Aviator Game Review

Aviator is one of the most popular Crash games played for real money. You don’t need to have a commercial pilot licence; this game lets you be the pilot. You win as long as you withdraw your winnings before the flight leaves your screen. The maximum payout is 200x your bet.

Following its launch in 2019 by Spribe, the game is available to play at the best casinos online. It is completely chance-based, so you can win big if you get lucky. Read further to learn about the gameplay and other details.


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Game Details

This game doesn’t use reels, wheels, or any other apparatus you may be used to seeing in casino games. Instead, the game screen displays a fighter plane in flight with an increasing multiplier that keeps growing as the plane ascends. You’ll find the controls for placing a bet and cashing out. Those are the only two actions you need to take here. 

Aviator is a fair game that uses a random number generator (RNG) that determines the level of the plane before it vanishes. The Return to Player (RTP) in this game is a healthy 97%.

Many online casinos let players play this game using Indian rupees. This helps in avoiding any currency conversion charges related to deposits and withdrawals. Check if your currency is also accepted before you deposit any money.

In Aviator, you must make the best of your stake while making sure you cash out before the plane leaves your screen. Since it is a game of chance, you cannot predict when it will leave. You can either take the risk and wait longer for a higher multiplier before you cash out or leave at an earlier point.

You lose all your current winnings if you remain on the screen while the plane vanishes. We will explain the steps in detail to play this game below.

Additional Features

  • Live In-Game Chat: This lets players interact with each other, know game statistics, and also claim free bets.
  • Live Bets: This shows the active bet amounts of other players and the multiplier levels they have won.
  • Live Statistics: This reveals your bets and other players’ play history.
  • Rain Promo: Players can earn free bets that appear randomly in the live chat. Simply hit the Claim button to use them.
  • Avarice Tournaments: Many in-game tournaments help players earn bonus points. Top gamers get awarded free bets, cash rewards, or sometimes special prizes.

How to Place A Bet

You must place real money bets to play online games for real money. Apart from this, you need to remember a few more points.

  1. For any given Aviator game round, the minimum bet can be $0.10 and the maximum $100.
  2. Before you hit the green button to place your bet, you must decide your bet amount.
  3. You can increase or decrease the bet for the game rounds by clicking the plus or minus sign next to the green button. You get a few seconds to decide and place your bet/s.
  4. In Aviator, you can place two bets simultaneously. You can choose to set different amounts for each of these two bets, and you can cash out each separately during a round.

Auto-Play & Auto-Cashout Options

Rather than betting manually, you can select the Auto-Play and AutoCashout options. To use this feature, you must select the Auto button above the green bet button. After this, you will find the Auto-play button in grey and the Auto-cashout option below the green Bet button. When you select Auto-Play, you decide how many game rounds you want to play without manually clicking the green bet button. The options that show on the screen are 10, 20, 50, and 100. You also have to decide on three other things:

  • Stops if cash decreases by a particular amount.
  • Stop if cash increases by a particular amount.
  • Stop if a single win exceeds a particular amount.

After making the selection, click the start button to take you back to the main game screen.

For the Auto-Cashout option, you need to select it and mention the multiplier level you wish to cash out. You have to type the multiplier level manually. The lowest level is 1x the bet amount.

How To Play Aviator

  • Find a casino that offers the Aviator game. Make sure the casino has a genuine licence. This ensures your money is in safe hands.
  • Deposit money in your casino account. Choosing a casino that accepts Indian currency saves you from losing money during currency conversions.
  • Search the game and select it to play.
  • The game is constantly running, so you need to wait for a new round to start.
  • During the betting window for the next round, decide the bet amount and place your bet by clicking the green button. We will explain the bet/stake features in another section of this article.
  • Cashout when the plane is still flying on the screen. The payout will depend on the multiplier you cashed out at.
  • If the plane leaves the screen before you hit the cash-out button, you lose your stake amount for that round.
  • You can start playing the next rounds.

Aviator Winning Strategy

As you know by now, Aviator is a game of luck. You must depend on your gut to decide when to cash out.

  • View previous game statistics: The game screen gives you access to the history of the previous 60 game rounds. You could go through it to get the hang of the game. But please note no game round is the same.
  • Play free games: Beginners could try the free version of Aviator first. This will give them time to learn the game well without losing money. Once they are sure, they can start playing using real money.
  • Placing low bets: This is one way of safeguarding your bankroll. You can still hope to recover your losses when you lose a small amount.
  • Cashing out early: You’ll lose less when you cash out at an earlier stage/multiplier. However, there’s still no guarantee with this because the plane may leave the screen the minute the game starts. The RNG is the sole decider here.
  • Place both bets simultaneously: When you place two bets simultaneously, you can withdraw one at an early stage and the other later. Your winnings from the first bet will serve as insurance in case the second bet loses. You lose both bets only if the plane leaves just as soon as the game starts.
  • Martingale strategy: Some players use the Martingale strategy, increasing their bets for every next round. However, one can never be certain of the outcome in a game of chance.
  • Reverse Martingale Strategy: With this strategy, players double their bets when they win a round and reduce their bets by half when they lose a bet. This sounds like a safer strategy than the Martingale one, as the players increase the bet amount only on winning a round. But again, the player can lose money anytime.

Review Summary & Similar Games like Aviator

Aviator is a simple game based on luck. It’s one of the most popular crash gambling games at online casinos, and the appeal is that players don’t have to do anything except cash out at the right time. The game is constantly running, so you don’t have to start it. You simply join in when a new round starts. In this sense, it’s like a live casino game. Other than that, the gameplay is unique. There are no live hosts like Mega Wheel, Dream Catcher, or other regular live games. It’s just you and those increasing multipliers.

Aviator Game Review FAQs

Is the Aviator game legal in India?

The Aviator game is legal when played at casinos with legal licences. That said, every Indian state has different laws related to gambling, and not all states allow online gambling. So check the gambling laws of your state before playing.

How do you play the Aviator game?

To play Aviator, you must place your bet or bets and cash out before the plane leaves the screen. The Auto-Play feature can make the betting experience simpler.

How to increase your winning chances when playing Aviator?

No strategy can guarantee a definite win in this game. You can check the results of the previous few rounds and multiplier statistics, but ultimately it’s a pretty random game.