Boom City Game Review

Boom City is a live game show by Pragmatic Play that uses a well designed grid instead of the popular spinning wheel. Its unique bonus games and various coloured betting squares make it different from other game shows. You stand a chance to win higher multipliers based on your choices during the Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom and Bust bonus games. If you get lucky, the three Power Up squares could help you reach the maximum payout multiplier of 20,000x. You may need to play a few game rounds before you get the hang of it, but there is no looking back after that.


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Boom City Game Features

Boom City is played on a 6×6 grid having 36 squares. This number is important because the gameplay depends on the roll of two dice, each with six numbers. 

The 36 squares on the grid have 8 different types of squares. You can place bets on 6 of these, while the other 2 kinds either give you a multiplier or erase the ones you have when you land on them.

In other words, you have different multiplier squares, bonus game squares, power up squares, and bust squares.

The RTP of Boom City ranges between 93.49% to 96.21%. 

Dice Roll and Winning Squares

Dice Roll

The two dice roll inside their respective vibrating trampolines. The colour of the left side trampoline base is golden, while it is blue for the right side trampoline.

The results of the left die are marked vertically on the grid and the right die horizontally. The meeting point of both the dice roll outcome on the grid becomes the winning square.

For example, if the left die rolled 5 and the right die rolled 2, the fifth column on the grid would get highlighted. Whichever square is in the second row in the fifth column becomes the winning square. Easy?

Depending on the dice roll, you can win multipliers or lose all you have won in that round. The payouts depend on your bet choice. As mentioned earlier, there are 8 types of squares, 6 of which have different betting options, while 2 squares don’t need any bets.

Let’s start with the 2 squares that need no bets and then continue with the 6 betting squares, divided into 3 numbered squares and 3 bonus games squares.

Winning Squares

2 Squares with no Bets

Grid showing the Red Bust and Power Up Squares along with the Betting Squares

Red Bust Square

The Red Bust Square is a red-coloured square with the letter X marked in black. If the winning square happens to be a bust square, you lose whatever multipliers you have won in that round, and that game round ends.

Only the minimum guaranteed multipliers stay safe. Unlike other squares, this square has no fixed number of squares in any game round.

Power Up Square

The Power Up squares appear three times in a game round. It can do the following three things when it becomes the winning square.

  • It can replace all the bust squares with multipliers ranging between 20x to 50x with a maximum payout multiplier of 20,000x. These red squares turn to bronze when this happens.
  • It can replace 24 random squares with 2x and 5x multipliers. The multiplier in the last row of a particular winning column gets distributed to some of the squares in that same column.
  • You can earn free spins, increasing your chances of winning more multipliers, a bonus game square or another power up square. You can benefit from a maximum of five consecutive power up squares. When the fifth power up square is reached, all the power up squares turn golden and get 50x multipliers.

6 Betting Squares

The 6 betting options squares are divided into 3 numbered squares and 3 bonus games squares. Since this is a quick game, you could choose the ‘Auto Play’ option to place your bets on time. Bets can be placed on all 6 options by selecting ‘Bet All’.

Numbered Squares
  1. Bronze Square has a 1x multiplier. It appears around 12 to 13 times in a game round. The payout on this is 1:1.
  2. Silver Square has a 2x multiplier that pays 2:1 on a winning bet. It appears 9 to 11 times in each game round.
  3. Gold Square has a 5x multiplier that pays 5:1, appearing 4 to 6 times in a game round.
Bonus Game Squares

Bonus game squares mostly appear 1 to 2 times in a given game. There are 3 different types of bonus squares. The Boom and Bust square may not appear in some game rounds.

Dice Battle Bonus Game Square

We love this bonus game. If you win, you earn your winning side’s multipliers and the losing side’s multipliers.

There are two columns in Dice Battle; the one on the left is golden, and the right is blue. You must choose one side before the game starts. Choosing a side means choosing the die of that same colour.

The two dice are rolled three times each. The result of the left die reflects in the golden column rows, and the right die results are shown in the blue column rows.

Each side’s multipliers from the three rounds are added to the winning side’s total. If you lose, you only get the multipliers earned by the side or die selected by you. 

When a tie occurs, both sides get paid an equal amount.

If the number 6 gets rolled thrice continuously, it triggers a Mega Win award that pays 500x on the initial bet amount.

Lucky Drop Bonus Game Square

This bonus game features a hanging grid with six columns and five rows. The first row has the numbers from 1 to 6 representing the six numbers on the dice. The following four rows have multipliers below each number ranging from 10x to 200x.

You must select one out of the six dice numbers when you win this bonus game. The result of each of the two dice makes a multiplier drop located exactly under those two numbers on the grid.

The dropped multipliers accumulate in their respective columns at the bottom of the game screen. The two dice get rolled thrice.

If a particular number gets rolled many times, there are more chances of winning higher multipliers in that column, provided you placed your bet on it. Or, you get paid as per the total of the dropped multipliers for the number column you chose.

The minimum you can win here is a 5x multiplier. 

Boom and Bust Bonus Game

In this bonus game, your multipliers can boom or just get busted. It all depends on your choices, apart from the roll of the left side die. 

Only one die is used here. There are seven rows, and six numbered columns. The last rows have safe multipliers, and each column number represents the dice numbers.

The result of the first die roll determines which multiplier you get to keep for sure. For example, if the die rolls number two, the second multiplier mentioned in the bottom row becomes the safe multiplier.

Apart from multipliers, you have a red square marked with X in black in the rows above. This is called the Bust square. Another square has a green arrow sign and the number 2 written on it. Here’s what they do:

  • If you land on the Bust square, you only get to keep the safe multiplier and lose any other multipliers won during the other rounds. The game round ends here itself. The Bust squares increase as you climb higher rows.
  • If you land on the green square, you move up two rows, where higher multipliers await you.
  • A Hyper square can take you directly to level six of the game on a multiplier square.

You can choose whether to play further or cash out the multipliers earned each round.

How to Play Boom City?

To understand the rules to play Boom City, read the above-mentioned game features and square types.

  • Search for a legit online casino that offers Boom City by Pragmatic Play. 
  • Create an account on the casino site and make a money deposit.
  • Search for the Boom City game in the live games section and click on it.
  • You can only play the game when a new one starts.
  • Place your bets within the set time. You can place your bet on all or just one or a few of the 6 betting squares.
  • Wait for the two dice to roll and continue with the game accordingly. If the winning square is a bonus square you wagered on, you will be taken to the respective bonus game area.
  • You get paid per round when you win a bet. Your payout amount increases if you get lucky in winning more or higher multipliers. After all, the game is about winning multipliers to get a higher payout.
  • The bonus game rounds let you take some multiplier even if you lose. We have explained this in detail above for each bonus game type.

Boom City Game Strategy

  • Boom City is a live game show based on luck. Placing bets on number 1 could be safer as it appears many times on the grid. But in terms of its payout, it will be less compared to all the other numbers.
  • Placing bets on the highest numbers can give higher payouts, but their frequency on the grid is lesser. You could place a combination bet on high and low numbers to increase your chances of winning.
  • The bottom line on the screen gives information about your bet history. You could place your future bets based on this.
  • A tab to the left of the screen can give information on around 500 game rounds if needed. Using this information could give you an idea of the game of how frequently certain squares become the winning squares. It is not necessary that the game will follow the same pattern. However, it will give you some idea of how things work to an extent.
  • Be quick in placing your bets. Hence using the Auto Play option works best. 
  • You could place a bet on all options to play safe. But that may or may not return your stake amount always. A Red Bust Square can change everything.
  • Play wisely using your own money and not borrowing money. Check the money you spent on bets and what you earned through them. 
  • Withdraw when you are on a losing streak. Come back later and try your luck again… Using the Auto Play option can make playing his game fun. Or, you could miss your turn or make the system choose for you.

Boom City Game Review Summary

Boom City by Pragmatic Play is a refreshing game with amazing bonus rounds. It’s quite different from the developer’s popular Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live show that’s centred on a giant wheel. Here, it all depends on the outcome of the dice and your luck, of course.

The Bust square may look threatening as it ends the game round upon landing on it. But, if you look at the positive side, we have the Power Up square that loves distributing and doubling multipliers so much that it even converts the scary red squares to multipliers.

The best part about Boom City is that when you play the bonus games, you’re guaranteed some multiplier even if you lose. It’s not the simplest game, so you may need to go a few game rounds until you understand all the rules well. Spin a Win is a much simpler game by Playtech and you don’t have to do anything other than bet and win whatever the wheel outcome is.

Boom City FAQs

What is Boom City?

Boom City is a live casino game launched by Pragmatic Play. It is a new and different dice game that uses a 6×6 grid of 36 squares to show the outcome of the two dice roll. The winning square is the meeting point of the column and the row that displays the outcome of the dice.

How much can I win the most in Boom City?

You can win a maximum of €500000. It’s a pretty generous game that comes with multipliers of up to 20,000x your stake. Your best shot at getting the max win is the bonus games.

Can I play Boom City on my mobile phone?

Boom City Live from Pragmatic Play can be played on all mobile phones and desktops. Users must have a Pragmatic online casino account and a great internet connection to play this game on their smartphones.