Money Drop Live Game Review

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the popular UK TV game show, The 100k Drop, Playtech provides a similar game experience with Money Drop Live. At first glance, it may look like any other wheel game, where you play to win multipliers and take the payout. But in this game, keeping the earned multipliers is difficult with the Money Drop round. At the beginning of every game round, the boosters could let you have two safe zones or double the multipliers. This could lead to a max win of 5000x easily. Your winnings depend on the choices you make and your luck.


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Money Drop Live Game Details

Playtech launched Money Drop Live in 2021. This game show has a live dealer and a wheel with 54 segments consisting of multipliers, a Money Drop round, and a bonus game called Card Clash.

At the beginning of each game round, a booster could add 2x to the multipliers or you could get an extra safe zone for the money drop round. The Card Clash bonus game doesn’t benefit from these boosters.

There are seven multiplier bets and one bonus game. In total, there are eight betting options. The multiplier bets lead to the Money Drop rounds when the wheel lands on them. The minimum bet you can place is ₹20, and the maximum is ₹6 Lakhs.

8x Quick Drop, 15x One Drop, 30x One Drop, 100x Two Drop, 250x Two Drop, 1000x Three Drop, and 2500x Three Drop occupy 51 wheel segments, while the Card Clash game occupies the rest 3 segments.

Money Drop Live Bonus Features

Money Drop Round

Money Drop Bonus Round in Money Drop Live

The Money Drop round gets activated on winning a multiplier bet. Four zones, A, B, C, and D, are in a Money Drop round. You have to fill any or all of the zones with your money.

The multiplier money won in the main game round decides how many drop rounds you get to play. The 8x multiplier is a Quick Drop round where you only have to put the money in one zone. For the other multipliers, you can put the money in all zones.

You have to guess the zone that you think will not get dropped. Three zones get dropped by the system to reveal the winning zone. If you win this round, you go to the next drop round. If you lose, you can watch till the end and take advantage of side bets in Card Clash.

The Card Clash Bonus Game

Unlike the Drop round, which is an RNG game, this is a live ‘table’ game. When you win a bet on this segment, the dealer moves to a card table with a pink and a blue side. There are three rounds in this mini game.

The dealer shuffles a deck of 52 playing cards and pulls two cards aside, placing one face up on the pink side and the other on the blue. The higher card side wins, with Ace being the highest and 2 being the lowest.

The payout for 1 win is 5x, 2 wins 15x, and 3 wins 95x. In case of a tie, both sides get paid 5x each. And if there are three consecutive ties, each side will get 1000x.

Winning Zone Side Bet

Apart from the eight betting options, you can play a Winning Zone side bet. You should not have an active main game bet to play this bet. Losers and watchers are welcome to play this side bet.

To place the bet, you must place the chip on any one Drop Zone. You win 2.9:1 for one zone and 0.95:1 for two zones.

How to Play Money Drop Live?

  • After registering with the casino and depositing money in your casino account, wait for a new game round to begin.
  • Place a bet on one or all of the eight betting options by clicking the Bet On All button. You could choose Auto Play to bet a set amount on all options for a particular number of game rounds.
  • Boosters get applied to the multiplier bets after all bets have been placed, before the live dealer spins the wheel.
  • The live dealer spins the wheel and announces the spin result. If you fail to place a bet on time, you can still watch the game.
  • If you win a multiplier bet, you are taken to the Money Drop round screen.
  • You have to allocate any money you’ve won to the four zones and choose a zone you think will stay safe. If you fail to do so, the system will allocate it for you.
  • Three zones get eliminated, leaving only one as the safe one. If you guessed it right, you win whatever remains in that safe zone.
  • If you win a Card Crash game, you win if your side gets the higher card. We have explained this in detail in the above section.
  • Once you get paid or lose your round, you can play further or leave the game.

During the Money Drop Rounds, the system can decide if you need help deciding how to distribute the money in the different zones. For this, you must select the Auto Stack button. You only need to determine the number of Drop Zones you want the money to be allocated to, and the system will distribute it as evenly as possible.

You can chat with the dealer and other players using Live Chat.

Money Drop Live Game Review Summary

Money Drop Live Game is an exciting and tricky game with an RTP between 96.01% to 96.62%. You can win big multipliers on a decent bet, but you must try to keep them till the Drop round ends. The boosters help by giving an extra safe zone or by doubling your multipliers so you could win a max of 5000x. What you finally win purely depends on the choices you make. The initial bet doesn’t get returned here.

You could play safe by placing a bet on all the options, with an increased bet on 8x and 15x. This way, you at least stand a chance of making a little profit rather than nothing. Also, filling all the zones in the Money Drop Round is a safe strategy that guarantees a win, if only a small one.

If you get selective in placing your money in a few zones, you’ll be taking a higher risk which could leave you with a much higher payout if you win. The in-game statistics can also give you some information on previous game round results. Players who enjoy the challenge this game offers can try Adventures Beyond Wonderland, still by Playtech, or Crazy Coin Flip from Evolution.

Money Drop Live game FAQs

How is Money Drop Live different from other Wheel games?

In Money Drop Live, you can earn multipliers easily but must try hard to keep them until the last round. Unlike other money wheel games, this game is played in reverse. In other money wheel games, you simply earn the multiplier and get the payout.

How does a Money Drop Live work?

In Money Drop Live, the live dealer spins the wheel after all bets are placed and the boosters are allocated. If the wheel lands on the Card Clash segment, the dealer shuffles the deck of 52 playing cards and distributes one card on the pink and one on the blue side. This continues for three rounds. If the wheel lands in a multiplier segment, the game proceeds to the Money Drop rounds based on the multiplier. The 8x multiplier has a Quick Drop Round.

What is a Money Drop Round?

Money Drop is a mini game triggered when you win a multiplier bet in the Money Drop Live game. On the screen you will notice 4 zones marked A, B, C, and D each. You have to place your money in one or all of these zones and hope they will not get eliminated. You take whatever is left in your selected safe zone at the end of the game rounds.