have a payout of 35:1. The chances of winning such an inside bet are lower than the outside bets. However, the payout is more.

What is a ‘call’ bet?

When a player places a bet on the table without wagering any amount, it is called a ‘call’ bet. In other words, it means gambling on a credit basis. This type of bet is rare and illegal in most jurisdictions.

Can you predict Roulette spins?

Observing the dealer’s signature may sometimes help you predict where the ball would land on the wheel. This is also called sector slicing. According to this theory, the dealer may land the ball in the same numbers because of his spinning style.

What happens when the ball lands on zero in Roulette?

All the players lose their money if the ball lands on zero. Unless a player placed a bet on zero. This player would get a payout of 35:1

Which is the most popular Roulette strategy?

Many players use the Martingale strategy.

Can you win using a Roulette strategy?

Roulette is purely a game of chance. Specific strategies may help win money, but they depend on luck.

Which is the highest payout in Roulette?

Single number bets, including the 0, pay 35:1.

Which bets are safest to play?

Even money bets like even, odd, high, low, red, and black are safest to play. Their payout is low, but their probability is higher.