Play Dragon Tiger Game to Win Real Money

Card games are very popular in India. In fact, wedding celebrations or festivities in India are nothing if there are no card games.

Dragon Tiger is one of Asia’s most popular card games in casinos.  It is a simple and quick game. Anyone can learn its rules in no time.

You can win real money by making the right guess and betting on the Tiger or Dragon side accordingly.

This guessing game can be won using strategy if you pay attention and luck favours you.


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Card Points and Ranking Details

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The cards used in the Dragon Tiger game are not taken at face value.

The table below gives the card ranking and points mentioned for each card.

Card typeCard ranking card points
Card Rankings and Points in Dragon Tiger Game

Learn the rules of the Dragon Tiger Game by reading the guide.

Dragon Tiger Game Payouts

The payouts differ based on the main and side bets placed, on the version of the Dragon Tiger Game played and on the casino rules.

The below table will give the payout ratio.

Type of betPayout ratio
Dragon Bet1:1
Tiger Bet1:1
Tie Bet8:1
Suit Tie Bet10:1
Big/Small Tiger/Dragon Bet1:1
Odd/Even Bet1:1
Suit Bet3:1
Dragon Tiger Game Payout Ratio

When a player wins a Tie bet, they get 50% of their bet amount along with 8 or 10 times the bet amount. The Tie payout ratio depends on the type of Tie bet placed.

Tips to Win the Dragon Tiger Game

  • Search for a genuine casino.
  • Study the game for a few minutes before placing your bets.
  • Start with smaller bets till you understand the game. Losing a lot initially may pinch hard.
  • Avoid placing a bet on the Tie, as players win this bet rarely. 
  • Manage your bankroll. Quit the game and come back later if you are on a losing streak.
  • Check for offers on the casino site.
  • When playing the Suit Bet, pay close attention to the cards already dealt. This can increase your chances of winning if you predict the correct suit at the right time.
  • You could also try the Martingale Strategy to increase your chances of winning.

How many cards are used in a Dragon Tiger game?

A deck of 52 playing cards is used to play the Dragon Tiger game. At a time, the dealer will deal two cards from the dealing shoe. The shoe may have 6-8 cards and not all the 52 in one go.

Wht is the value of the card number 7 in Dragon Tiger?

The 7 number card’s ranking is 7th and points are 7.

Can you win an Even/Odd bet if the number 7 card appears?

Many casinos do not include the card number 7. And if they use it, the player will lose the Even/Odd bet if this card appears on any side.

Is it difficult to play the Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger game rules are very similar. You have the guess if the highest value card would land on the Dragon or the Tiger side of the table.

Is it legal to play Dragon Tiger in India?

Dragon Tiger is mostly legal in most Indian states when played online. There are a few states that do not allow online gambling. Read the gambling rules of the state you reside in before you play online.