Play Double Ball Roulette for Real Money

Play an exciting version of Roulette and get a double chance of winning.

Double Ball Roulette involves two balls spun simultaneously on a Roulette wheel.

A double ball game can lead to double chances of winning.

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Table of Contents

What is Double Ball Roulette?

Roulette is a popular casino game. The two most commonly used Roulette wheels are the European Roulette wheel and the American Roulette wheel. 

The main difference between these two wheels is the zero pockets. You have one zero pocket in European Roulette, while you have two zero pockets-0, & 00 in American Roulette. 

Players need to bet on the numbers they think the ball will land on the wheel. The dealer spins the wheel, and the winner gets paid if the ball lands on his selected number/colour. 

In land casinos, players get to shoot the balls using a remote. The two balls follow each other and do not run alongside each other. They can land on the same number at times.

Double Roulette is a version of basic Roulette but with a twist. Two balls are used on the wheel instead of one. And the outside bet has an extra box with the colour red and black in it together.

The bet types are almost the same. However, their payout isn’t. This is because the two balls give a double chance of winning. 

Double Ball Roulette at Binion's
Double Ball Roulette at Binion’s

We will discuss the various bets and their payouts later in this article.

Double Roulette can be played on European and American Roulette wheels. This game can be played in land casinos, online, mobile apps, and live. 

Double Ball Roulette Bets & Payouts

Players can place inside and outside bets, like in European and American Roulette, along with some additional bets.

The payouts differ because of the zero pockets and the double balls used. 

Our introductory Roulette article will shed more light on Roulette rules and strategies.

Bet Types

  1. Outside Bets: Since two balls are used in Double Ball Roulette, both balls should land on the bet area for outside bets. For example, you place your bet on Even, and one ball lands on an Even number while the other lands on an Odd number. You will lose the bet as both balls needed to land on Even numbers for you to win. 
  2. Inside Bets: Any one ball should land on your selected number for inside bets. The payout doubles if the balls land on two selected numbers.
  3. Double Ball Jackpot Bet: You can qualify for a Double Ball Jackpot payout when both balls land on one selected number (including 0, and 00). This purely depends on the casino rules. A Double Ball Jackpot payout is 1300:1 for the live Double Ball Roulette. For automated games, it is 1200:1.  
  4. Call Bets: When playing Double Ball Roulette on a European Roulette wheel, you can also place call bets. For this, you need to place bets in the racetrack layout.
  5. Five Number Bets: In Double Ball Roulette, you can only place a five-number bet (0, 00, 1, 2, and 3) when using an American Roulette wheel.
  6. Red & Black Bets: There is an additional bet in the Double Ball Roulette table layout. You will find a circle with the colour red and black inside it. This is placed between the outside bets Red, and Black. You can place a bet on Red as well as Black pockets. You win if one ball lands in the Red pocket and the other in the Black pocket. The payout is 1:1 here.
  7. Any Seven Number Bets: We also have encountered another bet called the Any Seven Number bet. Players do not have to mention which number among the seven numbers the balls will land on. It is similar to a Double Ball Jackpot. When both the balls land on one of the seven numbers, the winner gets paid 35:1.

Payout Table for Different Bets

Inside Bets

Inside BetsSingle Ball PayoutDouble Ball PaYout
Double Ball Roulette Inside Bets Payouts Table

Outside Bets

To win, both balls have to land on the wheel that represents the selected outside bet area.

Outside BetsPayout
Double Ball Roulette Outside Bets Payout Table

Double Ball Roulette Variations

Most popular games have variations and so does Double Ball Roulette. We will name a couple of them here.

Double Action Roulette

Instead of using two balls in this game, two identical sets of numbers are used on the Roulette wheel.

Rest of the game rules are almost similar to that of the Double Ball Roulette.

Live Double Ball Roulette

Evolution is the only company that offers live Double Roulette using the single zero pocket wheel. The table layout has the outside bets highlighted in gold. Even the racetrack is highlighted in gold.

When the two balls land on one selected number, the Double Ball Jackpot payout is 1300:1. The RTP (Return to Player) being 97.30%, the House Edge is 2.70%.

Double Ball Roulette FAQs

What is a Double Ball Roulette?

In Double Ball Roulette, two balls are used on the wheel. After the dealer shoots the balls, they can land in two different pockets or sometimes in the same one.

Which Roulette Wheel is used for Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette can be played on the European as well as the American Roulette Wheel.

Are there live Double Ball Roulette games?

As of now only Evolution offers a live Double Roulette game that uses the European Roulette Wheel.

How can I win Double Ball Roulette?

You can place Inside, Outside, and Call bets in Double Ball Roulette. You stand a double chance of winning when you play Inside bets. The payout is halved though for Inside bets.