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The best casino games on the planet can now be accessed by Indians in all locations. Never before have so many global brands sought to serve enthusiasts in such a manner. Due to this explosion in supply, it can be difficult for the consumers of casino content in India to work out who provides reliable rewards and straightforward security. That is entirely what this website has been created to do. To help you take advantage of the gift horses that casinos regularly provide and to steer you away from shady entities that would like to permanently part you from your cash.


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Casino games are something that we all love. is structured in a way to help you find casino games that suit your preferences. Fans of Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Slots, and Baccarat, are all catered for on our industry-leading platform, matching you with the casinos that give you the best chance to maximise your levels of enjoyment and profit! 

But, unlike other industry websites, we are not just here to tell you about the good and bad that casino sites have to offer. We also aim to educate and entertain. Helping you to understand why some casinos are better than others and how you can use techniques that will help you to become a more effective gambler. 

One of the big variables on the sites we regularly review is the content they support. 

Everyone is different. Fortunately, there is a website for all, and whether you like to spend more of your time at the roulette table or in the slots lounge, we can find a casino games venue that is perfect for you. Explain the features that all of the best roulette, Slots, blackjack, slots, and baccarat casinos hold and how you can use these features for your benefit.

Best India Casino Roulette

Hundreds of online casinos now offer India Casino Roulette games for all Indians. But how should Indians look to profit from playing the ultimate RNG casino games?

Free Roulette India Online

Many online casinos in India offer free roulette online.

Accessing an online casino that provides free roulette play is one of the best ways to improve your chances of winning in one of the most historic casino games. It is difficult to find casinos that provide sizable bonuses for this product. However, some online casino games sites in India, allow you to play roulette games with bonus cash. Admittedly, all your stakes in roulette games do not normally contribute to hitting wagering requirements, but such is the wafer-thin profit margin that casinos hold in this table game that repeats bets often ensure that pre-conditions are met.

Although roulette is truly a game of chance, if you find a India Casino with roulette-free play, you can improve your chance of making a profit.

High RTP India Casino Roulette

Finding roulette games with a high RTP figure is another way that you might improve your chances of extending the life of your bankroll. 

Jackpot City Casino boasts an RTP on its Roulette products of over 97%. RTP, or return to player, illustrates how much profit an India online casino should make from every India ₹100 that is bet on a specific betting product. Where RTP rates are high, as they are on many roulette games, you can narrow the gap between your expected return and your investment by using betting strategies.

Betting Strategies for Roulette on India online casinos

Betting strategies rely on the spin of a roulette wheel being consistent with expectations. An illustration of this would be that for every thirty-seven spins of a roulette wheel, eighteen should return a Black number outcome, and eighteen should return a Red number outcome. The house edge is represented by the one spin in thirty-seven that should result in a Green Zero outcome.

A Betting strategy dictates that you should vary your stakes on casino games where the house has a low edge in response to previous outcomes. A losing bet on Black should be followed by a winning bet on Black if results meet expectations. 

How to use the Martingale Strategy

The Martingale betting strategy calls upon you to double your stake following a losing outcome on an Evens roulette bet. In an ideal world, where you had unlimited money available, and your casino games provider of choice did not cap your bets, you would always return a profit eventually. However, as you all know, the house is not this generous. By imposing bet limits, the house should always win.

The D’Alembert strategy suggests increasing your bet by one unit following a win and decreasing it by one unit following a loss. The logic is sound. If you have just found a winner on an Evens bet, the next bet that you place is expected to be a loser. However, as with all betting strategies, the house will expect to have the upper hand in the long term. 

If roulette does not appeal as one of your favourite casino games, how about its modern relative, the Slot?

Best India Casino Slots

Hundreds of online sites provide casino games for India players, but the Slots selections that are hosted on these platforms vary considerably.

A list of the best Slots casinos in India includes some of the industry’s most respected brands

When you are looking for an online casino that has a superior Slots range, there are certain elements that you should be looking for.

Megaways Slots at India Casinos

One of the most popular Slots franchises to hit the India market in recent years is the Megaways brand. For those of you who are not yet a fan of this game, Megaways games give casino games players the chance to win up to 117,649 times on every spin.

What are Megaways Slots?

Megaways Slots are drop-and-win style games. These Slots hold six reels, with each of these reels expanding to hold up to seven icons each. Any of these seven icons could form a chain of matching symbols that would achieve a winning outcome. 

In total, 7x7x7x7x7x7 or 117,649 symbols could contribute to a win. No wonder this game is becoming increasingly popular with its Indian casino games fans.

Best India Megaways Online Slots

Some of the best Megaways slots can be accessed by Indians at top online casinos. Megaways titles with some of the highest RTPs include, 

  • White Rabbit Megaways – 97.24%
  • Slots O’ Gold Megaways – 96.96%
  • The Queen of Riches Megaways – 96.90%
  • Buffalo Rising Megaways – 96.50%
  • Fishing FreIndiay Megaways – 96.30%
  • Wolf Legend Megaways – 96.21%

Having a great Megaways selection helps casinos that serve the India market to differentiate their Slots content from that of its rivals, but once again, the most enjoyable way to play Slots at any casino games provider in India is to play them for free. 

Slots Online Free in India

Yes, that’s right, you can play your favourite Slots games for free online. Nearly all of the top Slots sites in India offer huge welcome bonuses. This system’s impact is that you can place thousands of bets on Slots at no cost to yourself. Getting something for free from an online casino games venue may seem an alien concept, but firms that operate these sites view welcome bonuses as a means of boosting the consumption of their products, as these offers act.

Best India Casino Blackjack

Blackjack has a long history as a casino staple. So it should not be surprising that Indians wants to find the best venues to play this game of chance and strategy online.

A list of the best India Blackjack Casinos online has been compiled on this website.

But in the eyes of our team of expert reviewers, what makes a great online casino site for Blackjack players?

Evolution Live Gaming Blackjack India Online

On most online platforms, Blackjack comes in two distinct formats, Live Dealer Blackjack and Browser-Based Blackjack. Live Dealer versions of the game are streamed via online casino sites to deliver bricks and mortar quality content in your home’s comfort. Browser-Based Blackjack is more aligned with traditional Video Blackjack that you may have seen in traditional amusement arcades or land-based casinos in India today. 

One aspect that sets these two products apart is the technology that powers the gameplay. One of the biggest names in the provision of Live Dealer Blackjack in India is Evolution Live Gaming. A look at the Evolution website tells you all that you need to know about this cutting-edge organisation. The graphics employed on their homepage are crisp, the colours vibrant, and the language enticing, all features that you will quickly understand are hallmarks of Evolution’s Live Dealer output. 

Stellar titles, including Live Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, and Blackjack Party, are present in all of the online casinos we recommend.

Blackjack Sidebets

It is not only software quality that makes a Blackjack game enjoyable, but also the range of options that you can enjoy. The number of side bets that you can place on any given hand often gives an insight into how seriously online casino platforms take Blackjack as a gambling game. 

Blackjack Side Bets Explained

Blackjack is a popular game with many casino enthusiasts because the rules are simple. You do have to make some strategic decisions regarding each hand dealt to you, but these choices are not too complex. Blackjack is also a great game for players who wish to retain their bankroll for a sustained period. The profits accrued by the house on Blackjack games are minimal. 

However, as with most gambling games, casinos have developed several side-bets for you to take up if you wish to increase your levels of jeopardy beyond those offered in a standard Blackjack game. 

What are Blackjack Side Bets?

On a traditional Blackjack table (or a virtual one), you place the stake for your hand in a pre-designated square. The same practice goes when you wish to place a side bet. Sections will be available for you to place a bet on a ‘21+3’, or a ‘Perfect Pairs’ side bet. 

But how do Blackjack Side Bets work?

Your additional bets provide you with entry to an entirely new card game. The ‘21+3’ and the ‘Perfect Pairs’ side bets ask you to predict what will happen with the first few cards that are dealt in each Blackjack hand.

‘21+3’ Blackjack Side Bet

In effect, this bet allows poker to be brought into your Blackjack hand. I say this because the idea of the 21+3 bet is to build up a high-scoring poker hand with your first two dealt cards and the dealer’s face-up card.

Payouts differ per the hand that is created.

Hand DealtExamplePayout
Flush2, 5, 6 of Hearts5 to 1
StraightJ, Q, K of Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades.10 to 1
Three-of-a-Kind 8, 8, 8 of Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts30 to 1
Straight FlushAce, 2, 3 of Clubs40 to 1
Three-of-a-Kind (Suited)7, 7, 7 of Spades100 to 1

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

The ‘Perfect Pairs’ side bet is a wager on the outcome of your two-hole cards. You receive a payout if these two cards are related by number, with extra being paid out if the suit colour or type are aligned.

Type of PairExamplePayout
Mixed Pair8, 8 of Clubs and Diamonds5 to 1
Coloured Pair10, 10 of Clubs and Spades10 to 1
Perfect PairQ, Q of Hearts and Hearts30 to 1

If you wish you can play both these side bets on every hand that you play. Although the likelihood is that the house edge will increase if you do so. Gaining a payout on a side bet is dictated purely by chance, so the house will be confident in winning more than if it loses on these additional products. 

The Insurance Side Bet

One Blackjack side bet that is always worth considering is ‘Insurance’. You can take up the offer of this bet when the dealer hits an Ace with their face-up card. By placing an additional stake, you can protect yourself from the losses that you are likely to incur if the dealer declares ‘Blackjack’.

The India online casinos that are recommended on this platform offer you the chance to invest in these Blackjack side bets and many more…

Best India Casino Slots

India Casino slots offer huge entertainment and massive payouts. It is not a surprise then that many of the casinos that serve the India online casino market have a focus on these RNG games. However, the terminology behind many of these products can be technical and a little confusing. 

At, we want to educate you about the finer points of the slot’s lexicon so that you can maximise your enjoyment of playing these awe-inspiring gambling games.

Best India Online Casino Slots Explained

I’m sure that some of you will still have a traditional picture in your mind of what a slot machine looks like. Historic versions have this gambling icon allowing small amounts of change to be deposited so that you could take your chance with a pull on the arm of a ‘one-arm bandit’. If your luck was in, this action might have resulted in the flashing of lights and the clink, clink of winnings falling into your lap. Alas, hundreds of online casino firms operating in India have brought this traditional view of slot machines into the modern era. 

But much of the terminology that is used on online casinos regarding their slots content can be a little confusing. So for the uninitiated, here’s a quick guide to what regularly repeated slots jargon.

3-Reel and 5-Reel Slots

Reels are the columns that hold slot game icons. In the digital age, reel combinations can come in all shapes and sizes. However, classic online slot casino games still tend to come in 3-Reel or 5-Reel versions.


When a slot is advertised, the number of Paylines it offers will normally be quoted. The Payline is simply one way in which you can win on a slot if icons fall in the right combination. The more Paylines that a slot offers, the more chances you have to win with every spin. Traditional slots only have one Payline, but now it is common for games to have 10 or 20 Paylines. MegaWays slot games break the mould. However, these games offer up to 117,649 Paylines for every spin! 

Auto spin

I have never quite understood the Auto-spin feature. Put simply, the Auto spin allows your device to play a set number of spins on a slot game for you while you use your time to do other things. But as most of the thrill of a slot game is seeing if your reels fall in the right place, this option certainly reduces the drama. However, one benefit of this function is that you will not be subjected to the near-miss syndrome. The programming of slot games is often meant to portray how close you are to receiving a jackpot prize. You will not easily be taken in by this aspect if you are not glued to your casino games progress. 

Cascading Wins

One of the features that make games like MegaWays slots so popular is the cascading wins scenario. Normally one win on a slot game is a good result. However, when a slot offers cascading wins, the initial winning combination disappears to be replaced by new icons. These new icons can then form new ‘wins’ of their own, and so on. Huge prizes can be won this way, especially in games where a predetermined number of cascades triggers bonus features. 

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds is another bonus that has only existed since technological advances allowed its creation. An expanding wild means that all of the icons on a particular reel can be substituted for any other icon. On games with many Paylines, receiving one or more expanding wild can create big wins.

Game Variance

Slots games are generally described as being high or low variance. High-variance games pay out big prizes infrequently. Low-variance games tend to payout small prizes more often. 

Progressive Jackpot

When you place a bet on a Progressive Jackpot slot game, you essentially place two wagers. One bet is made as normal, and you will receive an associated prize if the icon gods align. However, part of your bet also goes into the progressive jackpot pot. If you progress through a game’s bonus round to land a prize, you can expect to receive a massive payout.


The multiplier is a bonus feature that is particularly likely to enhance your returns. When a multiplier is applied to your slot game, your winnings increase substantially. Payouts can be increased up to 100x on several slot titles. Multipliers exist on casino games too. Lightning Roulette and Lightning Baccarat, two top casino games, provide multiplied wins on pre-determined outcomes.

Now that you are up to speed on some of the terms that online casino games operators like to use to describe their slot’s content, take a look at the best slots providers in India. 

Best India Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is a great game for casino games novices, although certain myths that surround the game often mean that casino fans are put off from playing the historic table game. 

It is often perceived that Baccarat is a game for the wealthy. It is often suggested that this misunderstanding results from the misplaced perceptions that only individuals that rub shoulders with James Bond-esque type high-rollers enjoy playing the simple card game.

However, even given these image difficulties, Baccarat is now being viewed by many as a viable alternative to Roulette and Blackjack for many online casino games fans. The simplicity of Baccarat as a betting game certainly backs up this point. All you have to do when placing a Baccarat bet is decide if the banker wins, their opponent will win, or whether a hand will end in a tie. 

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat games see two cards dealt to a player and a banker. The aim of the game is that a player should score a hand that is closest to nine. Nine is the best score that you can achieve in a Baccarat hand. 

Card DealtValue in Baccarat

A Baccarat score comprises the values assigned to a player’s first two cards. If the player scores eight or nine, no further cards are dealt, and the player wins. If the player scores more than nine, the first digit of their score is removed. For example, 14 becomes four. The player then receives a further card. If the player scores a six or a seven, they must stand and allow the banker to complete their Baccarat hand. If the Banker scores eight or nine with their first two cards, the Banker automatically wins. 

Betting on the Banker guarantees a payout of 1.95 (₹1.95 return for an India ₹1 bet).

Betting on the Player guarantees a payout of 2.00 (₹2 return for an India ₹1 bet).

Betting on a draw guarantees a payout of 9.00 (₹9 return for an India ₹1 bet).

Where to find the Best Baccarat Casinos in India

Now you understand the basics of Baccarat, where should you head to find the best purveyors of this game in the India market today?

Our researchers have gone to great lengths to amass a list of the Best Baccarat Casinos in India so that you don’t have to.

Sit back and relax in the knowledge that we have made all the checks necessary for you to have confidence in the next casino you choose to play the Best India Casino Games at.

Casino Games FAQs

Can You Play Roulette Online For Free?

Yes, you can. Many casinos offer generous welcome bonuses when signing up for an account with a new provider. Subject to an initial deposit, you can use the bonus money to play on many roulette products that count towards the wagering requirements that are attached to these schemes. Often bets on casino games like roulette only partially reduce the wagering demands that are made by online casinos, but the profitability edge that casinos hold on roulette casino games is relatively small. Therefore, using all of your welcome bonuses on roulette games is not impossible.

How Do Betting Strategies Work?

Betting strategies provide a framework for how much you should stake on future bets. Bets on some casino games (Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat) offer the house a small profit, as your chance of winning on any bet is near 50%. Therefore, if you vary your stake following a losing bet, the laws of probability suggest that you will recoup these losses. The Martingale Strategy suggests that you should double your stakes on ‘Evens’ bets following a loss. The D’Alembert Strategy suggests that you should decrease your bet by one unit following a win or increase your bet by one unit following a loss.

How Do You Explain Blackjack Side Bets?

Blackjack side bets offer you an additional chance to profit from individual blackjack hands. The ’21+3′ side bet provides you with a pay-out when high-scoring ‘poker’ hands are viewed in the dealers ‘up card’ and your ‘hole cards. The ‘Perfect Pairs’ side bet offers you a win when numbered pairs are dealt in your ‘hole cards.

How To Win At Baccarat Online?

Baccarat is one of many casino games based on chance. There are three outcomes, a win for the dealer, a win for the player, or a draw. Placing a bet on any of these outcomes can return a win. Betting on the dealer returns odds of 1.95. Betting on the player returns odds of 2.00. Betting on the draw returns odds of 9.00