Jallikattu & Dhirio: 2 Popular Bull fights synonymous with Indian festivals

The bull fight is a famous ancient sport and betting game. ItÔÇÖs played in many places, despite being controversial.  Jallikattu, held in Tamil Nadu, and Dhirio, held in Goa, are India’s two popular bullfighting games played during particular festivals. Bullfighting in India Not every bullfight game demands to kill the bull in the end. There […]

The Best Casinos In India: Goa and Sikkim

Gambling has existed for ages. People have played gambling games for fun or money. Just like every story has two sides, gambling also has one. It is good to stay positive, so let’s talk about the positive side of the casino industry. Today there are many gambling laws in place. If gambling becomes an addiction, […]

Popular Full Moon Manifestation Ritual 2023

The moon is just as important as the Sun is. Its soothing light illuminates our paths leading to our destination. Just like our moods, the moon has many phases. It takes approximately 29.5 days for a new moon to complete to a full moon and vice-versa. When the moon is closest to the earth, its […]