Evolution Live Dream Catcher Game Review

Live Dream Catcher is a money wheel live dealer game launched by Evolution Gaming in 2017. It’s the OG money wheel game show by this developer, and it comes in classical and HD versions. It’s a pretty simple game with straightforward rules, but it includes multiplier segments, 2x and 7x, that can take the payouts to fresh new heights. Play this game to check if you could be the lucky one to win multiple multipliers in a row and get a payout you never dreamed of.


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Game Details

Live Dream Catcher uses a giant vertical wheel with 54 segments. An attractive live dealer spins the wheel and keeps players engaged by interacting with them. Players can use live chat to communicate with the dealer and other participants in the game.

You can bet on any or all of the six numbers in this game, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The numbers occupy 52 segments, while the two multipliers – 2x and 7x – occupy the remaining two segments. Each betting number has its dedicated colour on the wheel, and payouts also depend on the number. That is 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 10 to 1, etc.

Players must guess where the pointer will land when the wheel comes to a halt. The multiplier segments need no betting, but you can win big money if the pointer lands on them.

A wheel can spin innumerable times if it continuously lands on one of the multipliers instead of a number unless it reaches the winning limit of 500,000. For example, assume you bet $1 on number 5 with a payout of 5:1. In the first two spins, the pointer stops on 7x and later on 2x, while on the third spin, it lands on number 5. Your final payout would be 7x2x5 = $70 + $1 (initial bet) = $71.

Some live casinos have branded Live Dream Catcher games within the existing premises. The difference is that they have special theme backgrounds that give players a different environment experience while playing the game in the same online casino. Players may get offered special bonuses meant to be used only for the Live Dream Catcher games.

The table below explains the wheel segments, their colours, and payouts.

Type of BetsSegment ColourNumber of SegmentsPayouts
Live Dream Catcher Wheel Betting Segments & their Payouts
MultiplierSegment ColourNumber of SegmentsPayouts
2xSilver/Black1Next Winning Spin Number is Multiplied by 2
7xGold/Black1Next Winning Spin Number is Multiplied by 7
Live Dream Catcher Multiplier Segments & their Payouts

How to Play a Live Dream Catcher Game?

The steps to play the Live Dream Catcher game are straightforward.

  • Create an account with a legit online casino and deposit money in that casino account. Watch out for good welcome bonuses, and check their wagering requirements too.
  • Search for the Live Dream Catcher game.
  • Wait for a new game round to start.
  • Select the chips to place your bets.
  • Place bets on any of the six betting numbers- 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. You can select all the numbers in a game round by clicking ‘Bet On All’.
  • After placing the bets, the live dealer will spin the wheel.
  • Based on where the pointer lands, you will get paid if you win your bet.
  • If the pointer lands on one of the two multipliers, your bet will be used to spin the wheel again to land one of the six betting numbers.
  • Once the pointer lands on a number, the game ends, and the payouts are made to all the winners.
  • After a game ends, the next game starts. You need to place a bet again if you wish to continue playing.
  • You could place a new amount bet, repeat the previous bet, or double it. The game has an Auto Bet option which comes in handy when playing other casino games along with this game. To use the Auto Bet feature, players must select the bet amount they want to place automatically, along with the number of game rounds.

Strategies to Increase Your Winning Chances on Live Dream Catcher

You can play a low-risk game by betting on the lower numbers occupying more wheel segments. Your winnings, however, will not be massive since the payout is related to the number you placed your bet on.

Betting on higher numbers can help you win big. But this involves a higher risk as higher numbers occupy lesser wheel segments.

You can take a medium risk by spreading your bets between low and high numbers. For example, you decide to bet on numbers 2, 10, and 20. In this scenario, if you bet $5 on numbers 10 and 20 each, you add the two bets to calculate the bet amount for number 2, which would amount to $10. If you win the number 2 bet, you will at least receive back the bet amount. And, if you win on the number 10 or 20, you will win more than the bet amount. This number combination covers 21 segments out of 54 on the wheel.

Placing a bet on all numbers in a game round guarantees a win on one number. But you need to calculate your bet amount wisely, as you may pay higher bets and receive lower payouts if you win on lower number bets.

Some players try the Martingale strategy. But again, wins are not guaranteed. The RTP in this game is around 96.58%.

Review Summary & Similar Games like Live Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher is an easy game to understand and play. It’s one of the most popular wheel games based on the Wheel of Fortune TV show of the 90s. You could win big or small or nothing based on your luck. Besides luck, using a strategy when playing this game will come in handy.

If you wish to play other similar games with a little variation, try Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time or MONOPOLY Live. Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play is another exciting one which comes with a lucky number and a random multiplier up to 500x.

Live Dream Catcher Game Review FAQ

Can you play Live Dream Catcher using Indian Rupees?

Yes, many online casinos give the option to deposit and play the Live Dream Catcher using Indian Rupees. Check the payment options and withdrawal times before registering on a particular casino site.

How many numbers can you place your bets on in Live Dream Catcher?

You can bet on at least one or a maximum of all six numbers when playing Live Dream Catcher. No bets need to be placed on the multiplier segments.

Can you play Live Dream Catcher for free?

There are no free Live Dream Catcher games online. You may be able to observe the game before playing it once you have registered on that casino site. Sometimes, no deposit bonuses may let you play this game with free cash.