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Where to get this year’s Easter treats

The countdown to Easter is officially ON and our egg-sperts have hunted down all the spots you’re searching for to fill your baskets. We looked at 25,687 different search terms in the UK, evaluated 16 supermarket chains, and 152 brands, and rounded up the most popular places to shop and treats to buy, as well as the most searched Free From preferences in this year’s Easter egg shop.

When it comes to Easter treats, Tesco is the undisputed supermarket champ, commanding a whopping 37.9% of all UK searches. Asda comes in at a respectable second place with 21.4% of searches. But it’s the chocolate brands that really steal the show. 

Cadbury reigns supreme, capturing an impressive 42.2% of all Easter treat searches. Thorntons leads the dairy-free category with almost half of all searches, what’s surprising is that they don’t even have a dairy-free Easter egg! Hey Thorntons, maybe time to churn out something amazing, you’re missing out on the cream -which is dairy-free, of course.

Hotel Chocolat is the top pick for vegan Easter eggs, with 40% of searches. And, once again, Cadbury takes the crown for gluten-free goodies, snagging two-thirds of all related searches. If you’re looking for Free From options, Tesco is the preferred destination, winning over a third of all searches across all three categories.

In short, whether you’re a chocoholic or a dietary-conscious Easter enthusiast, there’s something out there for everyone, and these brands are ready to deliver!

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In March 2023 we analysed Google search terms related to Easter.