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At, we always endeavour to seek out casino gems where there is the opportunity to tip finely balanced odds in your favour, with no wagering casinos being an important contributor to this goal. 

You may have many claims that a gambling platform offers a no-wagering bonus but always beware. You may find that an offer is billed in this format, but when the terms and conditions are scrutinised, you need to jump through several hoops before turning a bonus sum into withdrawable cash. 

We always have a close eye on the details, so our team of experts is ideally placed to adjudicate all of the best deals at the No Wagering Casinos you can sign up to. There are many aspects to consider when picking your next No Wagering Casino.


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No Wagering Casinos

The online casino industry is a crowded marketplace. There are industry staples with decades of experience. Then there are new platforms popping up weekly trying to make a name on the backs of enticing offers, many of the no-wagering variety. With so many names to pick from it is often tricky to discern a bonafide no wagering casino operator from more murky rivals. 

One of the best ways to differentiate one from the other is the licensing conditions that a site runs under. Nearly every casino that is approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) can be trusted to work in the interests of its customers. Because of this, if you can find a site that is aligned with the UKGC or the MGA that advertises a no-wagering bonus, that is the case. 

Everything gets a little bit trickier where Curacao, Kahnawake, or Antigua-based online casinos are concerned. It’s fair to say that the standards that these businesses must adhere to are a little more relaxed. You should always take bonus offers from brands in this market sector with a little pinch of salt, as the headline reward may not transpire as you think in the first instance. 

This is where the expert team at earns its corn. We do background checks on all advertised no wagering deals to recommend the most rewarding from the most reliable online casino names. So take a look at our approved list of no-wagering casino partners and keep checking back for regular updates. 

Benefits of No Wagering Casinos

As much as most casino fans love to get something for nothing, many bonus deals come with complex rules that often make schemes difficult to benefit from. A No Wagering Casino eliminates such ambiguities. 

One of the biggest draws of a No Wagering Casino is not that you might instantly be able to line your pockets when participating in a bonus scheme but that these sites have simple rules that operators readily abide by. 

Of course, online casinos applying wagering terms may also be worthy of your attention, but navigating around these platforms may be a little more complicated. Bonus terms on these sites are often listed in small print and can be filled with nuance. 100 per cent of your play on most slot games might contribute towards wagering targets, but this often falls dramatically for table game alternatives. With a no-wagering casino, you know where you are.

Bonus levels for a no-wagering site may appear reduced when compared to more boastful peers, but given the simplicity of the deals that are supported by these operators, your potential to walk away with bonus money is almost equivalent, and you won’t need to risk any of your own hard-earned during the process. 

Casinos regularly advertise welcome bonuses of up to 2,00,000INR. Fantastic, you might think?! But, generally, these sums are delivered in conjunction with wagering requirements of 35x your bonus or more. The consequence of this is that players need to make qualifying wagers of 70,00,000INR, and this goal is further muddied by the weightings that operators attach to each type of game.


100% – of slots stakes

10% – of table game stakes

0%. – of Blackjack & Baccarat stakes

count towards bonus terms. For fans of table games, this could mean that bets of up to 700,00,000INR would need to be placed to turn advertised bonus amounts into withdrawable sums of money. 

Loyal customers can also be burdened with onerous tasks when attempting to benefit from promotional deals. Most online casinos advertise an ongoing mix of cashback, matched, and VIP schemes, but this value is often diminished when wagering terms are attached. At genuine no-wagering casinos, you opt-in to promotion and bank whatever you are fortunate enough to win. Nothing could be simpler. 

It is difficult to find online casinos that deliver every promotion wagering-free. Still, each of the casinos that we recommend offers some form of a no-wagering deal. And, of course, we only give the nod to online casino sites that are provably safe and fair. 

Drawbacks of No Wagering Casinos

No-wagering casinos essentially make life easy for all fans of slots, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Such operators offer bonuses without requiring you to dig your abacus out to calculate your required spend, but this does not mean that No Wagering Casinos apply no rules at all. 

Bonuses at these venues are often restricted in some way.

Specific game requirements – promotions at many no-wagering casinos will often revolve around the same few games every time. Popular slots for no-wagering deals include Book of Dead and Starburst. Developed by Play n’ Go and NetEnt, these top titles are available at many of the most impressive virtual online casinos. This is fantastic for fans of these impressive games, but if you are happier shooting Craps or spinning at the roulette table, these facts may be slightly disappointing. 

Limited value of free spins or bonuses – something for nothing is great, but no wagering casinos need to protect their profit margins somehow. Usually, this means that the value of no-wager offers is limited to around 10INR. This will often consist of either 50 free spins at 20INR each or a 1000INR bonus sum. Not bad for a freebie, but you are unlikely to make millions from such promotions in the grand scheme of things. However, some offers are a little more intriguing. When a selection of progressive jackpots can be purchased, huge wins for small stakes can be run up. As with anything, the devil is in the details. 

Caps on Winnings – Even the greatest No Wagering Casinos are unimpressed when you bankrupt the house. To guard against this scenario from arising, many owners add a cap on winnings when devising any no-wagering promotion. These tend to range from a measly 2000INR to a much grander 50,000INR. Of course, the imposition of any cap is a little disappointing, but not to be unexpected in a field that sees as much cut and thrust as the iGaming sector. However, there are a few gems out there that let you keep all of your winnings. We always keep an eagle eye out for these. 

Minimum Deposits – it may seem a little counterintuitive, but many No Wagering Casinos require you to deposit before claiming any bonus. For the large part, this is one way in which a casino can meet its Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. KYC legislation is in place to ensure that casinos find out exactly who is setting up an account and how they are funding their casino play. Regulators believe this system is the best way to protect vulnerable players and keep the crime proceeds away from the gambling industry. 

Restrictive Deposit Methods – all deposit methods are not the same. At least not in the eyes of the executives at some of the best no-wagering casinos. For many, deposits made through several e-wallets are not secure enough to be worthy of attracting a bonus. Therefore, you may need to scour the small print to ensure that your preferred option is viable.

Game Restrictions – Even when a no-wagering casino is gracious enough to line your pockets with a nice bonus, there might be restrictions on where this extra money can be spent. It is unlikely that you will be able to use this reward on a range of progressive slot titles or for table game play on baccarat, blackjack, or roulette titles. Again, this will be disappointing for some but helps to protect the house from sizable losses. 

Expiry Dates – it doesn’t pay to hang around when you have the chance to use promotional spins or cash at many respectable no-wagering casinos. Most deals tend to come with a shelf life. These usually range from seven to thirty-one days, so ensure you are across these details to ensure that you don’t miss out on some fabulous free play. 

Maximum Bet Restrictions – surprisingly, you will find quite a few risk-averse no-wagering casinos. As another way of minimising customer payouts from promotional deals, many online casinos apply maximum bet restrictions. The reason for this is pretty clear. The larger the bets that you let players place, the more they might win. Quite a few casinos don’t like that idea. 

Different No Wagering Casino Bonuses

No wagering casinos may seem a bit of a niche on their own. Still, these value-for-money locations deliver several different options to customers who are looking for some free play. You decide which type is right for you. 

No Deposit No Wagering Promotions

The no deposit, no wagering promotion is the truest form of a freebie. Bonuses that are delivered on these terms do not require players to transfer any of their own money, yet they can still take advantage of free spins or bonus cash. 

Players merely need to sign up for an account and pass through KYC checks to take advantage of the deal that site supremos place on the table. 

These offers are great for new players with limited gambling content knowledge who don’t wish to risk their resources while learning the ropes. 

No Wagering Cashback Bonuses

Cashback is one perk that tends to come on no wagering terms as standard. As a reflection of a player’s losses over a pre-selected period, it would be doubly cruel for casinos to apply terms to these promotions (although some do), but keep an eye on a site’s Ts & Cs just in case. 

No Wagering VIP Deals

VIP schemes are one of the best ways for regular casino fans to pick up a perk or two consistently. Multi-tier schemes and VIP systems often give the biggest rewards to the highest-spending players and can be highly lucrative vehicles. 

Bonuses at one top site see punters land a 10,000INR reward whenever they progress through five levels and enter into regular prize draws and no-wager cashback deals. 

No Wagering Bonus Spins

Bonus spins are the staple of many online casinos’ promotional packages, and for a good reason. As regular slot players know, most spins on a standard slot are losers. Therefore, any casino platform that chooses to award gratuities in this way has a good chance of minimising its payout. However, if you can find a no-wagering scheme, there is a good chance that you will add something to your bankroll every time you play through an award. This type of non-wagering deal is great for newer players who wish to explore a range of slot titles. 

No Wagering Bonuses: How do they Work?

Essentially, no wagering bonuses are the same as any other online casino bonus, except that you know you need to place many bets to turn the proceeds of these promotions into withdrawable cash. 

You need to bet 35 times your bonus on applicable games on standard bonuses to turn your winnings into cash. Even then, these returns may be cancelled if you overstep the mark regarding the size of the bets you place or the combination of wagers that you place, but no wagering bonuses do not require this.

Of course, casinos only attach a wagering requirement to any promotion to restrict payouts. Online casinos are like any other business; they need to make consistent profits. If they didn’t attach terms and conditions to promos, there is always the risk that bonus deals could become very costly. Great for players in the short term but disappointing in the long run, as many brands would risk going out of business. 

No wagering casinos just insert payout limits to rewards schemes slightly differently, generally through payout caps. But this clarity means that players can instantly assess the true value of a deal, which helps casino fans when they are comparing one provider with another.  

Best No Wagering Casino Offers

Top deals at non-wagering casinos come in several different forms. Some of the best offers in the market at this time include;

  • 80 free spins on NetEnt slots (worth 800INR in total and with no payout cap)
  • 50 bonus spins on Book of Dead (worth 500INR in total with a 50,000INR payout cap)
  • 50 nono-deposit spins on Starburst (worth 500INR and with a 10,000INR payout limit)

Claiming a No Wagering Bonus

To claim these or any other no-wagering bonus, you will need to go through the regular sign-up process and provide your details for completing KYC verification. Once your online casino provider can confirm your identity, you are free to claim any non-wagering offers that are being promoted. Just like those that we have listed for you.