Evolution Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Game Review

Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by Evolution Gaming and win 20,000x in prize drops. You can join Gonzo in exploring the lost ruins of Eldorado while playing the first-ever live casino slot-styled game. The RNG-based gameplay can pay randomly, but you can hunt down the hidden treasures if you make the right picks.

It’s action-packed like the popular Gonzo’s Quest slot and offers a uniquely individual experience thanks to the betting structure. It’s the first of its kind to enable a Virtual Reality mode. So you don’t just feel the excitement; you’re right in the middle of it.


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Game Details

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the first live casino game that combines video slots and live dealers. NetEnt released Gonzo’s Quest in 2013 to massive acclaim and cult status. By 2021 Evolution Gaming merged the classic Gonzo character into this magnificent live casino offering.

Playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt may look a little complicated at first glance. But it’s actually really straightforward. It works like any other live casino game, with a live host and many players participating simultaneously.

Apart from the live host, you will find Gonzo, a Spanish explorer searching for Eldorado’s lost treasures. He wears khaki-coloured hunting attire and is on the game wall’s left side. The game host is also dressed to fit the theme.

The backdrop is the ancient Incan world while the action plays out on a game wall with 70 tiles across 7 columns and 10 rows. Above are two more rows that spin once the game starts. The outcome of the topmost row is called Prize Drop, a feature in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt that can help multiply wins.

Betting Options and Picks

There are 6 different coloured stones displayed below the wall, representing the treasures/prizes: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, and 65x. The higher-value stones show up less compared to the lower-value stones. You can select a few or all 6 colourful stones to place bets. These coloured stones are displayed on the game wall before you place your bets.

Each player can enjoy a unique treasure hunt journey when playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. This is because apart from betting on the stones, you can buy the number of Picks you’ll use to find the treasure. So each player’s experience will differ, depending on the bets placed and the number of Picks for finding the treasure.

Your Picks will let you search/mark tiles on the game wall. You can have 1 to 20 searches represented as a human palm. If your guess is correct, you will win based on your bet amount, the stone colour, and the tile selected.

The more the number of searches, the higher the amount spent on bets. The total bet amount is the amount you bet on each stone multiplied by the number of searches you wish to play. For example, if you place a ₹10 bet on 2 stones each and select 5 searches, your total bet would be ₹10×2 stones = ₹20 x 5 searches = ₹100. Your winning payout can increase if you earn extra bonuses, multipliers, or a re-spin during the Prize Drop.

Stone ValueStone ColourNumber of BlocksPayout
Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Stone Values, Colours, Number of Blocks & their Payouts

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Game Features

Treasure Hunt

After you place your bets, the wall will move and shuffle all the stones to show blank tiles. You cannot see the values beneath the tiles until the last round of the game. A timer will start, and you must mark all your searches on the game wall. If you have 10 of the 20 available picks in the betting round, you have to mark 10 tiles before the time ends. Or else, the game will select the tiles for you. Once you have marked a tile with a human hand, you can click it again and change its position to another tile if you wish.

Prize Drop

After you have marked all your searches, Gonzo will turn the golden key to activate the Prize Drop feature. Two rows above the 70 tiles spin after the golden key is turned. The game feature has three types of prize drops that can help players increase their winnings. They appear in the topmost row and make their way to the tiles below through any vacant space in the immediate row below it. A maximum of 7 Prize Drops can happen in a round, and it’s possible to have none at all. There must be vacant spaces in the rows beneath for the prize drop to pass through.

The three types of Prize Drops are:

Bonus Prizes

You will find the ‘+’ sign before the bonus prize number. Values ranging between 3 to 100 get added to the weights of the hidden stones once dropped on them. For example, suppose you placed a bet on a stone 8x and picked a particular stone on the wall, and the prize drop of +20 lands on this stone. The value of that stone will increase to 8+28=28. Since the payout for 8x is 8:1, now it will be 28×8= 224x the bet amount.


When a multiplier drops on a stone, it multiplies the stone value by the multiplier figure. For example, if you place a bet on a stone with a value of 2 and a 10x multiplier lands on it, the new value of the stone after the Price Drop will be 2×10=20x the bet amount.


The re-drop is a game-changer that can increase the chances of winning. When this happens, the top two rows spin again to reactivate the Prize Drop. This means you can get more bonus prizes, multipliers added to the stone values, and even additional re-drops. A re-drop can happen at most ten times in one game. When a prize drop happens, you can win a maximum of 20,000.

The Big Reveal

After the Prize Drop is done, the wall will reveal the stone values starting from the lowest to the highest, i.e. 1x, to 65x. Any bonus prizes and multipliers earned during the Prize Drop will apply to the stone value, and the final payout will be made accordingly. The Prize Drops must land on your chosen stones for you to win. Otherwise, you get paid the standard payout for the stones you bet on. The bet is multiplied by the treasure stones’ final values that showed up on the game wall. All players’ results show once the game ends, and a new game begins afterwards.

Review Summary & Similar Games like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a highly entertaining game based on chance. You can increase your winning chances by increasing the number of picks/searches. This, however, will increase the bet total. Luckily, you can profit big time from the prize drop.

This game has an RTP of 96.56%. The RTP for each of the 6 stones is approximately the same. This means players can have a similar return potential irrespective of the stone they bet on.

In this highly volatile game, you can get small wins more often than higher ones. There’s no game like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt at the moment, but you can get a similar experience on Crazy Time, which has a Cash Hunt bonus game much like this one. Monopoly Big Baller offers a similar augmented reality feel, with Mr Monopoly doing pretty much the same job as Gonzo on the screen.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt FAQs

What is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is a live casino slot-styled game launched by Evolution Gaming on 9th June 2021. The game is entirely RNG based though there is a live dealer. Each player gets to experience a unique journey by selecting their bets and choosing how many picks they want to find the treasure.

What is Prize Drop in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

Prize Drop is a feature in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt that adds a bonus prize, multiplier, and/or re-drop. There could be 0 to 7 Prize Drops in a round. There can be a maximum of 10 Re-drops per game.

What is the RTP of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

The RTP for Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is 96.56%. This is a very volatile game where wins are rare but can pay off big time when they land.