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There are very few things that are surprising in the internet age, so the fact that you can now send and receive money to and from the other side of the world in an instant is no longer shocking. But, given the complexities involved in completing these transactions, you need to choose a payment method that you can trust. E-Wallets fit this description well. This article is crafted to highlight the e-wallet backstory and point you toward the best casinos where e-wallet deposits are accepted. Put your feet up and read the views of our experts about your next e-wallet casino.


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The Popularity of E-Wallet Casinos

E-wallets and the e-wallet casinos they fund do good impersonations of the wallet in your pocket. They hold all manner of cards and provide you with the means to pay for all types of goods and services. Unlike the cash in your pocket, e-wallets are the vehicle that enables you to transfer cash to virtual vendors, including thousands of e-wallet casinos. 

You might think that a bank transfer or a debit card payment is still the right payment method for you, but for the millions of e-wallet users, there is little evidence that savvy consumers will be keen to use these basic payment forms for long into the future. 

The numbers back up this feeling. Studies by leading financial institutions suggest that more than fifty per cent of the world’s population will be converted to e-wallet payment networks by 2025. As night follows day, this also means that the number of e-wallet casinos available in every country will rise at a similar rate. 

Unsurprisingly, e-wallet casinos have become a staple of the payment methods sector. E-wallets have the flexibility to meet the needs of the modern consumer, acting as both a payment vehicle and a store of your wealth. We all have multiple accounts, and with an e-wallet, you can link them all. You can transfer funds between them at speed as your needs demand.   

For such a mainstay of the payments industry, e-wallets have a relatively short history. As late as the 1990s, the terms e-wallet and e-wallet casino had not entered the collective consciousness. However, since those days, many e-wallet brands, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Skrill, have put electronic payment solutions on the map. 

These applications have gone a long way to narrowing the gap between the promotional benefits and the e-commerce conundrums that the internet initially threw up and gave online users a chance to fund play at quality casinos via instantaneous mobile methods. 

It doesn’t make any difference whether you prefer the top slot sites or the best roulette operators. E-wallet casinos allow you to fund casino action quickly and securely. This flexibility even extends to the currencies that you can operate in. You would expect to be able to deal in USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY. But such is the effectiveness of the modern e-wallet that more niche currencies, including NZD, CAD, and INR, can instantly be exchanged when required. 

Pros and Cons of Depositing at an E-Wallet Casino

Like most things, payment methods are rarely 100% of what you are looking for, nor are they a complete disaster. Where an option fits within this range often comes down to personal preference. Our experts often have a good feel for these dilemmas and have come up with several positives and negatives that might guide your thoughts where e-wallets are concerned. 

  • Anonymity – keeping your financial investments to yourself can be important for several reasons, and using an e-wallet lets you maintain a degree of economic coyness. Let’s face it. Gambling is not universally approved. You might have a partner who looks dimly at your hobby of playing the latest table games, or you might practise a religion where gambling is viewed as inappropriate. The footprint that gamblng leaves on your financial records can also be a potential issue. If you are applying for a mortgage, your lender may be concerned about the cash you spend at the casino, even if this is a £5 deposit or a £10 deposit casino. You can avoid unwanted scrutiny from everyone by using an e-wallet when you wish to try out the latest real-time gaming release. Your bank statement will show the amounts that you transfer to your e-wallet, but the final destination of your funds will not be listed. 
  • Speed – one of the biggest constraints that negatively impact the enjoyment of online casinos is how quickly playable funds can be applied. If you choose Skrill or PayPal to deposit at your favourite e-wallet casino, this money can be used to play the next big release from Merkur Gaming or Push Gaming in a matter of seconds. 
  • Secure – no payment method is worth its salt if it cannot guarantee the security of the transferred funds and the details of the customers that transfer this. E-Wallet Casinos do a great job in both areas. If you wish to use an e-wallet for any payment, all you need to do is to add your debit card details. This information is secured by SSL encryption, which makes access extremely difficult for fraudsters. 
  • Flexible – e-wallets allow casino fans to link multiple funding strands to one account. If you have all of your bank accounts and card details in one place, you will never need to transfer funds between your various accounts to deposit at your favourite e-wallet casino, saving you time and potential fees. 

It’s not all rosy in the e-wallet garden. On the negative side, you must think about a couple of things before signing on the dotted line with a leading e-wallet name. 

  • Bonus Issues – the light in the tunnel for many hard-done-to casino fans is often the promotions that e-wallet casinos devise to get players through the door. These schemes can often be worth big sums if you play your cards right, but the terms and conditions are always worth a read. If you choose to fund your play through an e-wallet, this could disqualify you from receiving some bonuses. E-wallet casinos have the problem of verifying your source of funding whenever you use PayPal and the like. For casinos to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, they need oversight of your funding method. As e-wallets make this process opaque, a more basic service is often offered. 
  • Potential Fees – e-wallet casinos very rarely advertise fees for deposits or withdrawals (it is not in their interests). However, some e-wallet transactions will attract fees of some form. Charges will apply if you exchange currencies or require your money to be paid to a more niche account. Of course, rich casino owners only become rich because they line their pockets with a slice of every wager that you place. If your payment network also adds costs, making the occasional profit becomes an even more onerous task. 

E-wallet Payment Methods Comparison Table

Payment MethodMin Deposit (CAD)Max Deposit (CAD) Deposit Fees (CAD)Withdrawal Fees (CAD)Deposit Speed
Instadebit150000Free2.002 – 5 Days
Google Play55000FreeN/AInstant
Bank Transfer5100000FreeFree1 – 5 Days
Bitcoin0.0001 BCH0.5 BCHFreeFreeInstant
Ethereum0.01 ETH0.5 ETHFreeFreeInstant
Litecoin0.01 LTC 0.5 LTCFreeFreeInstant
MasterCard (Credit & Debit)5100000FreeFreeInstant
Much Better1020000FreeFreeInstant
Ripple5 XRP500 XRPFreeFreeInstant
Payment Method Options at Canadian Casinos

Withdrawing from an E-Wallet Casino

Who likes doing two jobs when one will suffice? No, me neither! You might find yourself in this situation when you choose to make deposits to an online casino using particular payment methods. There are some big names among the culprits. If you decide to fund your baccarat, blackjack, or craps play via Boku or Paysafecard, you will also need to link an additional option for pay purposes. There are good reasons why you might take a more diversified approach, but extra work will be created. 

Playing at an E-Wallet Casino in Regulated Markets

Casino regulation is still very patchy. This inconsistent legal framework largely reflects many’s differing opinions about the gambling industry. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom (UKGC) and Malta (MGA), have embraced the expansion of the iGaming industry and developed robust rules to guide all stakeholders. In contrast, other governments have taken a more arms-length view. 

The benefits of regulation are clear for all to see. The UKGC demands that its e-wallet casino members ringfence player deposits, apply fair terms and conditions, and offer a transparent complaints process. All of these features make regulated casino play much more desirable than other forms. 

Once you have located an e-wallet casino that does its bit to be a safe casino and a fair operator, you can concentrate on the finer things in life, welcome bonuses, software, and VIP rewards. 

  • Welcome Bonuses – it’s often a joyless existence being a fan of e-wallet casinos. Place your bet, take your chance, and the house clears up. Although this is the pattern that you must get used to, there are also glimmers of light that punctuate the betting journey for aficionados, one of these shafts is the welcome bonus. If the betting gods are shining on you, you can turn these promotions into sizable amounts of bonus cash. The best welcome bonuses at our preferred e-wallet casinos tend to come in four individual sums. More often than not, this credit will also come with dozens of associated free spins, giving you two bites of the cherry at turning a discounted profit. The main consideration for these beneficial gems is the attached wagering terms. We always point you in the direction of low-wagering or no-wagering casinos, where demands mean that you will only need to bet bonuses thirty-five times until cash becomes withdrawable. 
  • Software – the whole point of playing at an e-wallet casino, or any other, is that you have a good time. Your enjoyment of casino play will be enhanced whenever you can access the best games from the most advanced software providers. These games have the best graphics, sound effects, immersive camera angles, and ingenious player tools. Several software firms lay claim to being the number one operator. In our eyes, this title could go to any one of Evolution Gaming, Gameburger, IGT, Quickspin, or Yggdrasil. We always give a good mention to e-wallet casinos where games from these technological wizards are in place.  
  • VIP Rewards – e-wallet casinos know the importance of keeping loyal customers onside, and one of the most elaborate displays of this focus is the VIP rewards promotion. Most casinos now operate a scheme for loyal players in one form or another. But the best of these are open to all and deliver regular bonuses. Amongst the most commonly witnessed benefits are free spins, cashback, birthday treats, and invites to top-tier sports events. 

E-Wallet Casinos in Unregulated Markets

Whenever you play at an e-wallet casino in an unregulated market, you take your life into your hands. You will find licenced casinos in these markets, but the regulators you will most likely come across will be from Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles, or Kahnawake Reservation in Canada. Licences that are issued by these bodies tend to provide weak player protections and little in the way of a complaints procedure. With this in mind, if you need to play in an unregulated market, it is much better to play at casinos with a long track record of excellence and a reputation that stands up to scrutiny within the iGaming sector. 

Staying Safe When Depositing at E-Wallet Casinos

E-wallets are at the forefront of providing safe financial transfers on the internet across every continent. However, the security features that e-wallet casinos apply cannot prevent fraud in all instances. Casino fans should always adhere to several recommendations designed to secure their money and ID. 

  1. Always keep your account details safe – no matter who you bank with or the name of your e-wallet provider, you will never be asked for your banking details. Never give these away. If a fraudster gets hold of your most sensitive information, your money could be cleared from your account quickly. 
  2. Beware phishing scams – fraudsters love sending you emails with juicy titbits that might interest you. However, if a Nigerian Prince contacts you, please give them the cold shoulder. You should only ever respond to emails when you are sure that the sender is genuine.
  3. Never confirm unknown payments – if you receive a message asking you to confirm a transaction, this should only be done if you have personally sanctioned the transfer. The efficiency of e-wallets sees money move quickly. Make sure this is not going to a fraudster’s pocket.