MONOPOLY Live by Evolution Game Review

MONOPOLY Live is a fascinating game using a giant spinning wheel and the Monopoly board game. This game is part of the Dreamcatcher series by Evolution Gaming. The wheel segments include numbers and bonus rounds – Chance, 2 Rolls, And 4 Rolls – where you can win up to $500,000. Whether you win or not, you will surely enjoy playing this highly entertaining game, especially the augmented reality bonus games, where the 3D Mr. Monopoly walks the squares on your behalf.


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Game Details

Evolution unveiled MONOPOLY Live first at the ICE 2019 convention in association with Hasbro. It, along with the Crazy Time casino game, is part of Evolution Gaming’s Dreamcatcher series.

The game features a spinning wheel, a live dealer/game host, and Mr Monopoly, who sits to the side of the wheel. The bonus round plays out as an augmented reality 3D version of the Monopoly board game.

The MONOPOLY Live spinning wheel has 54 segments containing numbers- 1, 2, 5, and 10, and three bonus segments- Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls. Players need to guess where the wheel’s flapper will stop. If a player places a bet on a number, the payout will be equivalent to that number. For example, if you place a bet on number 2, and win the bet, you will be paid 2 times your bet along with your original bet amount.

The table below will highlight how many segments are allocated to each number and bonus game.

Segment TypeNumber of Segments
2 Rolls3
4 Rolls1

MONOPOLY Live Wheel Segments

How to Play MONOPOLY Live

  • Deposit money in your casino account and select the game.
  • Wait for a new game to begin and place your bets.
  • If you win a number bet, you will get paid as per that number multiplier.
  • If you win a Chance card bet, Mr Monopoly will give you a bonus multiplier or a cash amount.
  • If you win a 2 Rolls or a 4 Rolls bet, you get to play the bonus game where you can earn many multipliers and lose some.
  • You can continue playing or leave the game once the game round ends.

MONOPOLY Live Bonus Rounds

Chance Bonus Round

The Chance Card with a Multiplier in MONOPOLY Live

If the wheel stops on the Chance segment, the virtual Mr Monopoly will give you a Chance card. This card could either help you win a random cash amount or bonus multipliers. If you win a bonus multiplier, all players’ bets are used again for the next spin, and the winning number will apply to the outcome. However, if a multiplier shows up again, the previous multiplier will be multiplied with the new one and then applied to the winnings on the following spin.

2 Rolls, & 4 Rolls Bonus Games

You get to play the bonus game if you win a 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls bet. You must have bet on these bonus rounds in order to participate and win. Otherwise, you can only be a spectator. Two dice are rolled 2 or 4 times based on the bonus card you placed your bets on.

The table below will tell you the payout for the various bets and their probabilities.

Segment TypePayoutProbability
ChanceCash Amount/Multiplier1.86%
2 RollsBonus Game5.55%
4 RollsBonus Game1.86%

MONOPOLY Live Payout & Probability Table

The bonus game opens up to an augmented reality 3D Monopoly board game with Mr Monopoly moving on the squares as per the outcome of the two dice rolls.

There are different squares on the board. Some have multipliers, while some deduct your bonus winnings. At the beginning of the game, random houses and hotels are built that further increase any winnings. We have listed the payout/outcome of some of the squares in the table below.

Monopoly Board SquarePayout/Outcome
Property SquareCash Prizes
Free Parking SquareCash Prizes
Railways SquareCash Prizes
Utilities SquareCash Prizes
Income Tax SquareFee of 10%
Supertax SquareFee of 20%
Go to JailMr Monopoly can come out of the ‘Jail’ after a double roll of the dice
Pass GoAn extra dice roll
Community ChestCash Prize/Fee
ChanceCash Prize/Fee

Monopoly Board Squares & their Outcomes/Payouts

Review Summary and Similar Games like Monopoly Live

MONOPOLY Live is a very entertaining game with an RTP of 96.23%. Unlike Crazy Time, you are not completely dependent on an RNG machine. The dice rolls give a different feel to the game. Your bet choice can give you a multiplier or qualify you for a bonus game. It is very easy to play Monopoly Live.

Evolution Gaming has made this game interesting using the virtual Mr Monopoly and the popular Monopoly board game. They’ve done an excellent job incorporating as many features that resemble the physical board game, making this game fun to play. MONOPOLY Live is exclusive to Evolution-powered casinos, and the developer has released MONOPOLY Big Baller that combines the Monopoly theme with the bingo-style gaming of Mega Ball.

MONOPOLY Live Game Review FAQ

Can you play MONOPOLY Live at the casinos?

Yes, many online casinos offer this game in the live dealer section. You can enjoy an authentic live casino atmosphere mixed with the augmented reality elements of the bonus game.

Can you play MONOPOLY Live for real money?

MONOPOLY Live is playable for real money only. Register at a legit casino offering this game. After depositing money in your casino account, you can play right away.

What is a Bonus Game round in MONOPOLY Live?

When a player wins a bet on a bonus card – 2 Rolls, or 4 Rolls, they get to play the bonus game involving an augmented reality 3D Monopoly Board, two dice, and a virtual Mr Monopoly.