Evolution Crazy Coin Flip Game Review

If you love playing slot games but want some live action too, try the Crazy Coin Flip game. Evolution Gaming launched this game on 27th June 2022, and it is their first ever live slot game combining slot gameplay with live action. Not only that, the game has three phases which makes it even more exciting. You get a chance to win qualifiers at every phase. Just make sure you click the spin button faster instead of only focusing on the scatter symbols and multipliers. Time is of the essence here.


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Crazy Coin Flip Game Features

Crazy Coin Flip is similar to the Coin Flip bonus game in Crazy Time. However, the bonus round game only has one phase, while the Crazy Coin Flip game has three phases – qualifier, multiplier top-up, and coin flip. 

The game’s objective is to qualify for the coin flip phase quickly and win as many multipliers as possible. The winner gets paid based on their base bet amount, and the multipliers won for the flipped coin side. 

The live dealer presents the game while the RNG slot machine spins with every click you make. The slot machine in the qualifying phase has three rows, five reels and ten paylines. The symbols on the reels are of card ranks. The scatter symbol is the game logo itself. 

The game rules are pretty simple. To play, you must click the spin button in the first two game rounds. In the last round, you watch the live dealer pull a lever to display multipliers for each side of the coin.

You can choose the auto-play option in the qualifier round after deciding the bet amount for each spin and the number of spins. Your chances of winning more multipliers depend on how fast you qualify for the game.

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip?

  • To play the Crazy Coin Flip game, you must be of legal age and have a casino account. 
  • This game cannot be played for free. Hence make sure to deposit money in your casino account.
  • Go to the live casino games section on the casino site and select the Crazy Coin Flip game. If you are unsure of the game rules, click the arrows at the side of the ‘play’ button.
  • Once you are ready, hit the ‘play’ button.
  • You will find the live presenter next to a slot machine who will accompany you during all three game phases mentioned below.

Qualifying Phase

Decide the base bet amount that you wish to set for each spin. This amount plays a main role when your payout is calculated in the last phase, the Crazy Coin Flip phase. You must get three scatter symbols in a spin to pass this phase and reach the coin flip phase. Sometimes some scatter symbols come with multipliers which help boost the winning amount in the last phase.

You can spin the reel manually or with the auto spin option. Remember, the faster you qualify in this round, the more chances you get to earn qualifiers in the next phase, the top-up phase. There are three types of spin modes available in this phase.

Normal Spin

A normal spin will spin the reels using the base bet amount set by you for each spin. It does not guarantee any scatter symbols.

XXXtreme Spin

When using this spin mode, your bet amount increases 5x the base bet amount. For example, if your base bet is ₹10, and you choose the XXXtreme spin option, you will actually bet ₹50 for every spin. This spin mode guarantees one scatter symbol for every spin.

Super XXXtreme Spin

The super XXXtreme Spin requires you to bet 50x your base bet amount per spin. Although this amount is higher, it guarantees two scatter symbols per spin. 

The two XXXtreme mode spins guarantee the scatter symbols and increases the chances of winning scatters with multipliers and that too higher ones. 

If you get three scatter symbols in a spin, you qualify to play till the end. But if you don’t, the game ends for you. The payout in the second scenario is based on the paylines achieved during this phase. The two images below explain this well.

Multiplier Top-Up Phase

You can earn as many multipliers as possible within the set time during the multiplier top-up phase. This time includes the time spent qualifying for the game too. Only if you pass the qualifying phase can you play this one.

The slot machine used in this phase has three reels and three rows. The reel symbols are in two colours- red and blue, with different multipliers mentioned on each. These two colours represent each side of the coin that will be flipped in the last phase. 

To win multipliers here, three symbols of the same colour must appear in a row on the same spin. If not, the multipliers are not counted. Your chances of landing matching symbols depend purely on luck.

You can increase your chances of winning higher multipliers by betting higher. This, however, does not guarantee a win.

If you have enough time to spin the reels and win multipliers, you can also win many red and blue multipliers. The sum of these gets displayed in the coin flip round on either side of the scatter symbol. If you qualify late, your chances of winning any multiplier are not great. 

Coin Flip Phase

All the multipliers earned can be reaped in this phase. You do not have to spin the reels here, but watch the game presenter display the multiplier for the red and blue side of the coin.

These multipliers get multiplied with the scatter multiplier and then added to the multiplier earned in the top-up phase. 

For example, you qualified with a 3x scatter symbol, and the multiplier displayed in the coin flip round is 10 for red and 20x for blue, and the total multipliers earned in the second phase are 10x for red and 15x for blue. For the red side of the coin, the new multiplier will be 3 x 10 = 30 + 10 = 40x multiplier, while for the blue side, it will be 3 x 20 = 60 + 15 = 75x multiplier.

The game presenter flips the coin, and the side facing up is the winning side. Suppose the coin flipped side is blue; the payout would be the base bet amount ₹10 x 75x = ₹750.

Please note to calculate your actual win; you must sum up the total amount spent for every spin in the first two game phases. The RTP of Crazy Coin Flip is 96.05%.

If you wagered ₹10 as your base bet and chose the XXXtreme spin mode that helped you qualify for the next phase in two spins, you spent ₹10 x 5= 50 x two spins = ₹100. And, suppose you did not bet in the top-up round; the total money spent by you is ₹100. So a win of ₹750 means you made a profit of ₹650. 

Crazy Coin Flip Game Review Summary

Though the bonuses may look enticing, the number of spins you may need to do can easily leave you out of pocket. Unless you play the XXXtreme spin mode which will guarantee you one or two scatter symbols accordingly, but not all three in a spin.

When playing the Crazy Coin Flip game, check how much you have spent and won. Wagering a higher amount may increase the amount and frequency of multipliers, but it does not guarantee a win.

Even if you win multipliers, your payout may hardly break even. This RNG game is purely based on luck and the time taken to qualify for the next two phases. Having said this, it is still worth trying to play this lively slot game by Evolution Gaming. Similar titles by this developer are Crazy Time and Deal or No Deal Live.

Crazy Coin Flip FAQs

What is the RTP for the Crazy Coin Flip game?

The Crazy Coin Flip game’s RTP is between 95.06% to 96.05%. The RTP in this game varies for the different bet options and the game phases. 

Can Crazy Coin Flip be played on mobile phones?

Yes, you can play Crazy Coin Flip on mobile devices. Like all other Evolution games, it plays well on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

How much can I win maximum in a Crazy Coin Flip?

You can win a maximum of €500000. Crazy Coin Flip has multiple game phases, each one offering a chance to win multipliers. These multipliers are cumulative and combine to boost your total payout.

Can I play the Crazy Coin Flip game for Free?

Crazy Coin Flip is a live dealer game. As live casino games are quite expensive for operators, they are generally unavailable to play for free. You can only play for real money.