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JungleRaja Casino

About JungleRaja Casino JungleRaja casino is an online casino that focuses on Indian players. The casino name means King of the Jungle, wherein the word ‘Raja’ means King. It was launched in the year 2020, prior to which it was known as ShowLion. This jungle-themed casino operates on a Curacao licence. Although this casino is […]

Jallikattu & Dhirio: 2 Popular Bull fights synonymous with Indian festivals

The bull fight is a famous ancient sport and betting game. ItÔÇÖs played in many places, despite being controversial.  Jallikattu, held in Tamil Nadu, and Dhirio, held in Goa, are India’s two popular bullfighting games played during particular festivals. Bullfighting in India Not every bullfight game demands to kill the bull in the end. There […]

The Best Casinos In India: Goa and Sikkim

Gambling has existed for ages. People have played gambling games for fun or money. Just like every story has two sides, gambling also has one. It is good to stay positive, so let’s talk about the positive side of the casino industry. Today there are many gambling laws in place. If gambling becomes an addiction, […]

Popular Full Moon Manifestation Ritual 2023

The moon is just as important as the Sun is. Its soothing light illuminates our paths leading to our destination. Just like our moods, the moon has many phases. It takes approximately 29.5 days for a new moon to complete to a full moon and vice-versa. When the moon is closest to the earth, its […]

Online Games Taxation in India

The online gaming industry has grown a lot for a decade now. Many indoor games like Teen Patti, Monopoly, Rummy, and Ludo have found their place in popular casinos. The use of smartphones keeps drawing more and more people to online games. Some games are free, while some can be played for real money. However, […]

Play Jhandi Munda Online & Win Real Money

Introduction The game Jhandi Munda was invented during the 1700s on Indian streets in Arunachal Pradesh.  This board game using six dice has evolved from being a popular street game to one of the simplest casino games offered online.  British Royal Navy sailors played the game, and hence it was called Crown and Anchor. In […]

Play Double Ball Roulette for Real Money

What is Double Ball Roulette? Roulette is a popular casino game. The two most commonly used Roulette wheels are the European Roulette wheel and the American Roulette wheel.  The main difference between these two wheels is the zero pockets. You have one zero pocket in European Roulette, while you have two zero pockets-0, & 00 […]

Play European Roulette & Win Real Money

Difference between American, French, and European Roulette Though the basic rules of playing European, French, and American Roulette are the same, they differ slightly. The first two are more similar to each other.  European Roulette Payout, House Edge, and Probability The below table throws light on the various inside and outside bets and their payouts, […]

Play Lightning Roulette for Real Money

What is Lightning Roulette? To understand Lightning Roulette, you must know the basics of standard Roulette.  Live Lightning Roulette was invented and introduced by Evolution Gaming. Many casinos offer this game via their site and mobile apps. The European Roulette wheel is used in Lightning Roulette. Straight-up bets play an important role here.  You can […]

Play French Roulette for Real Money

What is a French Roulette? Roulette is a very popular casino game played worldwide. The French Roulette wheel has 37 pockets with numbers from 1-36 and a single 0 pocket. The players place their bets on a number or a set of numbers displayed on the roulette wheel. The dealer/croupier spins the wheel after all […]