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IMPS/UPI casinos are highly visible in India. Indian players are keen users of both the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) and the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for many reasons, with speed and ease of use being key credentials. And casino operators that market their wares across the Indian sub-continent are only happy to indulge the preferences of local slots and table game fans.



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Several apps have been linked to IMPS/UPI networks in recent years, with Astropay. Google Pay and Skrill interfaces are embedded within local payment infrastructures. Given this trend, we have scoured the market to seek out the best sites that accept deposits via IMPS/UPI so that you don’t have to do the leg work. Among this list are many legends of the casino industry that are only happy to provide superior levels and bonuses to match. Read on for more details.

The Popularity of IMPS/UPI Casinos

UPI is technically a banking system instead of a firm, but this has not stopped over 350 of India’s most decorated banks from aligning with the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app that allows financial transfers via UPI. 

Although UPI is primarily aimed at Indian consumers, this is not exclusively the case. Due to the prevalence of Indian ex-pats in several Middle Eastern, European and Asian countries, it has become essential for the UPI system to evolve and expand. UPI easily be accessed in a wide spread of countries from Bhutan, Nepal, and Singapore, through to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and leading European economies, such as the United Kingdom (UK).

At the time of writing, it is estimated that nearly 300 million people use UPI regularly, with the value of this creation by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) approaching IR 500 crores. 

Although two distinct entities, UPI and IMPS are often used interchangeably and for a good reason. Both services complete the same task by transferring digital payments across India and worldwide. Still, in some ways, IMPS and UPI have distinctive qualities. 

One of the first factors you might pick up about IMPS is the technology it draws on to complete payments. IMPS relies on NETF technology to move assets from a to b. This system is a little restrictive as it requires both the sender and receiver to hold accounts with Indian-based banks and for both parties to reside in India. This is a sticking point regarding IMPS use for casino deposits. 

Online gambling in India is still largely unregulated, so most casino content providers are based outside India. Where this is the case, it is often difficult to complete IMPS transfers. However, this is not an issue for the users of UPI.

UPI is much more internationally focused. You only need a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) to complete payment using UPI. Has VPAs can be issued once a valid ID has been produced. Businesses and consumers anywhere in the world can log in to the network.

Because of this flexibility, nearly all casinos that seek to serve Indian slots and table game players now list UPI-linked apps among their lists of acceptable banking formats.

The Pros and Cons of IMPS/UPI Casinos

IMPS/UPI casinos are widely available across India, but what aspects of these sites should you consider signing up for one of these interesting prospects? Let’s take a look at the plus side first.

  • Universal – given the popularity of both IMPS and UPI with online consumers in India, you can find a lot of casino outlets that accept IMPS and UPI deposits. This breadth of choice is always positive as it gives fans of IMPS/UPI a chance to invest in a casino where heightened levels of customer service and bonuses are always delivered.
  • Connectivity – UPI is an intriguing prospect for any discerning casino fan, and one reason for this is its relationship with other key payment providers. UPI acts as a portal, so you can use Google Pay or Paytm while using the IMPS/UPI apps. Such flexibility is ideal for roulette, blackjack, or baccarat fans operating close to deposit limits on one of these options.
  • Instant – if you have ever sent a casino deposit by bank transfer, you will be well aware of the tick-tock feeling that arises when something takes far longer than it should. You will never suffer this pain when you deposit with IMPS/UPI, as transactions completed through the United Payment Interface do so within seconds. 
  • Withdrawal Options – one of the potential pitfalls of any payment method is when it comes in a one-way format. You might find a method that is the don of deposits or wicked at withdrawals, but if it cannot complete two-way transfers, this tends to mean extra effort or fees are required. You will never find this problem when you select the IMPS/UPI option at your favourite online casino. Withdrawals can be made using UPI at all participating casinos, with payouts being finalised in as little as four hours. 

Of course, you should always consider the downsides of any payment method before you decide to use it for online gambling. 

  • Payment Service Provider Issues – UPI is generally a solid funding route for any Indian casino fan. Still, it does occasionally have the occasional technical glitch. Because of the inconsistent regulatory situation regarding online betting in India, problems are sometimes created for UPI transfers. Some banks attempt to block transfers when UPI payments are sent to offshore betting firms. But, more often than not, this is not an issue most players encounter. 
  • Country Restrictions – largely focused on the Indian financial industry, IMPS/UPI payment services are unavailable in some countries. Still, the reach of this service continues to expand year after year, with Bhutan, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) among the key adopters of this technology.
  • Check Universal
  • Check Highly Connective
  • Check Instant
  • Cross Payment Service Provider Issues
  • Cross Country Restrictions

IMPS/UPI Payment Methods Comparison Table

Payment MethodMin Deposit (INR)Max Deposit (INR)Deposit Fees (INR)Withdrawal Fees (INR)Deposit Speed
Instadebit5005000000Free2002 – 5 Days
Bank Transfer5005000000FreeFree1 – 5 Days
Bitcoin0.0001 BCH0.5 BCHFreeFreeInstant
Ethereum0.01 ETH0.5 ETHFreeFreeInstant
Litecoin 0.01 LTC0.5 LTCFreeFreeInstant
MasterCard (Debit & Credit)5005000000FreeFreeInstant
Much Better500500000FreeFreeInstant
Ripple5 XRP500 XRPFreeFreeInstant
Visa (Debit & Credit)5005000000FreeFreeInstant
Google Pay 500500000FreeFreeInstant
Payment Methods at Indian Casinos

Making Withdrawals from IMPS/UPI Casinos

One of the biggest upsides of IMPS/UPI casinos is that deposits and withdrawals with this option are easy to program. 

By following six simple steps, your casino winnings can be sat in an account of your choice within just four hours. 

  1. Sign in to your favourite IMPS/UPI casino platform and open the “my account” tab. This will usually be located towards the top corner of the home screen or as one of the available options in the drop-down menu at the side of any screen.
  2. Search for the banking section and click on the “withdrawals” choice
  3. Select the IMPS or the UPI option 
  4. Type in the amount that you wish to withdraw
  5. Click on the “withdrawals” button to confirm your request 
  6. Input your unique UPI ID and complete all actions as requested
  7. Sit and wait

It is advised that UPI withdrawals can be with you within four hours. However, please allow 48 hours for completing transactions before chasing up any outstanding requests.

Playing at IMPS/UPI Casinos in Unregulated Markets

The regulation of the global online casino industry is decidedly patchy, a feature that sometimes creates issues for players in countries where the legalities that surround virtual gambling have yet to be formalised. 

In essence, the iGaming industry is still in its infancy. And, as was the case in previous industrial revolutions, different countries have taken different amounts of time to come to terms with this new phenomenon.

Some countries, such as the United Kingdom (UKGC) and Malta (MGA), have become leaders in defining the responsibilities of all stakeholders where online casino play is concerned. 

Protections put in place by these esteemed organisations mean that player deposits are ringfenced from general funds, fair terms and conditions are enforced, and dubious practices such as credit funding and withdrawal reversals have been outlawed. 

However, these protections are by no means universally enforced. 

There are many reasons for the patchwork quilt of regulations currently abound in the global casino sector. Many of these are cultural or religious. Societal barriers such as these mean that gambling is still viewed dimly in some jurisdictions, and because of this opinion, a settled legal status on web-based gambling is yet to be arrived at. 

This situation means that casino players in unregulated markets must be careful in choosing the betting establishments that they frequent. 

At, we would always advise fans of Craps, Poker, and alternative table games to only play at casinos that have been in business for a significant period and who have an impressive reputation. 

Once you have found a casino that meets your needs, you can focus on important matters, such as bonuses and software

  • Welcome Bonuses – if you have located an IMPS/UPI casino with fair rules and keep your details safe, their approach to bonuses can inform your investments. As a loss leader, Welcome Bonuses are commonly the biggest promos that your casino will offer. Deals can run into six-figure sums as casinos compete to land your custom. If you have yet to experience a welcome deal at close quarters, they all tend to come to market with similar characteristics. These include bonus credits linked to deposits, wagering terms, and game contribution amounts. Welcome promos come in up to four parts. You will receive a bonus, and potentially free spins, every time you transfer more money so long as it meets minimum requirements. The trick to these schemes is to turn the bonus cash into withdrawable money. You can do this by gambling these credits multiple times. Individual firms set this rate. No-wagering sites allow you to cash out credits immediately. Unfortunately, finding such an outlet is little like hunting down a mythical Yeti. Alternatively, low-wagering platforms ask that you play through your credits 35x before any winnings become payable. A high number of casinos that our experts recommend meet this ideal. Game-based contribution rates complicate the chase to turn bonus credits into spendable cash. 100% of all bets placed on participating slots count towards requirements. However, this can drop to 10% for roulette, blackjack, and baccarat variants.
  • Software – we all want the best when purchasing goods and services, so it stands to reason that casinos that market slots and live casino content from the best software providers are well worth a visit. Of course, deciding which software firm is at the industry’s pinnacle is a subjective task. Still, if a casino hosts live games from Evolution Gaming and Playtech or slots from Gameburger Studios, IGT, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil, you will likely be playing at a classy establishment. Games from these experts include stunning soundtracks, groovy graphics, and fabulous features, making any session a joy to experience.

Staying Safe When Depositing at IMPS/UPI

Progress within the digital payments sector in India shows little sign of abating. This is great news for key players like IMPS and UPI but also leaves unsuspecting users at risk of online harm. 

As the weight of transactions increases, so too does the number of fraudsters willing to scam others out of their virtual assets. However, by following just a few recommended practices, you can always ensure that your money is protected and your identity is kept safe. 

  1. Keep your financial information secret – we all know that we shouldn’t be sharing our passwords for sensitive accounts, but this does not stop many of us from sharing equally important information daily. This can include debit card PINs, CVV numbers, or security answers for banking apps. None of this should be revealed to anyone, as public knowledge can give fraudsters a headstart in relieving you of your cash. 
  2. Confirm your IMPS/UPI ID – leading banks have recently released statements to warn about the growth in fake UPI IDs. You should always ensure that these are correct before paying any money online.
  3. Never input your UPI ID for receipts – scammers have been known to request UPI IDs from unsuspecting vendors as part of a fraudulent transfer. If you are receiving payment, it is never necessary to provide this information. 
  4. Be suspicious of unsolicited contact – several recent scams have been completed due to fraudulent Know Your Customer (KYC) requests. These calls and emails ask for details that can assist scammers in gaining access to their UPI accounts. Never pass on details to unknown agents…