Evolution Cash or Crash Game Review

Cash or Crash is one of the online casino’s latest and most popular games designed by Evolution. Learning this RNG game is easy; you can play it on your tablet, mobile phone or desktop. If you get lucky, you can win a max of 50,000x your stake, as long as you can cash in before you crash. Three coloured balls decide your fate.

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Game Details

Cash or Crash is a game of luck that involves climbing a 20-rung prize ladder and winning the maximum amount. Many players can play this live game online. With every step you climb on the ladder, you get an increasing multiplier amount.

The game is set on a virtual blimp flying across a beautiful augmented reality city and is presented by a live host. The gameplay involves a glass ball dispenser that sort of looks like a bingo machine, and there are 28 balls of three different colours. 19 are green, 8 are red, and one is gold. The game continues as long as the red ball doesn’t get picked up by the machine.

When a green ball is selected, you go ahead and climb the prize ladder. Your payout depends on the multiplier set for every level you reach and your stake. After every green ball drawn, you can make one of three options before the next ball is drawn. You will find the three decision tabs at the bottom of the screen. They include the following:

  • Take Half: You can withdraw fifty percent of your current winnings and continue the game with half your current amount.
  • Continue: You do not touch your winnings and continue playing the game.
  • Take All: You withdraw all your winnings at this level. The game will continue for the other players who choose to continue playing. You can join in again once a new game starts.

The game automatically ends when a red ball shows up, and you lose it all. However, if the gold ball shows up, you can enjoy two benefits:

  • You get one lifeline. This means players are safe from the next red ball that shows up. The game will continue and not cease.
  • The payout amount increases. Only if the next ball is green does the winning multiplier amount for that level increase. This is how you can achieve the 50,000x max payout.

Past game rounds results can be found on the bottom right side of the screen. And you can see your winnings and the game round levels on the screen below the game machine.

How to Play Live Cash or Crash Online?

  1. Deposit money in your casino account and select the Cash or Crash game.
  2. Place your bet. You will notice six different stake options to choose from. You can place a minimum bet of $0.10 to a maximum of $1,000.
  3. The machine shuffles the coloured balls and randomly selects one. The ball could be green, red, or gold.
  4. If the machine randomly selects a green ball, you either take all the money and leave the game or continue by taking half or none of it.
  5. If a gold ball is selected, your payout increases on the next green ball, and you earn a shield against the next red ball.
  6. If the machine selects a red ball, the game will end unless a gold ball shields you.

Cash or Crash Payout Table

In a Cash or Crash game, you can have different payouts based on the decision you make at every level and the kind of ball.

If a player continues playing after the first level and decides to withdraw their winnings after proceeding up the ladder, the RTP (Return To Player) is 94.51%. However, when withdrawing your winnings after the first level green ball, the RTP rises to an impressive 99.59%.

Let’s understand the basic payouts at the various levels in the table below.

Prize Ladder LevelInitial Payout
Cash Or Crash Payout Table

Review Summary and Similar Games like Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash is a simple luck-based game that you can grasp in minutes. The machine-generated balls assure fair play. No strategy can guarantee you a win here, but you stand a chance to get big payouts of up to 50,000x your bet. If you’ve played the Aviator crash game, this is basically the live version of it. You just have to make sure you cash in before a red ball lands unless you get a gold ball, of course.

You can play smart by checking the results of the previous game rounds on the bottom right side of the game screen. The two blimps on each side of the prize ladder also show you a percentage indicating if the next ball could be green, gold or red. Based on this, you could continue playing the game or withdraw half or full winnings. However, the displayed percentages are no guarantee of the outcome.

If you are not a risk taker, you can cash out after the first green ball. There’s a much higher payout rate of 99.59% if you do this. Otherwise, stick around and risk it for the ultimate payout. Other games with a similar crash gambling style include Jet Lucky 2 from Gaming Corps and Spaceman from Pragmatic Play.

Cash or Crash Game Review FAQ

Can you reach the topmost ladder level in a Cash or Crash game?

The maximum you can win in this game is 50,000x. This purely depends on luck if you get a lifeline and only one red ball after that in that game round. This is very rare.

How can you win more in Cash or Crash?

The gold ball increases your payouts on a green ball while also shielding you from the effects of the red ball. Getting a green ball right after a gold ball allows you to win more.

Can you play Crash games for free?

Yes, some online casinos offer free Crash games. These are basically demo game versions, so you won’t get any actual winnings from them.