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What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a simple and quick card game that started in Cambodia and today is popular in Asia. You can learn this game in a minute and win money. 

Players of Casino War and Baccarat games can play this well, as the rules of the Dragon Tiger game are a combination of both games. 

Dragon Tiger also reminds you of the game Andar Bahar, where you have to guess which side the matching joker card would appear on. Dragon Tiger game rules are different though it requires the players to guess. 

All you have to do is guess whether the highest-value card will land on the tiger or dragon side of the table. The ranking of the cards is explained below. Ace is the lowest, while King is the highest card.

Card rankings from lowest to highest
Card Rankings in Dragon Tiger Live Game

There are many versions of this game played in many online casinos. Some have side bets too. Read the game rules of that casino before you start playing.

How is Dragon Tiger Played?

  1. You need a deck of 52 playing cards. There are no jokers or wildcards used in this game. Only 6 to 8 cards are placed in the dealer’s/dealing shoe for the round.
  2. You must place the bets before the cards are dealt. There are three main types of bets apart from the side bets that vary based on the casino you are playing at. We will explain these in a different paragraph below.
  3. The dealer will deal two cards after the bets are placed. One on the Dragon box and one on the Tiger box. 
  4. You win if the higher-value card gets placed on the side you placed your bet on. Or, you lose.

Type of Main Bets in Dragon Tiger Game

  1. Dragon Bet: Players with their bets on the Dragon side of the table win if the value of the card placed on this side is the highest.
  2. Tiger Bet: Players win if they place their bet on the Tiger side of the table and the card placed on it is of the higher value.
  3. Tie Bet: A player can win the Tie bet if the value of the cards on both the Dragon and the Tiger sides are the same.
Example of a Tie Bet in the Dragon Tiger Live Dealer Game in Casino Deltin Royal, India
Example of a Tie Bet in the Dragon Tiger Live Dealer Game in Casino Deltin Royal, India

Type of Side Bets in Dragon Tiger Game

Apart from the main bets, some casinos allow side bets. Side bets are not related to the main bets. 

The different types of side bets are:

  1. Dragon or Tiger Big Bets: For Big bets, the player who can win is the side they bet on gets a card with a value of 8 or higher. 
  2. Dragon or Tiger Small Bets: Small bets can be won if a card placed on the side the player bets in is 6 or of lower value.
  3. Dragon or Tiger Odd Bets: To win this type of bet, the card placed on the player’s bet side must be either A, 3, 5, 9, J, or K
  4. Dragon or Tiger Even Bets: An odd bet winning card must either be 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or Q.
  5. Dragon or Tiger Suit Bets: Players bet on the type of suit the card will have on the side they place their bets on.  

Please note: The card with the number 7 isn’t included when you have side bets like the Odd and Even bets. And, if some casinos use the number 7 card, the players will lose their odd/even bet if the 7 card appears.

  • Simple game rules
  • Quick game rounds
  • It can be played 24×7 in most casinos
  • There is a live dealer
  • Players can interact with the dealer and other players
  • You can have multiple players
  • There is no room for cheating when cards are dealt from the dealer’s shoe.
  • Good payouts

How to play the Dragon Tiger Game?

The dealer will deal two cards on the table, one on the Dragon side and the other o the Tiger side. Players who placed their bet on the side having the higher value card win the round.

What is a Tie bet?

In a Tie bet, players bet the dealer will deal similar ranking cards on the Dragon and the Tiger sides.

What are the main bets in the Dragon Tiger Game?

The three main bets are- the Dragon bet, Tiger Bet, and Tie bet.

How can you win the Dragon Tiger Card Game?

To win the Dragon Tiger game, you must watch it for a few minutes and learn the game well. Then, you could start with small bets. This way, you will not lose much money in the first go. Always play on a trusted site. Be aware of the gambling laws prevalent in your state/country.

What is a dealer’s shoe in casino games?

A dealer’s shoe is also called the dealing shoe. It is a device used in casinos to hold many decks of playing cards.