Play Ludo Online With Real Money At These Casinos

If you are a champ in Ludo and want to play a more exciting game, you could play Ludo online for real cash. Playing Ludo online is simple. If you know the basic game rules, there is no turning back.

Even beginners can benefit from playing online Ludo by playing the available free versions. We have listed the best online casinos for you here. You could check their various bonuses and offers before finalising the casino.


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What is online Ludo?

When you play Ludo with real money, you can play the game from anywhere using your laptop or mobile phone. And if you are playing for real cash, the game becomes all the more exciting. Who doesn’t like winning money?

To understand what online Ludo is, you first need to know the basic Ludo board game rules. Our Ludo guide will give you in-depth information about the history and rules of Ludo.

Most of the rules are the same as in the basic Ludo board game, with a few variations. We have listed them below:

  • You can start the game when you roll 4 or 6 on the die. The classic game needs you to roll only a 6 to get your tokens out from the yard to the start point.
  • The online Ludo board has multipliers placed in a few of the squares. For example, you will find multipliers 1x, 2x, 3x, and 8x unlike the classic Ludo board game played in person offline. The multipliers are marked inside the stars present on the board. These multipliers can help you win more money. We will explain this in the next topic below.
  • The online Ludo board also has a skull, one in each column. Landing on a skull can send a player’s token / pawn back to their home yard. And the player must roll a 4 or 6 on the die to get the token to the starting point.
  • You can place bets by clicking the chips of a particular value before starting the game. When you place bets using your money, you also stand a chance to win real money in return. Read further to understand how betting works when you play Ludo online.

How are Bets Placed?

Placing bets in Ludo online is different from other online casino games. Before the game starts, select the bet amount you wish to place on every turn. You can choose the bet amount by selecting the chip value on your screen’s left side of the Ludo board. The bet amount will be converted to your currency and displayed on the right corner of the screen. 

After you roll the die, the betting begins. However, at the start of the game, the bet gets placed if you roll a 4 or 6 only. Once your token has reached the starting point, you bet for every turn, irrespective of the number you roll on the die. 

You cannot change the bet amount unless you start a new game. To do this, you can select the New Game button on the right side of the Ludo board. After this, you can choose the new chip value and begin playing the new game. 

There are limits placed on the bet amounts. Every online casino has its own rules around it. Some casinos let you bet a minimum of ₹10 and a maximum of ₹500 per turn. The set limit safeguards you and your money. Online games can be addictive, and you can lose track of time and money once you get engrossed in the game. A betting limit saves you from going overboard and emptying your bankroll.

How do You Win Money in Ludo Online?

The multipliers placed in the squares on the Ludo board help you earn 1x, 2x, 3x, and even 8x your bet amount when your token lands on them. For example, if your bet/stake amount is ₹50, and your pawn / token lands on a star that has a 2x multiplier written on it, you win ₹100 (50 x 2). 

There are two 1x multipliers and one 2x multiplier in the white squares in each player’s area. One 3x multiplier is in a square on the way home with a coloured star like the starting point star. But, only the starting point star does not have a multiplier. The last and the highest multiplier is 8x, which is in each home square where players need to reach their tokens. 

At the end of the game, you win money based on your planned moves, and the number rolled on the die. Though the number rolled on the die is luck-based, your skill/strategy helps you reach your token/s to the home square.

How to play Ludo Online for Real Cash?

You must follow a few steps to play Ludo online for real cash.

  • Search for an authentic online casino with valid licenses that accept your country’s currency.
  • Create an account by adding your details as requested by the casino site. 
  • Select the currency you wish to use. Fill in the security code if sent to you and go through the terms and conditions before you hit Submit / Accept. 
  • Check for the various bonuses/offers/rewards the online casino offers. The bonuses/offers may let you practice the game for free. It can save your bankroll from depleting faster. 
  • Deposit the money in your casino account only after you have gone through and done all of the above.

How can you score in Ludo Mobile Apps?

When you play Ludo using Mobile applications, the scoring method differs from the online casino Ludo version. The game has a time limit. The game’s main goal is not to reach all the tokens to the home square but to score the highest number of points.

A player scores when:

  • When you roll a number on the dice, you earn points.
  • You also get points for every token reaching your home square.

Also, remember:

  • When you eliminate an opponent’s token, you may not earn any points, but the opponent will lose all the points earned by that token. Thus their total score would reduce.
  • If a player does not play their turn within the set number of seconds, they miss their turn and thus don’t earn any points for that turn. (The time limit can differ for different mobile application Ludo games).
  • Players who don’t play more than two turns lose the game.

The trick is to earn more points than your opponent. It would help if you managed to do this at the beginning of the game. And when the game is nearing its end, you kill time by taking time to roll the die. The lesser the time remaining to play, the lesser the points the opponents’ can earn.


Can you play Ludo online for real cash?

Yes, there are a few online casinos that offer ludo games. You could play the games for free or for real cash.